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Wiki Mining is a company that is performing mining activities while also acting a crypto wallet. The platform is a messy Ponzi scheme that investors should not waste their time with. The platform is viewing itself as the most secure digital currency firm in the market.

Unfortunately, if you make the mistake of trusting them, you will end up regretting for the rest of your life. The only reason the company has not exited is that they have not made enough funds already.

As soon as it realizes no more funds are coming into their system, the whole operation will collapse. To become a client of this suspicious entity, you will have to register, buy an investment plan, and from there, you can start receiving returns.

Be cautious of some of the mining firms that are promising daily profits to investors. The majority are not trustworthy. The Ponzi scheme features some of the benefits that you can get by a venture with their platform. However, keep in mind that wiki Mining is a fraudulent system. The information that is available on their website is not sufficient to prove there are any mining activities taking place.

Wiki Mining Review

The platform is guaranteeing investors that they will receive their daily earnings within seconds. The withdrawal requests will be sent to your wallet in 12 hours. Wiki Mining also promise investors that their investment is covered and insurance hence they won’t suffer from any shortcoming.

It is essential that you note that there is no banking information that is available on the website. The compensation scheme that the company is talking about is a bluff.  Wiki Mining claim that their mining rigs are already running. Hence, investors can utilize their services as they please.

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 However, the strategy of having mining hardware and all the other required equipment is a strategy being used by pyramid schemes. Mining requires much initial capital to kick start. It is the reason why a lot of small scale investors cannot afford to mine on their own.

Investors have the liberty to select the mining plan that suits their needs. The data center or mining farm of Wiki Mining is not mentioned anywhere on their platform. We could also not find the mining contract that the company is bragging about.

Without an investment plan, we cannot establish what investors are purchasing. No evidence shows the platform is undertaking any mining activities. A legit cryptocurrency company will discuss in detail the minimum amount of funds that clients can deposit.

However, with Wiki Mining, everything seems suspicious. The founder looks like he does not know what he is doing. Critical data all mining firms avail is missing from their website.

Company Ownership

The director of the platform is someone by the name Mrs. TJanet A. McKinney. There is no profile of or background qualification of the person in question. Upon searching for the director’s info online, our attempt was unsuccessful.

The only reason Wiki Mining avail such information on its website is to gain the trust of investors. However, the company is not transparent and should not win your trust. It seems only one person is running the Ponzi scheme because they also do not mention the expert team that is responsible for their activities.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company is only accepting funds via cryptocurrency, which are secure, fast, and effortless. However, the digital currency assets also uphold anonymity; hence when you make the payment, you cannot reverse the transaction or make a follow-up.

Wiki Mining being a Ponzi scheme, will use this to their advantage. You need to ensure your funds are secure. The company does not discuss details their requirements. Moreover, the platform does not have an FAQ page that you can use.

Contact Details and Licensing

The company is allegedly located at 943 Hertingfordbury Rd, Newport NR29 1HS. The company also claims to be a registered entity. To view their registration status, you are redirected into another page that is written in Norwegian and cannot be translated.

Furthermore, the data is not essential as the platform needs to be regulated by a whole financial body in the market. The registration form does not mean much. FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and other financial institutions have not licensed Wiki Mining.

To contact the Ponzi scheme you can do is using their email address; [email protected] No telephone number is available on the platform. Email communication is not very convenient, as you might have to wait till eternity before receiving feedback.

However, pyramid schemes do not concern themselves with the goals or problems of their customers. All it cares about is the money that you are cashing in into their website. Everything else is the least of their concern. Hence, if you leave them an email, it won’t be read.

The Domain Insight

Wiki-mining is a company that was registered in February 2019, and the domain will expire in February 2021. The founder’s information is not available as the company is operating anonymously. The domain is also registered privately. However, the registrant contact leads to someone by the name John Noble.

The company does not have much traffic coming to their website. According to Alexa’s global ranking, it has a total of 4,147,803. We do not know the area they currently target their audience from.

Is Wiki Mining Scam?

The platform has all the features of a scam company. Essential data is not showcased on the website. You should ask yourself what the firm selling is? They do not have an investment plan. Their concern is getting innocent traders’ funds.

We can only figure out that they are accepting digital currency payment, but we cannot tell the currency they are taking. There is also no info in regards to their owner. The company has been in the market for over one year and several months.

It is enough time to avail of performance data; it is worrying to see that no attempt has been made. Additionally, we checked to see what other people think about Wiki Mining, and just like we expected, crypto investors are warning investors against venturing with the company.

The platform is a Ponzi scheme that is operating against the law. Eventually, if lucky, they will be put behind bars. Until then, avoid trusting such an entity that has nothing substantial to offer. No one is supervising the company operations,

Hence, the company can do whatever they please, even changing their term of services. Look for another alternative. Ensure that you always perform thorough research to see what other people think about an investment venture before you lose funds to scammers.

Final Verdict

Wiki Mining a desperate Ponzi scheme that wants to steal from novice investors. The company does not feature meaningful data, and there is no evidence of them partaking in mining services. It would be best to invest with legit mining firms in the market instead of depositing with these scammers.

The company does not even attempt to gain the trust of investors. The owner of the company is not known. Additionally, the least amount of funds that you can cash in and withdraw is not stated anywhere.

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50 Replies to “ Review: Is Wiki Mining a Scam?”

  1. is exact as
    I have used power-miner and purchased their lowest server and I have successful withdrew, but I dont know if Wiki-mining is same

      1. Please I do not know what to do though have withdrew twice from wiki miner,but I want to upgrade to 0.05 bitcoin then I decided to keep 0.03 there then later I will add the remaining 0.02 now they blocked my account that I should buy server of 0.2 before I can withdraw have you face this challenge before,please help I do not have money to purchase 0.2 btc .

