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Wincapital Pro proclaims to be an offshore broker for CFDs and Forex. The platform is a dangerous scam that will rob all your money once you fall for the catch.

The Company faces a ban in some countries such as Italy. The Company was banned by the Italian regulatory body CONSOB. The platform was prohibited because of issuing trade services to two Italian investors without organizational data.

Win Capital Pro is allegedly owned by another platform Light Media LTD. The Company that owns this investment plan and operate them is located on Marshall island.

The Company’s primary targets are in Italy and UE despite being raised in Marshall island, which is against the law. Most European countries are stringent on Forex trading laws, and they do not allow any company to operate without regulatory data.

The platform claims using different trading instruments for Forex, CFDs, and Cryptocurrency. The Company claims to use up to 68 different pairs to generate massive returns while you invest in the Forex. also trades CFDs for the investor. The company claims to offer a variety of stock indices that would benefit you. The platform boasts investors earn a chase to trade in gas, oil, platinum, gold, silver, and also Crypto Mining.

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WinCapital pro promises you investment in cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Lite Coin, and Moreno, among others. The platform does not limit you on what kind of investment you want to venture in, may lure you into trusting the Company.

The Investment firm claims to offer you leverage that is above the set leverage limit. The Company faces leverage to 1:200. This figure is very attractive compared to the 1:300, which is the set limit by the law. Review

Low leverage in any platform is the best choice for any inexperienced trader high leverage amount of experienced traders, and you should avoid them at all costs. Australia remains the only country that is not restricted to the amount you can trade with.

WinCapital Pro is not based in Australia and is, therefore, not regulated by ASIC, which is a legal regulatory body in Australia. The platform lies about the leverage it offers investors, and this is a major red flag from this platform. Review, Platform

When the platform owners get caught, they risk facing criminal prosecutions, and it’s the main reason they want to stay anonymous. Generating funds from the public is illegal in most countries without proper regulatory measures. brokers do not provide any details of regulation, and it means you’re dealing with unregulated brokers. Most unregulated brokers turn out to be scammers who are professionals. They will rob all your money. Venture with Legit  Forex brokerage companies that have reasonable returns.

The Company uses fake graphs on their websites to try and prove legitimacy. The results the trade always seems to favor you, but this is to tempt you into depositing money that may never generate profit.

How Win Capital Pro operates

Wincapital Pro claims investors are entitled to another platform MT 4, which sounds like a good deal. However, do not be so quick to believe this allegation, MT4 is offered by another third-party group known as West Media.

West Media is another platform that does not operate, and this is a shady feature from the investment firm and one that raises more doubt of the Company. Investors surely get a benefit of the doubt that you questions why Light Media LTD is the only Company mentioned

This company method of operation is not clear to the investors and only raises more doubt in the Company’s allegations. The platform uses a fake graph margin chart, and even during our a researcher, the EURUSD  offer is  0.1 pips without the commission, which is false, and any experienced investor realizes the shady allegation.

WinCapital Pro Investment Plan

The platform allegedly offers investors four massive Investment Plans for trading: Standard Premium, Classic, and Gold. The minimum allowed investment amount is $250. The platform uses leverage as their method of targeting investors. The platform claims that depending on which investment plan you choose, you will earn fixed or floating returns.

Scammers use massive investment plans that are tempting and lucrative in the investor’s eye. However, do not be so quick to fall for this catchy phrase as no investors seem to benefit from this investment, and the fact that they allow investors from all over the globe is a major red flag.

Regulation and customer support of

WinCapital Pro is not regulated and operating against the law, going against all the set guidelines. We can prove this Company is not regulated by looking under the FCA, which is a leading regulatory body in the UK, yet they are not featured anywhere.

Brokers who claim to be in the UK and are regulated and are always under the FCA; this is a sign of genuineness and should trust such platforms. The Company also does not provide you with any contact support you can use to reach them, and this is a warning sign on the platform.

This Company is operating illegally and generating funds from the public; this is one of the main reasons they were blacklisted in Italy. The platform claims to work globally, allowing investors all over the world, yet it does not follow the set rules governing the public from scam companies.

