WinScalper EA Review: Is this Forex Robot a Scam?

WinScalper EA Review: Is this Forex Robot a Scam?

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WinScalper EA is a company that claims it will make you rich within no time. The trading software is a scam that you should avoid at all costs. The developer of this EA state, where the main focus of building it, was to help investors place trade easily.

The trading software brags that it has the capability of turning a small amount of money into billions. The bold claim cannot be verified, and it shows how bad is a scam will you go to lure you.

The platform was designed in March 2019. Cepi Suryadi created WinScalper EA. All we know is that he is based in Indonesia and claim to know about developing top-notch software.

However, the shady company does not provide any background information about the founder. We always advise investors to stay away from such a system because they will only make them lose money.

WinScalper EA Review, WinScalper EA Platform


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The person behind this website has, in the past, made 100% losses. Hence, this is not the kind of person you should be entrusting with your money.

The software is bragging of making investors much profit, yet they cannot afford to hire a professional copywriter to present information in an upfront manner. The red flag should also not be taken lightly, and you should try and find a better alternative in the industry.

WinScalper EA Review

The company boasts of turning a $200 deposit into $183,535,877 on the currency pair of GBPJPY. The software is allegedly fully automated and profitable. The founder claims that they have backtested the EA for a period of one year.

However, we find this hard to believe the company has not availed their performance result with a reputable third-party. We think that the platform is bluffing, and they don’t have any trading software.

The software claimed that it is built using a unique SmartCode that is meant to minimize the losses that investors can make. It additionally has a drawdown that is less than 10%. The company state that it is safe to use, and investors will not make huge losses if they choose to invest with them.

The EA is allegedly free to download. It has unlimited expiry, and they are discrete on how the bot operates. You can invest with reputable Forex trading software in the market, instead of wasting your time and resources in a Ponzi scheme.

Trading Strategy and Results

WinScalper EA does not mention the strategy they are utilizing to attain these high earnings. Any Forex trading software has to let investors know the method they are using. The bot is disqualified in terming itself as the best in the market.

The company only stated that they are using a smart code to eliminate huge losses. They failed to elaborate on this matter hence creating even more suspicion. To access this trading software, you have to deposit $495.

Nonetheless, there are also different plans that you can use. They have a three-month program that you can purchase at $51. The six-month package costs $75, and the one year plan goes for $120. The company also recommends specific  Forex brokerage that you can use.

WinScalper EA has a time frame of M5. Additionally, during my research, I figured that the founder wants it to appear they are using the scalping strategy. They have several currency pairs, which include; GBPJPY, GBPUSD, EURUSD. You can also trade gold.

In regards to their trading results, the company provides backtested results in video form. However, this is mot something that we can rely on Winscalper should avail of their live trading results.

Additionally, this company has no demo account; hence there is no way you can familiarize yourself with their software. They are charging so much money for a system that is not productive. We urge investors to stay away since the company cannot make valid their claims.

Contact Details

The only method available that you can contact the support is via their email; [email protected] The company is using a free Gmail address, and this is not a good indicator.

It is clear that this platform wants to remain anonymous without blowing up their cover. Another flaw that we discovered with this system is that there are multiple grammatical errors. Winscalper fails to provide their office address.

Therefore, nobody knows where they are operating from, and without a geographical location, you won’t be able to trace them. It would be best to look for better alternatives in the industry.

In case you are wondering about their regulatory status, there is no financial body in the market that would authorize such a shady venture to operate. After checking with several regulatory agencies, we found the company is operating illegally.

Client Feedback

We checked with various third-party websites to see if the platform has any positive reviews from their clients. Unfortunately, we did not find feedback from any of their clients.

With what the company is offering, it is only fair if they would have attracted several reviews. The only testimonials are the ones they have posted on their website. This company is not reputable in the market, which is another drawdown.

Sadly, Winscalper EA is using stock images. Therefore, we cannot trust a word they say as the information is manipulated. Their review is bogus and only meant to lure you into believing their dirty software.

Other major red flags are that this platform does not have a legit email address, and this is a platform that is bragging; it will make you rich, yet they cannot afford to pay a customer support team. They are only selling a false narrative.

Is Winscalper EA Scam

Yes, this trading software is clearly another Ponzi scheme in the market that you should avoid. The company is operating illegally, and you can tell with the multiple red flags that it has that they mean no good.

The person behind this fraudulent system is operating it anonymous hence the government cannot help in tracing them. Additionally, the platform provides no data in regards to who he is; we were lucky enough to find his name on

Winscalper EA is making very bold claims, and when it comes to providing live results, they chicken out. It is not the platform that you should be trusting with your funds. There are better alternatives in the industry that you can try out instead of wasting your funds in losing software.

The fact that they lack reputation in the industry says more about their venture. Best companies will have several endorsements from their loyal customers. Winscalper EA, on the other hand, is using false testimonials to win the trust of investors. The trick is growing old, and we can detect their scam platform.

Final Verdict

We would urge investors to stay away from Winscalper EA. The company is only bluffing of attaining excellent outcomes in the industry. However, they cannot verify these claims, and the best way is to keep off this fraudulent system.

There is better Forex trading software in the market that you can utilize. Before you invest to ensure that a platform is transparent, results have been verified with the Myfxbook account. Until then, avoid believing promises that are made by scammers.

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  1. Ciao, hai fatto una recensione su winscalper ma volevo capire se hai utilizzato il software? Nel sito ho visto che c’è la possibilità di aprire un conto con il referall link di un loro broker di fiducia ed avere il software gratis. Lo hai provato?
    Grazie per la risposta

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