        1. wiki mining are thief i have money into my account they ask me to buy a new server before they can unblock my account i bought the server for 1850$ bronz and they did not still unblock my account and they now asking me to pay 0.88 bitcoin for server maintenance i paid with my balance and is not going they ask me to deposit more bitoins into my account when i already got the amount i did they not deduct the 0.88 bitcoins inside my account instead they want me to deposit more money so they can steal it and start telling more l*** please dont wait your money to invest on

        2. Hi sister im having the same problem have you solved your matter ? Cause ive contacted them and they have e-mailed me saying they will respond in 24 hours…?

        3. Yes i have faced the same problem with you . I already buy another server and yes i sucessfuly withdrawn my balance but, when you reached the limit for withdrawal, you have to pay for maintenance fee.

      2. It only allowed me twice but the time i increased my investment i cant withdraw, it says there are 1 or more unverified transactions, please wait until you confirm, how do i confirm this though?

    1. May I know is wiki mining is safe i have been scammed by so many sites can you please say me!! I am from india

    2. Your active mining servers
      Your account has been temporarily disabled.
      Please buy another server to unlock your account!
      Server name Profit (BTC) Days left to end
      Cheap (New) 0.0003499115
      338d 18h 0m 1s
      Cheap (New) 0.0003499036
      338d 18h 0m 47s
      Cheap (New) 0.0003499006
      338d 18h 1m 11s
      Cheap (New) 0.0003364255
      339d 18h 16m 46s
      Economy (New) 0.0023345069
      350d 23h 49m 53s
      Total Mined : 0.003720648 Withdrawal not paid,Automatic disable the account.Scam.Not paying.

      1. That’s what happened to me…i hope they dont even get a chance to spend our money… cause what goes around comes around… robbers are what they are.

        1. My account was temporarily blocked I was ask to purchase 0.2 bitcoin before I withdraw my mined bitcoin ,any way out for me? I don’t have such money to purchase 0.2 bitcoin please reply me.

          1. they are fake am facing same situation to they ask me to buy o.2 server for them to unblock my account i did they did not still unblock my account and now they ask me to pay for server maintanance which i am paying with my balance 0.88 bitcons they did not accept but instead want me to deposit money into my account so they can steal and start telling stories they are fake please dont wait your money to invest here

          2. Dear Osen that was also the case for me dont expect to have your money back when you want to withdraw they ask you to purchase another server or ask you to pay for server maintenance they are scammers dont trust them

        2. you are one of them ,you are coming to confirmed that they are paying for mor victims to fall on your trap by commenting when you know they are big scams

        3. me too they did not pay my withdrawal request of 0.00163btc still pending almost 2 weeks now. what to do? i already send message to them still no reply.

        4. Are you crazy ? Send as proof of where wiki mining has paid you, cause they are a bunch of scammers who will be caught… i am busy locating them through my advocate!

  2. I Solemnly write this Comment or Letter to the Public to Plead to you for Help…I have invested all my last penny as in i used all the money i got in heaven and earth right at the moment to buy Server on though i start with their smallest server and the withdrawal is instant infact it makes my head Swell and thats why i got Motivated and decided to invest Bigger on….Now i was told that my account has been temporary disabled until i buy another server of 0.2Btc which i couldn’t afford…Pls help me..Is there anyway to contact the C.e.o of the website? Pls help me…I wrote this Comment with Tears…Pls

  3. I opened several accounts with them three accounts are paying but ather three are not, they blocked them because I’ve mined more bitcoins on them, and they say I must buy 0.2 server, like really so much money?? And what if I buy it and they block it again… so disappointed because I invested a lot of money with them

  4. wiki mining are thief i have money into my account they ask me to buy a new server before they can unblock my account i bought the server for 1850$ bronz and they did not still unblock my account and they now asking me to pay 0.88 bitcoin for server maintenance i paid with my balance and is not going they ask me to deposit more bitoins into my account when i already got the amount i did they not deduct the 0.88 bitcoins inside my account instead they want me to deposit more money so they can steal it and start telling more l*** please dont wait your money to invest on

    1. I’m experiencing same thing since few days back, although I haven’t $25 and after making 3 transaction I was able to withdraw btc worth of $60 and my account was disable now they are telling me to buy another server with of $75 so they can unlock my account.
      Thanks to you anyway.
      I think km done with them and not ready to get dupe.
      I wish Wiki-mining best of luck.

  5. Wiki-mining is a froud could mining company site
    Don’t invest it’s not paying
    It’s a fake site
    It’s site first 2 to 3 days payment successful but now not payment.I got my deposit payment from 10% then loss my 90% ., please don’t invest beware.

    1. I will agree with genes-mining, wiki-mining is legit, I thought it was scam, till I made my maintenance fee and my account was activated.. kindly contact their support team..
      [Link Removed]

  6. Bros and sis
    Can you help me to automatically disable the account because I can not tolerate wiki miner to take my money. I have been through what others also complain.

  7. me too they did not pay my withdrawal request of 0.00163btc still pending almost 2 weeks now. what to do? i already send message to them still no reply.

  8. Me too, they didn’t pay my withdrawal request at 0.8btc. Still waiting for almost 2 weeks. What to do? I sent a message to them and no response yet.

  9. At Frist they deactivated my account for not paying my maintenance fee, weeks later I contacted the support team
    and asked them why did they deactivated my account. They told me I haven’t paid my maintenance fee which i paid to them and they activated my account so far I’ve withdrawn more than 8 times no more issues.

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