Winners Edge Trading Review: Scam website Targets Your Wallet!

Winners Edge Trading Review: Scam website Targets Your Wallet!

It’s very easy to identify a scam EA and trading guide sold by a coward who won’t face you head-on, thanks to the anonymous nature of the internet where a computer and some marketing skills are what it takes to steal from the person on the other end.

Perhaps you’ve come across a website called Winners Edge Trading. They sell an ever-failing expert advisor dubbed Strike 3.0. How do we know that it performs poorly?

Well, our research can never fail us. In a short while, we will show you why Winners Edge Trading is a smorgasbord of useless trading products with no reputation to hold on to.

Winners Edge Trading is operated by a Forex carnival backer who also doubles up as an investment hustler.

His name is Casey Stubbs and marketing false trading products is what he knows best, not trading Forex.

His website ( is a spectacular collection of ‘free’ trading tools which he says every trader needs in order to succeed. Really?

Now, here’s the funniest part: Winners Edge Trading sells a product called Strike 3.0.

As ridiculous as this trading system is in terms of performance, Winners Edge Trading still sells it for a whooping $97 per month.

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But if you cannot afford that cost, you still have the option of getting it for $49 per month.

When you purchase any of the products sold here, you’ll get access to a number of tools which Mr. Stubbs believes will be helpful for your trading.

If you need a customized trading robot, you can get it with any of their packages.

If you need trading strategies, full-time support and access to a fully-furnished trading room? Good, you can get all this with the promise that you’ll ultimately make money.

So the question is, does this website really serve your bottom line?

Do they have a success track record? Apparently, these two questions would be answered with a big No!

Winners Edge Trading Review: The Specifics

In addition to selling Strike 3.0, Winners Edge Trading also sells a series of ‘advanced training courses’ which are delivered in video format.

These are supposed to make you a super-trader in a short while.

Besides, Winners Edge Trading says they have a number of free tools which consists of magical indicators, an economic calendar, a trader profile’s quiz, and calculators.

First of all, these tools don’t really benefit you in any way. If you don’t know how to trade, these tools will not make your life any better.

Secondly, in as much as Winners Edge Trading is selling training videos, there is no success record to prove that subscribers have benefits from this training.

In a nutshell, Winners Edge Trading has nothing to offer in terms of knowledge and trading tools. It’s just an outlet where traders who feel sufficiently philanthropic can donate their money and give up on their trading career days after realizing that they are losing more than what they are investing.

Who is Casey Stubbs?

We caught up with the architect of this scheme. He purports to be a regular family guy who trades Forex for a living.

mr stubbs of winners edge trading

His only claim to fame is that his enterprise has been featured on Forbes, Money Show, Daily Forex and many other big sites.

Whether or not this is true isn’t the problem. This man simply knows how to play his cards well.

As you can see on his website, he has everything that can appeal to a novice trader. He is even giving away some tools free of charge. That’s good news for those who don’t want to spend money on trading products.

The saddest truth is that despite all this, Mr. Stubbs has zero track record.

When asked about it, Mr. Stubbs is very defensive about it. In fact, he has never wanted anything to do with this question since it doesn’t serve his bottom line.

Thankfully, by the time we were concluding our interview with him, we made it clear that a negative review was being prepared to expose his fraudulent Forex education website — Winners Edge Trading.

It’s very clear that Mr. Stubbs is only a gifted internet marketer. He will do anything to show you why Winners Edge Trading is the best place to be at and why you should actually get Strike 3.0.

And then he does very little in the way of producing his track record. His attitude and inability to come clean on these matters really put us off.

Experience of their past clients

It’s important to consider the experience of past clients (if there are any) when evaluating a Forex product.

Again, Winners Edge Trading scores poorly in this area. They’ve treated their clients like trash.

This is a Forex educator and internet marketer who does not honor his money-back guarantee.

Their ordering system is technically-flawed. As a client, you will pay for any of their products only to receive nothing.

They deduct a certain amount of money once they get hold of your credit card information. But when you raise a complaint, Winners Edge Trading takes you round and round with no solution to offer.

It seems the aim is to make money from traders using a flawed refund policy as opposed to selling a real product for profit.

The screenshot below shows the plight of one trader who bought a non-existent software package. He was never refunded because the author refused to honor their refund policy.

Winnersedgetrading scam

Until now, nothing has been done about it. This client has since been treated with the highest level of impunity ever seen in this industry.

We checked their email conversations and saw that Winners Edge Trading was not willing to refund money that was charged from his credit card illegally).

Our final opinion on Winners Edge Trading

Once the truth is out there, this website can do very little to redeem their reputation.

Look, one of their clients raised a very serious complaint about them.

He warned other traders not to give out their credit card details to Winners Edge Trading.

Complaints and insults were thrown back and forth in that forum. In fact, we felt that Winners Edge Trading was very unfair towards this particular client. They were literally showing him the middle finger after refusing to refund them.

Our Best advice you

If you’re ever talked into signing up for the Winners Edge Trading website, the first thing to do is to refuse that offer.

You’ll regret your experience with this site since they don’t have a track record — and the reason is quite obvious. They have never helped anyone become a successful trader.

We always appreciate a track record, not empty talk which disappear into the thin air like smoke the moment you surrender your wallet to them.

See, we have prepared a short yet useful list of Forex products which we think will help you very much. We’ve made things easier for you by going out there and investigating Forex product offers while only picking and recommending the best ones.

So if you don’t want to lose money like a novice trader does every time they step on the path of a sweet-talker and a charlatan, these products are your safest bet. Don’t waste your money and time on Winners Edge Trading.


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  1. Hey there I just saw this today or else I would have responded sooner. These claims are l**s and I have never been interviewed by anyone on this site.

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