Whizz Network Review: What’s Up to By Claiming 1.2% Daily Income?

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Whizz Network Review: What’s Up to By Claiming 1.2% Daily Income?

Whizz Network is a Crypto Gambling MLM platform claiming to offer guaranteed daily ROI. Here’s our honest review.

Stay away from Whizz Network

For most investors, a chance to win a guaranteed daily income margin is a dream. Coupled with the fact that the platform makes its payout in Crypto, this seems like the investor’s dream. However, not all that glitters is gold, and Whizz Network is certainly not a winner.

There are several huge investment decisions one must make in their life. And all these have to be followed up with results, positive or negative. The only way to ensure your investment dream goes smoothly is by being patient and conducting loads of research.

In the gambling scene, this is a special place where investors earn reasonable ROI over time. However, someone claiming to ‘Guarantee’ daily ROI should be a bitter pill to take. There’s no human or robot that can achieve this task.

That’s why we have to expose the platform’s risky moves as it doesn’t offer much in terms of authenticity. Anonymity and lack of transparency are what we mainly see with the Whizz Network.

As we did our digging, we found some disturbing aspects of this crypto-gambling MLM project. The people pushing it are involved in other shady projects that are swindling just about anyone who signs up.

Find out more in our detailed WhizzNetwork Review.

About Whizz Network

By marketing the platform as an ideal starter point, what we have is a platform promising heaven. In reality, Whizz Network is delivering a load of crap to investors with a well-laid-out Ponzi scheme.

The owners claim the platform is fully registered in the UK which in itself is false. The Financial Conduct Authority banned the use or registration of MLM service providers. And as such, claiming to offer such services in the jurisdiction is false.

Mark Davis claims to be the CEO and CMO of Whizz Network. We’ve mentioned him a couple of times before as he’s the main marketer of several other false products. He’s the brains behind AladdinBot, another exposed Crypto MLM Ponzi scheme.

Our investigation reveals Mark Davis is a New Zealand national with close associates from Australia and other Asian countries. He’s believed to be in hiding after the UK’s FCA issued a warrant of arrest.

We first came across Mark Davis when he was the lead marketer of AI Trade marketing videos back in 2018. That’s when he started having a circle of well-known Ponzi scammers such as RV Palafox.

He honed his skill and by 2020, launched PGI Global a project that was promising investors a 200% guaranteed ROI. During the Pandemic, he netted millions of dollars from different investor nationalities.

That’s when his name popped up into the radar of the FCA and an investigation of his whereabouts began. A United States criminal investigation into the platform resulted in several marketers having to pay a fine for promoting a scam.

RV Palafox seems to be the financier of most of Mark’s products with the two sharing the net profit. Mark is strongly believed to hide in Bali, Malaysia after the Commonwealth countries got an alert of his activities.

How Whizz Network Deceives Investors

The gambling scene is now fusing crypto derivatives to lure investors with the promise of earning high ROI. Whizz Network is no different as the platform claims to offer NFTs and a WZT token as reward.

According to, I WZT is equivalent to 1 USDT, and that’s not the case. There’s no way the platform would have the same value as an international recognized crypto coin. That alone should be cause for concern for investors.

Mark also pushes members to join the affiliate network where they are to earn bonuses and commissions. With the affiliate network, members get a promise of making monthly ROI of 18% and 36% respectively.

Note that the ROI is only attained after 12 months with partial withdrawals only allowed after 4 months. Another issue is the platform claims to pay investors with WZT where they will have to convert it to USDT.

However, there’s no conversion rate and we don’t even think the two are a pair. A recruitment drive is what making some investors believe the entire project. Mark Davis is basically moving funds from new investors into the accounts of older members.

We’ve seen such tactics before and they don’t end well as the sign up numbers will dwindle at some point. Once the platform hits this point, Mark Davis will have no other option but to kick out some of the members.

And it’s likely he’ll kick out the older members close to hitting the 12 month mark. Those closer to withdrawing face withdrawal limits or even find their accounts blocked. That’s how Mark operates, even with his AI trading bots services. is a Mark Davis scam project

Are you scammed by Whizz Network?

Hundreds of early bird investors made partial withdrawals and were used to market the platform as worthy. The members would share their withdrawals on social media and helped push the narrative of a working crypto gambling MLM project.

Once deposits and sign ups started trickling in, Mark would block out members who weren’t active in bringing in new users. As a result, there have been some negative feedback of the platform in social media.

Of course, Mark will refute these claims and even hold weekly webinars to push the product. Months into the project, you’ll notice he won’t be as vocal and shy away from showing his face to investors.

At this point, we strongly believe he’s about to pull the rug on the project. We’ve already seen his M.O and is likely he has a deposit target to meet before bouncing. The affiliates are not left out as they too become victims

Only a few affiliates who bring in loads of clients get to earn a piece of the pie. Mark is smart enough to know that he needs such affiliates to keep the project going. And in the midst of all that, these affiliates will swear the project is valid.

We have seen countless YouTube and Social Media influencers push projects that are risky. It’s not because they have invested in them, it’s because they get paid to showcase the possibilities of winning with the project.

With a binary compensation structure for affiliates, they too have to wait to receive any bonuses or commissions. And that’s another avenue Mark relies on to get extra motivation to members to bring in their close network affiliates.

Complaints and Feedback Whizz Network

There have been loads of complaints from investors who have lost a ton of their funds with the project. Some invested their life savings after a promise of making daily guaranteed profit margin.

At the time, it looked like a sure way to live a life of luxury with funds coming in from the project. It’s clear that all is lost as the platform rarely offers any information on when withdrawal is possible.

Is legit or a scam (High-Risk)

With Mark already a taunted Ponzi schemer, it’s more than likely Whizz Network is a high-risk platform. No good thing has turned out from any of Mark Davis’ products. Please stay away or risk losing your investment.

Our Thoughts Whizz Network

After seeing the carnage Mark leaves with his Crypto MLM products, it’s no surprise that Whizz Network is his next bag of tricks.

The best way to earn passive income is by going for reliable and trustworthy investment projects.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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