CONSOB has canceled all the brokerage services this platform claims to offer investors, and this is a significant warning sign not to trust this Investment firm. Win Capital Pro has not provided any address of their whereabouts, and this critical information has to be provided to you.

Companies that provide the address to you is a  sign that they are genuine and you can easily reach them when you’re in need assistance. The owners of this Company once they are caught by the law enforcers for not providing regulatory measures risk facing criminal prosecution.

Funds Safety

You are not guaranteed fund safety in this platform because no banking information has been provided to any investor. No evidence of any successful pay to an investor has been submitted, and without this information trusting a platform is an impossible task.

No evidence of any successful withdrawal by any investor has been provided that links them to the platform. The platform also fails to provide the method of which your money is going to be used to generate profits and the achievable limit.

Final verdict

WinCapital Pro is an unregulated platform that is operating illegally. The problem with such companies is,  they risk getting closed anytime with your investment money in the account of these criminals.

The method this Company claims to use is murky and not meeting regulatory bodies set guidelines. This investment firm has no contact support for investors to use in case they require feedback or assistance from the platform.

The company owners are mysterious and remain hidden because this platform has complaints, and many investors lose their money, and providing their personal information will only land them into more trouble. This platform has not provided you with any address of their whereabouts, and this proves that once your money is gone, you cannot get a refund.

Legit Forex trading companies will provide you with at least three months of the past trade transactions; this proves legitimacy in a platform. No evidence to support any of the companies’ claims has been issued to investors to assert this is an Investment firm is genuine.

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37 Replies to “ Review: Is WinCapitalPro Scam or Safe?”

  1. Ho investito 4 000 € da wincapitalpro adesso no ho pui notizie del mio account menager e no si può prelevare i soldi. WINCAPITALPRO È TRUFFA

  2. Io lavoro con loro da circa 1 anno ormai.Inizialmente ero troppo scettico pero con il pa**ar del tempo il lavoro del mio consulente mi ha fatto ricredere.Dal settimo mese sto ritirando ogni mese dei profitti da; attività che si svolge.
    Sono piu’ che contento con la WinCapitalPro

  3. Ho investito 1750 euro,ho un account di 2400 ma non riesco a prelevare perché il broker è sparito,per me è una truffa

  4. ha provato a fregarmi,si son presi la quota minima e sono spariti,io li denuncio.
    Ai numeri di telefono non risponde nessuno ne alle mail,si è sicuramente una truffa.Il consulente ha provato ad accedere al mio conto,voleva convincermi ad investire capitali.Io non mi sono fidata.Ho versato la quota minima con una prepagata,ma è impossibile accedere al mio conto per chiudere l’account.

  5. Anke io sono stata truffata da e il mio consulente si chiamava MATTEO RAGUSA.qualcuno li ha mai sentito?

  6. sono certo di essere stato truffato da wincapitalpro,fortunatament€e solo di 250€ avendo rifiutato una richiesta di 3500

          1. alla Guardia di Finanza o Polizia postale.Raccogli tutti i dati possibili (contatti telefonici -email- indirizzi ) la CONSOB mi ha subito risposto che non possono operare nel territorio italiano.

      1. Filippo Bertini è un truffatore datato che continua a rubare soldi indisturbato; per favore, se avete suoi contatti (email cell Skype) pa**atemeli che aggiorno la denuncia già fatta alle autorità a febbraio. Grazie

      2. sono giovanni contattato dal broker a**egnatomi Filippo Bertini mi ha raggirato con euro 5000 faro’ denuncia alla Guardia di finanza

  7. non viene attivato il prelievo.l’orologio della MT4 è 2 ore indietro rispetto all’ora corrente (facile fare previsioni). domani vado a denunciarli.

