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The Whales Club claims to be a small community of digital currency traders and investors. They aim to provide small investors with an opportunity to benefit from the substantial investment. promises its clients a daily 5% profit return depending on the period and plan that they choose. The Investment Firm is new in the market and assures its investors a flawless history of trading.

You should be worried about such Ponzi Schemes that promise huge returns to their investors without showing how they generate such returns. is an Investment Company that exploits its clients’ funds and exit the market without being traced.

Whales Club Review, Whales Club website

The platform has no portfolio to showcase the success or skills of the team behind these operations. You shouldn’t trust people, who stay anonymous without letting their investors know who they are.

The concept behind Whales Club is that the whales are the big investors “big fish”. They take the high yield investment opportunity to the small investors who are the “small fish.” Within a small duration, the small investors will mature and develop into whales just like them.

There are complaints from the cryptocurrency community who have been scammed by Whales Club. Investors are unable to withdraw funds from the platform.

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Whales Club Review

The Investment Scam Company claims to share their expertise with those who have less or no knowledge about digital Currency. They want the public to adopt the new technology. The Whales Club is targeting Newbies to exploit them and Scam.

They are offering their services to investors who have little money or have the desire to join the online trading market. Investors may fall for the fraudulent act, especially when you don’t know how the cryptocurrency trade operates.

Whales Club scam review, Whales Club platform

Whales Club has put information on their website on aspects and forms of trading. There is no shortcut to making huge returns; time and patience is required. Most fraudsters are taking advantage of innocent crypto investors.

Cryptocurrency is a new niche that has attracted numerous investors. You should perform thorough research on any crypto investment Company. Our website has done this easier for you and identified legit mining and digital currency investment companies for you.

The funds that are deposited in the platform are partially reallocated until the platform fails, and investors become aware that there is no money in the system. The outcome is unavoidable since Whales Club is a scam cryptocurrency investment scheme.

Whales Club Investment Plan

Whales Club has three exclusive investment plans. The minimal amount of investment is $30, and the highest amount you can invest is $5000.

The first investment plan of this pyramid scheme promises users a 5% return daily. The plan runs for 33 days.

The Second investment plan takes 20 days to mature. Investors receive a return of 125% after the 20 days pass.

The third plan of the Ponzi scheme assures its clients to have a return of up to 125%. The plan runs for 100 days.

The platform claims to generate its huge returns from performing numerous tasks simultaneously. The Whales Club creates content and trades different cryptos.

The Investment Company has not disclosed the method that they use to trade-in details. The Firm is illegal, and you should avoid investing your money with them. Affiliate Program has an affiliate program that is meant to reward its investors. A referral program in any Ponzi scheme is to assist in getting more people on the platform. The Investment Firm generates traffic from their already existing clients.

You get a massive return by inviting colleagues, friends, or relatives in the platform. The Whales Club Ponzi scheme promises investors a great commission from the referral program. scam review, Whales Club Promotion

Whales Club and other Ponzi schemes in order to achieve investors trust, they come up with a fraudster sweet story that benefits only them in the long run.

They use the cash of new investors to pay their pioneer members and retain the large amount to themselves. Investment Firm is not worth your time and funds. If you had joined Whales Club, walk away while you still can. Their website raises numerous red flags.

Support System and Licensing

The platform lack critical information that investors should look for before investing their funds. There is no info on where Whales Club is located. It is anonymous who are the real investors and traders of this platform.

You can’t reach the support system of whales via a phone call. The only method you can communicate with the support is through email. If you have any problem, there is no hope of resolving the matter.

What usually happens is, after pyramid schemes like receive your money, they stop communicating. You can’t reach them, and you end up losing all your hard-earned money.

It is only a scam crypto investment Company that doesn’t have a report of their performance. The main reason behind this is because the Ponzi scheme is not trading at all. They want investors to buy their fake stories and steal their funds. Investment Company is not permitted by any relevant authority to run their business. They have no legal documents making the platform illegal. Avoid this Ponzi scheme at all costs or end up losing a massive amount of money.

Whale Club Domain

There is no information on the owner or who operates the Investment Firm. There is the available information on and that is of great use. domain was registered in July 2018 and is expected to expire in 2020. The Company is placed at 248,094 on Alex Global Rank.

Whale Club target cryptocurrency investors from India, Russia, Germany, Iran, and Belgium. Platforms that are unregulated with super exaggerate claims should be approached with caution.

Whales Club Trading analysis

Digital Currency has made some people rich in a few years. But, this should not be translated into few days/month returns. Compare Ponzi schemes investment plan with their digital currency competitors to analyze their plan. is not transparent on its investment, which is a big red flag. The platform lacks credibility, and their data cannot be trusted. There is no info on the site of the profit or losses made, the withdrawals, or deposits

There is no solid proof on the Whales Club platform to ascertain their claims that they are involved in cryptocurrency trading or creating content. Cryptocurrency trading should not be used as a way to scam people in making quick money.

When there is a big gap between the investment plan of a pyramid scheme and their competitor and the deal sounds too good to be true don’t invest. They are after stealing your money and not to benefit you.

Investing with this pyramid scheme is risky, and you can’t tell when the odds are in your favor.

Final Verdict

It is the dream of any investor to make huge profits. Whales Club is an illegal cryptocurrency Investment Company, and no one will come into your aid if you lose your funds. It is important to note that this pyramid scheme is not regulated or certified.

Investors funds are not safe in this platform. The returns that they promise investors are unrealistic. Pyramid scheme collapse after some time and only the initial members who benefit. You can make money from legit cryptocurrency investments.

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