WinMax Miner Review: Scam or Reliable Means of Mining?

WinMax Miner Review: Scam or Reliable Means of Mining?

In their promotion content, WinMax Miner at tells us that they are providing the simplest solution to mining Crypto currencies provider their client can use their high end PCs and mobile devices. They are clearly targeting Crypto enthusiasts who will do everything to try gaining a few coins here and there even if that means that they will sacrifice the performance of their devices to get those coins. The site is quite minimal in design in terms of design, and does not contain any pop ups to distract the visitor from the main message.

The reason our attention was drawn to WinMax Miner is that they have appeared in several Crypto forums with the intention of advertising their service, and we thought this was intriguing enough to warrant a review of the WinMax Miner. While we continued to do what we know best (reviewing sites that look shady), we noticed that WinMax Miner was among the sites that fall into this category. So we are going to protect the innocent internet user at all cost.

Note: We still consider these Crypto cloud mining sites the most popular and successful in the industry. All hash power should be bought from these sites and nowhere else.

WinMax Miner Review

In this review, you will learn about the misleading factors which are present on this site and why you should avoid it at all cost. WinMax Miner operates like an ICO where they require clients to purchase mining equipment in order to induce effectiveness of their operation. The amount of money which you invest will also be used to generate a ROI. This is according to the writings of the site.


But you see, every company that operates in this manner requires a license in order to continue operating according to the law. This is of course one of the observation that we made as a result of conducting our investigative analysis where we found that WinMax Miner is not having a license. Therefore, they are operating out of the law.

On this website, there is also very little details about the service and its registration details. This is quite disturbing to say the least. They are also utilizing a free email service at [email protected] Our question is how on earth an investment company can afford to operate without a customer support in place. This email address only means that the service is unprofessional and unethical.

How exactly does WinMax Miner work?

This site promises us that they believe in the economy of things. They also claim that they are efficiently managing the supply and demand side of things when it comes to matters related to their computational power. Other than this vague description, the site does not tell us anything else about their service. So this is quite weird as far as the investment program is concerned.

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The site does not tell us where their mining firms or data centers are located. Instead, they assume that we will automatically know that this is a genuine mining operation. The script and the mining algorithm which they are using has not been revealed either. Even their hash rate average has not been revealed anywhere on the sales page. This is a red flag and a sign that this site is not legit. Also, the profitability of mining is not that big today. Yes, mining of Crypto currencies is still a good side hustle and that’s why we recommend that you should get into this business. However, it may not be worth it engaging with this site in one way or the other.

The reason as to why we are still recommending these platforms is because they have the resources to hire space and invest in big mining equipment. Crypto currencies have since gained media popularity and this has contributed to their volatile nature. Mining of Crypto currencies is currently one of the many ways to generate automated profits without doing anything other than investing a small amount of money in purchasing hash power. On the other hand, the risks that are related to these transactions can be high especially if someone is promising you returns as a result of sending them some Bitcoins.

How much do you earn with WinMax Miner?

It’s nearly impossible to find an answer to this question. There are a lot of variables that come into place, and one of them is the specification of the hardware which you are using. If you mined with a phone, you’d earn peanuts. On the other hand, if you mined with most recent graphic cards in the market, you’d still earn a significant number of Bitcoins. The issue however is that these equipment can be expensive and also there is the issue of not having sufficient space at home.

The other thing that these crooks are not telling you is that if you mine with your computer, its value will quickly start to deteriorate because a computer is not designed for this kind of task. Therefore, even if you decide to give them a try (which we highly advice that you should never try), don’t mine for a long time.

The other thing is that market value plays in the amount of money you will earn. The more people join the market, the more its value increases and vice versa.

This platform is even offering mining contracts for those who can afford to pay $200. We advice you against paying any amount of money to this site because the client feedback which we are receiving is not good. Also, the forums are not talking well about WinMax Miner. Negative feedback is one of the reasons why we have blacklisted many shady sites here.

Our best advice for you

WinMax Miner is anonymous and they are avoiding anything to do with transparency. Therefore, it can be a risky site to invest in at the moment. Even if you tried, the returns would not be worth it at all. Therefore, we advice that you invest with these sites only.


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  1. Je trouve que c’est tous du SCAM si on calcul par exemple super simple mining
    Contrat 51Th/s prix 9.5btc durée 730 jour prix entretien pour 1Th/s=0,14usd pour 1 jour. Avec 51Th/s et 730 jour j’arrive environ à 0,8 btc a payer alors que le bénéfice pour 51Th/s et de 0.01425/jour actuellement, donc si sa bougerai pas d’ici 730 jour,j’aurait 10,4 btc moins les frais d’entretien 0,8btc j’aurai 9.6btc pour moi 2 ans après avoir investi 9.5btc ce qui me fait 4,9% d’intérêt par ans

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