  8. Su 250 euro investiti ne ho finora guadagnati 57 Tali Francesco Savini (agente) e Mario Baldi (COnsulente) li conoscete? Mi hanno convinto dicendomi che dopo 1 mese potevo fare una prova di prelievo che non ho ancora fatto Quindi si tratta di truffa anche
    questa? Grazie

    1. anch’io in guadagno, anch’io contattato da LUCA MARTINELLI e MARIO BALDI (+3908118096982) [email protected] Ho denunciato alla Guardia di Finanza e segnalato alla consob, che mi ha subito risposto che hanno già diffidato tale società.NON FANNO FARE I PRELIEVI. ma temono molto la pubblicità negativa, come io sto facendo. saluti

      1. WINCAPITALPRO.COM E IT.WINCAPITALPRO sono stati diffidati dalla CONSOB ad agire con clienti italiani. occorre denunciare alla GdF perchè la magistratura dia l’incarico di indagare.

        1. guardate i siti SMARTPROFX CRYPTOFXONLINE WINCAPITALPRO, sono praticamente copiati. Stessa gente, cambiano nome alla società, e vanno avanti a truffare come se nulla fosse. Comunque bisogna fare denuncia, io l’ho fatta a Febbraio. Se avete contatti aggiornati del Dott. Bertini, per favore pa**atemeli che aggiorno il PM. Grazie

  9. più saremo a denunciare WINCAPITALPRO e maggiori saranno le possibilità che la magistratura incarichi delle indagini a un corpo di polizia:DENUNCIATE

  10. Filippo Bertini è un truffatore datato che continua a rubare soldi indisturbato; per favore, se avete suoi contatti recenti (email cell Skype) pa**atemeli che aggiorno la denuncia già fatta alle autorità a febbraio. Grazie

    1. ciao Ivan, anch’io truffato da WINCAPITALPRO e IT.WINCAPITALPRO. ho già scritto in questa community gli indirizzi mai e tel di mario baldi e luca martinelli. ti segnalo altra community su migliorbroker

  11. Ho anch’io ritengo di essere stato truffato da Win capital pro. Dal versamento iniziale di€ 250, sono arrivato sino ad € 9oo. A quel punto ho chiesto l’accredito, ma non ho più ricevuto nessuna risposta nè dalla società e tantomeno dai due consulenti sigg. DE Rossi Matteo e La Giosa.
    Non so se è possibile intraprendere qualche azione per l’attività truffaldina svolta da questa società. Se avete informazioni, fatemelo sapere. Grazie

  12. Il mio secondo consulente si chiamava Leonardo de Giosa. Ho già avvertito della truffa nel commento di qualche minuto fa.

  13. De giosa leonardo + filippo bertini + De Rossi Matteo +Belmonte Dennis + alias Lean Bartold + Michele Elvy + John Anderson + alias comunicazioni FCA
    Persone da evitare sono in a**ociazione a delinquere
    in più piattaforme dediti a truffare.
    smartprofx + win capital + altre
    dislocati in a**ociazione in italia + regno unito + albania + emirati uniti
    gente molto pericolosa da evitare a**olutamente .

  14. Frodato da SmartProFX e dal Dott. Bertini di una somma ingente e fatta denuncia nel Febbraio 2019, ma vedo che vanno avanti indisturbati senza che nulla venga fatto. Continuate a fare denuncie ed informatemi alla mail [email protected]. Forse se ci uniamo riusciamo a farci sentire dalle autorità.

  15. was ist die postalische adresse von dem main office oder Betriebsstätte von wincapitalpro (WCP) / WinFinance in europa??? oder überhaupt??? ich habe eine Strafanzeige gegen WCP bei der Generalstaatsaanwaltschaft in Bamberg Germany, Departemant Cybercrime 1m 15.09.2019 eingereicht…es muss die adresse des main office von WCP gefunden werden, denn dann kann man beim Gericht eine Klage einreichen!!! wenn jemand die adresse weiss, bitte ich diese mir mitzuteilen!!! danke und tschüss

  16. Caro Luca. Io invece. Sono stato truffato da loro da un certo dott. Bianchi. Visto che li ho denunciati ti. Chiedo se hai informazioni sicure da, fornire alla procura. Spero che ti vada tutto bene ma ti consiglio di riprendere tutto il tuo investimento
    Grazie mille.

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