XautoProfits Review: Is Xautoprofits EA a Scam?

XautoProfits Review: Is Xautoprofits EA a Scam?

Xautoprofits ( is claiming to be the number one expert when it comes to trading. X AutoProfits is professing to have aggressive developers who have the necessary trading experience. XAuto Profits is another false indicator program trying to take advantage of unsuspecting investors. And this is why trading or using such a program is risky. Their website is also flagged by Google as a security threat that might steal passwords. And this is enough to know XAUTOPROFITS is a scam.

XautoProfits Review

About Xautoprofits

They claim that Xautoprofits is an automated trading program which is not the case. What has to be the biggest lie in the trading world is that the software can generate $826, 619 profit daily. We still don’t know if this is shared among the members or is one profit per member. What is clear is that these are insane claims and promises that will never materialize. Investors should be wary of such platforms that offer insane profit margins. There is no expert or software in the world that can achieve this fete.

Traders should opt for bots with the latest technology to help make realistic profit margins. And these tools are the ones backed by experts and traders. Stay away from Xautoprofits as it is making insane claims. The market prices are volatile and achieving this fete is next to impossible. These are false prophets who will lead members into a deep financial hole. There have been victims who are ruing signing up with the program. Watch out for their promotional emails which promise huge success.

Assets Traded by Xautoprofits

The software claims to trade in Forex assets only. What they fail to mention is the conditions and features available on their software. The software is unable to inform users of the timeframes available on the program. And this is a huge problem as most members signed up without getting the full details. Members are signing up not knowing the conditions available and pose a huge problem. The software is taking advantage of the fact that these members don’t know the full terms.

Business Owner/ Developers

Another interesting feature missing from the platform is the names of the people behind the software. It means that Xautoprofits is another anonymous online bot which means the risk for investors. Depositing funds to an anonymous online trading platform is the riskiest thing an investor could do. When it comes to trying to recover funds, this is not possible in most cases. Anonymous led platforms will also be the ones which will block users from accessing funds. The communication team will not be available when needed.

Customer Feedback

XautoProfits Homepage

There has not been any positive feedback from the members. The only positive comment is from keyboard masters who were hired by the platform. Other forms of promotional media have been used to entice users into signing up with the platform. These include using actors who claim to have won big with this software. The bot developers are merely offshore brokers who want a piece of the pie. Their main business is to fool investors into trusting this inefficient trading robot.

Domain Specifics

Thanks to domain registers, one can know exactly when a website was created. According to the domain tools checker, has been changing domain names. And this is a characteristic synonymous with scam artists. Domain tools reveal that the website has changed names 2 changes on 2 unique addresses. The changes were made in a period of one year which makes it clear we are dealing with a scam. Scam artists will change domain details to avoid detection from their previous engagements.

EA Analysis

Xautoprofits is going for $154 which is a bit expensive considering reliable bots are more affordable. The problem with this robot is that it is expensive and does not deliver. Investors are lured into believing the platform can achieve a lot but in the real sense, it is a scam. The strategy named on the robot is grid strategy. This robot only uses the H1 timeframe and claims to work on all currency pairs and cryptos. These are small features considering the robot is going for a whopping $154.

License and Registration of Xautoprofits

There is no mention of the robot holding a valid license on the entire website. And this is proof that Xautoprofits IS UNREGULATED and should not be in the market. Members who sign up should know that the robot does not comply with industry regulations. And this poses a huge problem to the platform as it offers no insurance. Any deposits made will not be insured by the robot. And this is why investors should stay away from it.

Regulatory bodies in various jurisdictions plan to issue an alert over the use of Xautoprofits. The robot is barely making any profits. Most of the members have lodged complaints with the platform regarding the poor handling of services. It has dawned on most members that this is another scam. Authorities will hopefully carry out an investigation and recommend the site to be shut down. And this is probably the reason why the robot keeps on changing its address. Stay away and don’t deposit funds with the robot.

Limitations of Xautoprofits

Account Plans

XautoProfits Features

Xautoprofits is not offering investors any plans on their platform. They claim to offer a guaranteed ROI of 236 percent. The main problem with the robot is that it doesn’t provide any verifiable trading results. Such ROI is unheard of, if it was true, we would all be members. Everyone wants to make a quick profit and these scam robots take advantage of this need. Stay away from the robot as it does not give clear reasons for how they make a profit. There only claim is giving a promise of a huge profit.

Contact and Support

A huge problem with this robot is communication. They have posted an email and phone number as their mode of contact. The problem with emails is the robot does not respond on time. When it comes to making calls, the number provided is ever busy. These are traits of developers who don’t want any contact with members. Furthermore, they hide any names from members which is sinister. A true robot will offer effective and fast means of communication. Some will offer live chat to remedy fast communication.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Xautoprofits does not indicate how members are to deposit funds on its website. A member has to sign up first and get the details of how to deposit. They are sent an email with a bank account number. The problem with this method is members don’t have a clue whether the account is private. They have been depositing funds straight to the owner’s bank account. None of the members have come out with proof of making any profit. It means withdrawing funds with the robot is a problem.

Strategy used

They claim to use ‘a reliable grid strategy’ that is using AI. The robot claims that their strategy sets them apart from other robots. One problem we have with the robot is a failure to prove all their claims. There is no evidence of the strategy working and no demo account members can use to test the strategy.

Safety of funds with Xautoprofits

The robot does not guarantee any safety when it comes to online trading. Xautoprofits does not have the proper security software to protect users from third-party attacks. The platform has no DDoS protection software making it a hard nut to crack. Members are prone to hacking and their private information is privy to third parties. A huge problem is that the credit card details of members might fall into the wrong hands. And this is why investors should stay away from the platform.

Scam or Legit Xautoprofits

Evidence clearly shows that Xautoprofits is a scam robot. Investors and traders should opt to use the best bots available for trading.

Bottom line

We have to add the robot to our scam blacklist and ensure no one else falls for this trap.

Stay safe and use recommended products and services backed by experts and seasonal traders.

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