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Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds Review: XCrypto is a Real Scam

XCrypto is allegedly a cryptocurrency investment platform that investors can benefit from crypto investments. The company aims to benefit investors fast; however, this kind of strategy of get-rich-quick schemes is never profiting.

There is no such thing as getting rich overnight, and you have to put in work to benefit from crypto trading. In the past, customers could generate massive profits, but due to the vast competition in the constant market, profit is no longer guaranteed.

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  • Functionality

People have to study new strategies before employing them in the real trading world. Robots don’t work that way, they are taught easily thanks to programmer’s line of code that make it possible to study and implement the strategy almost immediately.

Furthermore, the platform has a very shady method of operation, and they fail to provide relevant details that should earn the customer’s trust. The company offers investors massive returns in the Investment plans and also referral commission.

However, do not be so quick to invite your friends and family into the platform; this is because of the kind of algorithm the software users in generating profit is unknown. There is no evidence of any successful payments that have been made to any customer, and customers are complaining to have lost money from the investment firm.

Furthermore, if you are looking to make profits, you should try legit trading tools that have been tested, and risk management policy is implied. If at all the trading tools were making any profits for investors, then the traffic level on the website opt to be higher, and it would have been recognized all over the internet. Review

The platform aims at providing investors with fully automatic services and that their services are cloud-based. Customers are promised the use of cutting-edge technology, and this helps in generating high yield profits.

XCrypto Review, Platform

The company aims at targeting newbie investors who do not know the trading world, and they claim you do not require prior knowledge of trading before you start using their software. The sales page for the platform is poorly presented, and they mainly seem to be focused on your deposit.

XCrypto claims to be an algorithmic trading platform for bitcoin and various to two guarantees, and they claim that the main focus is to provide investors cloud-based trading. The main question that is left not answered is how the trading tool operates and the kind of technology used.

Investors do not know the kind of qualification the founders or their location whereabouts. Hence you may end up trusting criminals and expecting them to make profits for you. Transparency is key in every legit investment firm, and failure of a platform to showcase the same leads to massive losses in investment funds.

This investment firm is a Ponzi scheme, and they depend on the first investor’s deposit to pay some profits. However, this kind of strategy never benefits anyone, and once there’s no money coming in, they are unable to pay profits to investors. may collapse at any given time once they stop having any profit coming in, and they can pay you your returns. There is no evidence of any cryptocurrency activities taking place and even told there was then this would easily be verified by past transaction evidence for a couple of months.

The sole beneficiaries of this kind of investment are platform owners, and your money may end up getting lost. However, it will be only wise investing platforms that will make profits for you in cryptocurrency investment on the trading tools are tried and tested to generate returns on investment funds.

Funds Safety

X Crypto does not guarantee the safety of your fans, and you risk trusting anonymous people to make money for you. The company also depends on new customers’ deposits to pay initial members and resembles an HYIP investment.

You should also be able to see past trade transactions that the trade has been able to generate for the past three months. The company is highly blacklisted as a scam, and you will only end up making losses.

Transparency plays a major role in revealing the legitimacy of a platform; you should only invest in companies that have proof of payments to investors. has not provided any information about deposits and withdrawals, and even scammers provide fake information.


As is expected, the company tries to seem legit by providing fake information of allegedly happy investors they claim have made profits through their strategies. However, no link towards the trades is available to prove these testimonials are true.

You expect this platform to have a positive review if, at all, they were making the same profit all over social media. The platform uses paid actors and fake videos to lure you into believing they are a legit company.

The customers claim to have made massive returns within a short period, yet the names and images used do not even go hand in hand. The images and names are selected at random, and once you fall for the catch, you will only make losses.

Regulation and Customer Support

XCrypto has not provided any information about its regulation to its customers, and you risk dealing with an Unregulated platform. Regulated platforms usually showcase a high level of transparency, and this is no case in this investment firm.

The owners risk facing criminal prosecutions and are probably the main reason they do not reveal any information about their whereabouts. There’s no physical map address that you can use to reach the company, and once your funds are gone, there’s no one to hold accountable.

Different countries have set up various measures to protect citizens from scammers, and these measures include all platforms must provide regulated services. Most platforms will try to confuse you by providing fake incorporation certificates.

Similar traits are visible in XCrypto, and the company is not recognized by the FCA, which is the main regulatory body in the UK or any other regulatory body. The number they provide for the company is just made up, and there is no such company with the data they provide.

Domain Insights

The Domain name for this investment form is However, the registrar used is mostly used by scammers; this is because it allows them the freedom to hide information about their personal bio.

The platform was registered in 2019 March, and the registration expires in 2024 the same month. The platform showcases murkiness in their domain information, and you should not rely on them to make any profits.

Final Verdict

XCrypto risks facing closure at any given time with all your investment funds. The company may, at some point, fail to have enough new members who are depositing money in the company to pay initial customers, and you’ll only end up making losses at some point.

You do not know the people behind the Investment firm, and you risk dealing with criminals while sharing your personal information and risking your hard-earned income. Regulated platforms usually showcase a high level of transparency, and they even reveal evidence of the same, and you can easily verify this information credibility.

This platform does not seem to have any cryptocurrency investment, and you should invest with tried and tested software that will surely generate profit for you. You should be provided with past trade transactions of at least three months, and until there is any positive feedback of any legit trading testimony, then this investment firm is not recommended to make profits for you.




4 Replies to “ Review: XCrypto is a Real Scam”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. No to super. Kolejny raz zostałem nabrany. Teraz tylko się powiesić bo nic mi już nie zostało… Nie wierzę już w żadne algorytmy, blockchainy czy inne bzdet5y wszystko to zorganizowana grupa przestepcza ktora robi co chce tylko zmienia nazwy…
    ludzie sa beznadziejni wychowuje samotnie syna `i nie mam pracy . Xcrypto mam nadzieje ze ci oszusci maja dzieci niech spojrza im w oczy i opowiedza jak tatus z mamusia dorobili sie na cudzym nieszaczesciu BRAWO gratuluje. Ukradłeś biednemu żeby się samemu nażreć grubasie.
    Z całym szaacunkiem do autora,
    współczuję innym pokrzywdzonym.

  3. I tak się włśnie stało.
    Zamknęli interes kłamiąc że mieli atak hakerów.
    Do więzienia ze złodziejami. Moje oszczędności poszły w eter a Ci złodzieje się teraz śmieją.
    Spójrz oszuście swojej matce w oczy i powiedz jaki z ciebie dr*ń. Nie zasłużyli na wolność powinni siedzieć w więzieniu!!! Kto jest za niech pisze !!!!!!! Mnie okradli nie jest mi wstyd. Tylko nie znam uczucia satysfakcji z czyjegoś nieszczęścia. Ale zasypiam w łóżku z czystym sumieniem wy macie już zabrudzone ręcę i do końca życia będziecie z tym się męczyć,. Przysięgam że ciesze się że to mnie oszukali a nie na odwrót.
    Smażcie się w piekle !!! Go to H**l Thief !!!

  4. !!ATTENTION !!
    XCRYPTO est un site d’ARNAQUERS, de BANDITS et d’ESCROTS
    Je ne suis pas un escroc
    J’ai fait mon premier investissement il y a plusieurs semaines sur cette plateforme, mon tableau de bord n’a jamais été mis à jour
    c’est pourquoi j’informe les autres utilisateurs

    !!WARNING !!
    XCRYPTO is a site for SCAMS, BANDITS and ESCROTS
    I am not a scammer
    I made my first investment several weeks ago on this platform, my dashboard has never been updated
    that’s why I inform other users

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