Wyckoff Analytics Review: is this a Scam?

Wyckoff Analytics Review: is this a Scam?

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Wyckoff Analytics is an online platform that offers training in stock trading. Additionally, the website trains individuals on how to trade Forex, cryptocurrencies, and other markets. The website claims that their team consists of dedicated, well rounded, and experienced experts. Further, the company claims that the team is dedicated to helping you master the Wyckoff method.

The website also features a lead instructor by the name Roman Bogomazov. Roman and his team are offering their courses at $998. It is one of the most expensive courses we have encountered on the Internet. The question is, is the course worth the price tag?

There are many Forex trading solutions that exist in the market. All of them will promise to transform you into a winning trader in no time. However, most of these courses are not worth your money.

Therefore, you need to thoroughly assess a company before you decide to invest in it. Make sure that it is worth your money. Additionally, ensure they can deliver on what they promise. Otherwise, you might end up investing in an utterly worthless trading solution.

No one should pay $1000 for a sub-par training course. We hope that Wyckoff Analytics can justify this price point with impressive trading results. Moreover, we expect to see a trading course that is unique from the ones that exist.

Otherwise, we cannot place them among the best. Always invest with the best  Forex trading solutions in the market. .

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Wyckoff Analytics Review

Wyckoff Analytics’ website is professionally built and aesthetic. The company has done a great job of informing their clients what they are offering. It is good to see a company dedicated to informing its clients.

Wyckoff Analytics Review, Platform


Additionally, the company is transparent on who runs the operations and other team members. The lead instructor is Roman Bogomazov. He claims to be a trader and educator of the Wyckoff Method of investing. Additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University.

Additionally, he served as the President of the Technical Securities Analysts Association. He is also currently a board member of the International Federation of Technical Analysis.

All this information checks out, and this is a great start by the company. Knowing that an experienced individual runs, the company paints a good picture of it. Moreover, the other team members also seem to be well experienced and knowledgeable.

However, we hope the company can produce impressive trading results. We want to know that the team is teaching strategies that they apply in the market. It is much better to learn from someone who is an active trader. That way, they would stay up to date with strategies and market setups. Additionally, this ensures they will only teach approaches that they have proven to work.

The Wyckoff Method is a brainchild of Richard D. Wyckoff. He was a pioneer in the technical approach to studying the stock market. The company states that this method works well on all time frames. It includes intra-day, swing trading, and longer-term investing.

However, many professional traders have skepticism on whether the method is applicable universally. This is definitely a cause for concern.

Course Analysis

The contents of the course will tell us everything we need to know. The course is divided down into three main parts. We will now look at these individually.

Wyckoff Trading Course Part I – Analysis

This part of the course gives you 15 live sessions in the fall/spring and 12 live sessions in the summer. Each of these live sessions is two and a half hours long. The course will help you understand the laws, principles, and techniques developed by Richard Wyckoff. It will then help you trade like big money institutions like banks.

Additionally, you will learn how to use practical tools to apply the Wyckoff Method. The company will teach you to read the market so that you can trade alongside large institutions that generate and stop big trends.

Further, the company promises to teach you how to anticipate market direction through analysis of price, volume, and time. You will be able to do this without the need for an additional indicator.

Wyckoff Trading Course Part II – Execution

This course contains 15 live sessions in the fall and 12 live sessions in the summer. Each of these live sessions is two and a half hours long. This part of the course entails that you first complete Wyckoff Trading Course Part I.

The company claims that this part of the course focuses on increasing the proficiency of the Wyckoff method. It will do this through deliberate practice involving rigorous exercises and drills. Further, the course helps you develop Wyckoff techniques in trade management and visual pattern recognition. Additionally, the course will help you refine and evaluate your trading.

Weekly Wyckoff Market Discussion – Application

This is the final section of the training. This section offers 48 sessions per year. Each of the sessions if one and a half hours long.

The section offers weekly reviews of major US indices. They cover the current positions of the markets and scenarios to anticipate in the near future. Additionally, the company looks at leading and lagging sectors. It means they will at industry groups and stocks, futures markets, including oil gold, Bitcoin, and traditional currencies.

Further, the company provides a live trading class, and this enables clients to analyze, vote, and follow the trade as it unfolds.

Part I and Part II of the Wyckoff trading course each cost $998. The weekly market discussion section requires monthly subscriptions of $79. These are not cheap courses. Moreover, most of the information the courses cover can be accessed freely on the Internet. We do not see the need to pay $1,000 for the information you can access freely.

Trading Results

Wyckoff Analytics does not provide a record of the trading performances of the team members. There is no way to verify that these people are active traders. It only takes a few minutes to upload trading results to a platform like Myfxbook. Why wouldn’t they just do it?

It is always fascinating to see a company put their money where the mouth is. It is the only way the company can demonstrate that its methodologies and techniques work. Moreover, it would make the purchasing decision more comfortable.

Customer Reviews

We were not able to find any reviews from customers who have tried the course. At this point, we cannot tell you whether people are enjoying the services or not. Moreover, we cannot tell whether the company has many students.

Most of the people on different forums are asking whether it is worth purchasing the course. However, there seems to be no one to answer this question. It seems that not many people have purchased the course.

Final Verdict

At this period, we are not able to recommend Wyckoff Analytics to you. While the company seems legit, they still have a few details they need to iron out before we can fully trust them.

We appreciate the job they are doing, but they need to back their claims with impressive trading results. Moreover, we would like to hear from the company’s former or current students.

Until then, we cannot place them among the best Forex trading solutions. We believe some companies will offer you better services at better prices. Invest only in the best Forex trading solutions to save yourself some trouble.


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5 Replies to “Wyckoff Analytics Review: is this a Scam?”

  1. Unbelievable that someone would consider this a scam. These guys are some of the best a***ysts I’ve encountered. Not only for their technical skills but for the thoughtful way they distribute information. Nobody, literally no person (or machine) can calculate all the variables in the markets. Read anything by Na**im Taleb and you will be famil*** with the f***ishness of predictions. Bruce and Roman do a great service in teaching people how to look at structure in markets through the lens of supply and demand. They don’t a**ume to know the future. Anyone who does is a s***er and will get blown up in the long run.

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