Wicor Forex EA is Scam – Review Contains Evidence!

Wicor Forex EA is Scam – Review Contains Evidence!

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Wicor Forex EA recently joined the expert advisor marketplace, and it’s promising a lot of good stuff. One of the things that the developer of this program says is that Wicor Forex EA trades all market conditions and that it can make money from multiple currency pairs.

In addition to these claims, the developer assures his target audience that this robot has been helping thousands of traders across the globe achieve financial independence.

This developer creates the impression that Wicor Forex ES is a game changer. It can make money for you even when you sleep. You don’t need any training because it knows where the winning trades are found every hour.

Apparently, when you opt to buy the so-called Wicor Forex EA, you are actually buying something that is 100% functional with frequent updates included in the contract, says the developer.

But the question is, does Wicor Forex expert advisor really perform? Does it make money as claimed by the author?

Of course we doubt these statements, and that’s the reason we decided to write this review in the first place.

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wicor forex ea review

Wicor Forex Expert Advisor review: what you should know

It’s one thing to declare that you have the best Forex expert advisor and it’s quite another to prove that claim with hard facts.

Our problem with this developer is that they don’t talk much about the things that we really want to hear. Instead, they make countless unverified claims, hoping that we will take them for their word and purchase this tool.

It does not work like that in a world dominated by malicious authors who channel hundreds of expert advisors into the marketplace.

First of all, we don’t feel very confident purchasing an expert advisor from an anonymous author. Nowhere in this landing page did this developer talk about their names, experience, track record and or even company address.

And in as much as they don’t see it as a serious issue, we think that this is a very unethical way of doing business. It kills confidence even when a willing subscriber is really looking to get this expert advisor for their trading.

Although we will not let this discovery get in the way or even influence this review, we still feel that this is unprofessional, and is often one of the signs that an author is not reliable.

Moving forward, we see that this developer is only making one claim after the other. These marketing declarations are aimed at painting a very positive picture concerning the so-called Wicor Forex expert advisor.

In fact, those claims form the basis of this review. When you look at this website, you will see hints here and there that Wicor Forex EA can make you rich overnight because it is currently the ”best expert advisor in the market”.

These claims are bold and typical of what internet sales men tell prospective subscribers just to get them signing up. Once you sign up, things would change as reality starts to sink in that what you bought was nothing more than a bunch of indicators grouped together and sold as the ”ultimate Forex trading tool”.

We do not want this to happen to any of our readers. So before we discuss anything else, let’s say a thing or two concerning the trade performance for this robot.

Trading performance for Wicor Forex EA

We can see on the landing page here that this author once signed up to a third-party tracking site to track the performance of this software, perhaps with the intention of proving that Wicor Forex EA is a capable trading robot.

wicor forex ea has no trading performance

They signed up with FXBlue instead of MyFXbook. The reason why they chose to track the activities of this software using FXBlue as opposed to MyFXBook is beyond our comprehension.

And although the two services are both aimed at doing the same thing, we generally prefer MyFXBook because they are detailed, user-friendly and precise with their tracking.

So definitely any author who does not want to use MyFXBook for tracking is clearly being fishy. This raised our suspicion which was confirmed by a deleted FXBlue account here.

The question is, why is this robot still being sold on the internet when tracking of performance was stopped.

You see, there is only one explanation why this author discontinued tracking of live performance. This expert advisor crashed and ruined the entire experiment. It was therefore expedient to do away with the account altogether. The downside is that customers who get to use Wicor Forex EA would land a row deal simply because they bought an under-performing robot that once crashed the account where it was being tested at.

The bottom line: we would never buy an expert advisor with no demonstrated performance or track record. In this day and era, there is no room for selling a robot whose activities cannot be tracked.

Therefore, you can rest assured that Wicor Forex EA is just another flawed trading robot whose owner hopes to make a quick buck from the ignorant ones.

Pricing and other claims that cannot be verified

We’ve already seen that this developer is anonymous and is not confident on the capability of what they are selling. That’s a red flag.

Secondly, the pricing for this product is $169 or $299 depending on whether you’re purchasing one or two licenses.

wicor forex ea pricing

Now, the question is, does this robot meet standards even to sell it for a nickel?

Probably not. We do not see any reason why this expert advisor should be in the market place.

Basically, this amounts to fraud because the owner clearly knows that the product which they are selling is flawed. It sucks money instead of making it. But the landing page says otherwise. It says that Wicor Forex EA is the best software for trading because it keeps losses to the minimum while magnifying profits.

In fact, every developer uses those words to market their products. What separates scams from authentic products is proof of performance.

Customer feedback and other nitty gritty details

It’s very misleading and unprofessional to promote a financial product that doesn’t have a tack record of successful trading. It’s unethical and often amounts to a barrage of complaints from customers who are dissatisfied with the product’s performance.

Looks like this sales page is very new, and their aim to make a quick buck online and possibly disappear when they have fleeced enough traders of their hard-earned money.

We cannot say that Wicor Forex EA is talked about in a positive light. That would be lying.

But we can confirm that things haven’t been well with a few customers who bought it. It was purely rated because overall, Wicor Forex EA did not deliver what the author said it would do.

Lack trading performance is a concern. The anonymous nature of this developer is also a big concern.

Our best advice for you

Wicor Forex EA is probably not the ultimate trading robot which you have been looking for all these days. In fact, it’s very far from measuring up to these robots which we have exclusively selected on this blog. All we can say is that Wicor Forex EA will disappoint you. There is no need of wasting your time and money because we don’t see any proof of profitability.

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  1. I completely agree with this review! The fact that the author doesn’t have credible credentials and the product lacks tracking of performance really shows in the quality.

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