Worldwide CapitalFX Review: Alarming Binary Scam Broker Shown

Worldwide CapitalFX Review: Alarming Binary Scam Broker Shown

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WorldWide CapitalFX ( is a CFD broker that specializes in Binary, Crypto currency, and Forex. According to their homepage, they claim to be an excellent trading platform which offers immense promises. Members are promised profits of 95% in under 60 seconds. We decided to dig deeper into WorldWide Capital FX to find out more. You will be shocked by the revelations we are about to unveil. This is our honest review.

WorldWide CapitalFX Review

WorldWide CapitalFX Review:

According to their homepage, a disclaimer clearly reads that they deal with classic currencies and Crypto. Traders are requested to sign up in their numbers to start earning over 95% in under a minute. How can this possibly exist in this day and time? These scammers are eying newbie investors who don’t have a clue about trading. WorldWide CapitalFX claims of having an absurd winning margin are simply theatrical.

No way can a software or trading expert reach such high levels. In all financial markets and trading, this will never happen. One of the very first visible mistakes these scammers made was claiming to offer a 95%-win rate. Read on this thorough and eye-catching review to find out the whole truth about WorldWide CapitalFX.

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Fake Live Manager.

WorldWide CapitalFX claims to have a live manager who will help you succeed. Problem with this is that this live manager does not come for free. Claims that the live manager is free are not true. Live manager account holders have to cough a whopping $50,000 in order to have them. Our question is, why should you have a live manager when they promise to make 95$ win trades? The trick here is to sign up as many newbies as possible and get them to cough up money.

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Why do you need to get a gift after registration? Don’t you know that gifts and bonuses are strictly prohibited by the regulatory bodies? If you didn’t know that, now you do. Problem with sign up gifts and bonuses are that they come back to bite users.

When users are planning to withdraw their money, these scam artists demand a cut because of gifts and bonuses offered. Complaints were the main reason why gifts and bonuses were banned. If a platform is offering gifts and bonuses, it’s not following set rules and regulations.

Funding your Account.

WorldWide CapitalFX Scam

One thing that these scammers have perfected is making sure they have all funding platforms. Yes, you can deposit with WorldWide CapitalFX using various platforms. These platforms include Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, and others. Notice how it is to deposit money to this platform? Wait until you claim your money and want to make a withdrawal. This is where all hell breaks loose.

Withdrawing money with WorldWide CapitalFX is a huge problem. You will get email alerts saying that you have not reached the minimum trading volume required to warrant a withdraw. Numerous complaints are floating throughout the web regarding problems with withdrawing. Take a wild guess why this is the case. Members are simply not allowed to withdraw because this is a pyramid scheme.

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WorldWide CapitalFX Account Types.

WorldWide CapitalFX is offering three different account types. After signing up, you can choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold account. Bronze account holders apparently come with a 24/7 live video support. Minimum deposit is between $300 to $1000. This is way above the industry’s recommended rate of $250. Silver account holders are required to make a minimum deposit of between $1000 to $3000. Gold account holders make a minimum deposit of between $3000 to $50,000.

All these accounts come with a bonus each. The bronze account comes with a 20% bonus. The silver account comes with a bonus of 50%. Gold account holders come with a bonus of 100%. Take note that we had earlier indicated that offering bonuses is strictly prohibited. It all means that if you sign up with this platform, you are aiding and abetting fraudsters. Worse still, you will lose your money later since no withdrawals are made.

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WorldWide Capital Fake Facts.

According to the website, you will easily see some fake facts being plastered around. Claims of having over 5805 accounts in the system are bogus. According to the facts presented, this month alone has seen over $4 million in successful trades. Monthly payments have been faked too as they read nearly half a million dollars.

WorldWide CapitalFX Fake

According to these facts, you will get a maximum of 56 minutes before withdrawing. Folks, these are all fake facts meant to entice you. Scammers want you to believe that this platform is real and thus, make you sign up. You should note that the only thing these scammers want is your money. They will say or do anything to make sure you sign up with them.

Fake WorldWide CapitalFX Video Chat.

Folks, this is the first platform we have heard that offers live video support. It could be wonderful if it was all true. However, this is nothing but a bunch of lies. No one can claim to have been in contact with a video representative. In fact, nothing seems to work when it comes to WorldWide CapitalFX chat support and video support. All this is a ploy to make you sign up with their fake trading platform.

Is WorldWide CapitalFX Registered?

Contacting the relevant authorities was easy. First, we contacted the FCA and CySEC to find out whether they have registered this platform. Honestly, we were not shocked to learn that the regulatory bodies have not registered any of these platforms. It means that signing up with WorldWide CapitalFX is opening yourself to huge risks. One huge risk is that we are sure this platform does not have a compensatory scheme.

What this means is that you will never get your money back in case the platform goes bankrupt. Isn’t this a good reason for scammers to close up shop when they feel like doing so? Why should you face such risks when you already know by now that this is simply a fake platform? The best thing you should do is stay away from it and ignore all messages urging you to join.

Is WorldWide CapitalFX a Scam?

Yes, WorldWide CapitalFX is a scam that should be avoided at all costs. Never at one time try and register with this fake platform. The moment you deposit your money is the moment you will lose it.

WorldWide CapitalFX Final Verdict.

WorldWide CapitalFX Scam Review

With all evidence produced, we have no other option but to blacklist WorldWide CapitalFX as a scam in the making. Avoid it like the plague.

The best thing you should do is sign up with professional binary options signal providers. Complacent binary options providers will ensure you trade safe and make real money. Sign up with one today and see your fortunes change. Remember to trade safely and smart as well.

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