WedxBot Review: Telegram Investing Scam?

WedxBot Review: Telegram Investing Scam?

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WedxBot is a trading robot that aims at benefiting investors through their strategies in just 24 hours. The platform claims giving investment opportunities to its customers in over 100 assets and Commodities.

However, do not be so quick to deposit your funds because we do not recommend them to make profits for you. As you read this unbiased review, we will highlight some of the red flags they expose and why you should only invest with legit trading robots that will profit you.

The platform uses a very shady method of operation, and you risk losing all your money in this kind of trade. They claim the platform is fully automated, and investors do not need to do anything to generate profits because the robot will do all the work for you.

The statement is not true because they kind of algorithm the robot uses in coming up to the profitable gains is unknown and a major red flag. The customers are promised top-notch experience from their team with no information of the people behind the Investment firm being provided to support their allegations.

WedxBot Review, WedxBot Platform

You risk trading with anonymous people who have hidden intentions, and who is controlling your funds in the WedxBot is unknown. The company expects you to trust them with your money, yet they do not provide any information that proves the genuineness and reliability.

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The trading robot monitors all the trades on your behalf and that this feature helps in boosting the kind of returns you receive. They also urge investors that the robot is user-friendly and that you can efficiently operate it and start earning.

WedxBot Review

The platform aims at providing investors with trading tools via telegram while investing in cryptocurrency. They also claim that through their trading strategies, they can beat all the competition in the market.

Moreover, the trading world is rapidly increasing, and scammers take the opportunity of growth and try to seem legit. The platform aims at benefiting both experienced and inexperienced investors.

Newbie investors are not provided with any training material that they can use to learn the various trade strategies and become experienced traders. The platform also uses arbitrage and that investors can profit quickly.

However, we all know get-rich-quick schemes always turn out to be scammers, and you’ll only end up making losses and losing all your investment funds Investors are promised returns daily despite the volatility of the market.

Previously, it was possible to generate massive profits in cryptocurrency, but due to the vast competition promising constant returns is not the real outcome. They are Legit trading robots that you can trust to benefit you profitably and lower the risk you encounter while trading, and you can easily imagine such.

Furthermore, nothing this platform offers investors makes sense or adds up to anything, and you risk trusting criminals because no information regarding their whereabouts is available. They also feature a poor marketing strategy on their sales page, and they miss out on relevant information that is necessary to earn customers’ trust.

WedxBot investors need to have a telegram application; then, they provide a link that you used to join their channel and start benefiting. Investors can deposit 0.001 BTC and 0.05 ETH. What’s the minimum tradable amount.

Within 100 days, investors are expected to earn 50% of the deposit amount in including the starting amount, and you are expected to acquire 500%. These figures may seem tempting to any investor, but how they generate the profits is still not known.

Funds Safety

The security of your funds is not guaranteed in this investment firm, and for you to access your funds, you need to wait for up to three confirmations to see the balance. They also do not provide any bank information that they operate with, and this is a major red flag.

Legit investment firms will always provide you with information about the founders and the kind of experience the team they operate with holds. They also use fake testimonies to try and win your trust in believing they are a legit investment firm, yet not trade seems to take place.

No past trade evidence has been provided for this investment firm to earn your trust. Also, the figure they estimate as the daily return is overestimated, and any investor with experience in the trading world will realize this murkiness.


WedxBot even tries to hide their shadiness by providing fake testimonies of paid actors on their website to try and lure you into depositing money with them. The names submitted and the pictures are just made up, and the people do not exist.

Meanwhile, no links to any successful traders been provided that you can use to assert these allegations. Scammers will always try all sorts of methods to tempt you into depositing money, including using fake happy investors.

You may even be astounded when you find out the people do not even know of the company’s existence. These paid actors can easily be found on the internet for cheap amounts to say positive remarks of the Investment firm and you should not fall for this catch.

Regulation and Customer Support

WedxBot is not a regulated platform, and they generate funds from the public legally. Regulation is one of the laws, but the majority of countries require every investment firm to provide investors with as a sign of trust.

You risk losing all your money, and no contact support has been provided for you to trust the platform or reach them for any query related to the company. Unregulated companies will swindle all your investment funds, and your account will be deleted, or you may be barred from accessing their services.

The company risks facing closure at any given time with all your funds, and also the owner’s risk is in criminal prosecutions and is the main reason they do not reveal their information. There is also no address that you can use to reach them and know their whereabouts.

Meanwhile, trading bots that you should trust always provide you with working contact support and regulatory information. You should avoid WedxBot at all costs because they showcase many red flags.

Final Verdict

WedxBot is not a regulated platform and does not provide relevant information about the bot that you can easily trust the services they claim to offer. Transparency is vital in every legit investment firms and platforms or does not showcase any evidence of the same should be avoided. You should only invest with profitable crypto trading bots in the market.

The kind of strategy this investment firm uses is not known, and they also use fake testimonies without any link to the winning trade. Despite all these red flags, the company still request investors to refer friends and families through their program and earn a commission of up to 15%.

The kind of returns they promise investors of 5% every day is also not real, and this figure can not even be continuously achieved in established platforms. You risk dealing with anonymous people and sharing your personal information with criminals.

They also do not provide any past trade evidence to prove trade activities taking place, and you cannot test the credibility of the robot. You should be provided with a demo account and past trade activities of at least three months for you to trust the platform with your money and expect profitable returns.

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