Xflow Review: Dirty Scam Job

Xflow Review: Dirty Scam Job

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Fake mining sites far outnumber real ones in their hundreds if not thousands. And when they are fake, they are easily giving themselves away. A good example would be, a site that claims to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dodgecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and dollar. Xflow claims that when users sign up, they will get free 200 gH/s of hash power to add to their capacity. Daily returns are anywhere between 1-7%.

It would only be fair that we start with these estimated figures which represent the alleged daily returns that this site can earn its members. 1% daily returns in mining is not possible. 7% is far-fetched. Real mining should not be generating 30% monthly returns unless it is combined with other income generating activities. 7% on the other hand would mean 210% at the end of the month. This is of course a lie and a dream whose reality can’t be achieved through this website.

Now, let’s see whether this site is really able to increase your investments as claimed on the homepage. Will Xflow make money for you even if it’s not in the range of the expected daily returns? It is not likely.

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Xflow review

From the word go, Xflow looks suspicious given the mystery that surrounds it. The site does not disclose ownership information and the domain is also privately registered. This means that the owner is not upfront about their identity simply because they have a second agenda which users of the site might not know of.


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It appears that Xflow is targeting users who have no strong financial knowledge and are not aware of how investing in Crypto currency mining works. Either way, this site looks shady and there is no reason to believe even for a second that it is genuinely mining altcoins.

We have always warned our readers against making use of sites that are not upfront about their ownership. For the most part, the site is written in Russian language. Most users tend to trust sites whose primary language is in English. On top of that, Xflow has not listed any address or contact info on their site. This is a serious red flag because if the owner is anonymous and they are making it impossible for us to know their location, then it only means that they are hiding something from us. They are being mean and fishy. They are definitely having a second agenda which the financially naive may not know.

Their FAQ fails to satisfactorily give us useful information concerning the site’s operation. We are not able to establish anything that implies credibility by just reading at the FAQ page of this site. Definitely this is yet another red flag which we are not about to ignore yet.

The site is accepting a minimum deposit of 0.001BTC, which is making it quite affordable for internet randoms who think that a 30% monthly return is possible with this site. The reason why the minimum is low is because the anonymous owner of this site wants to collect as much funds as possible. To do so successfully, he has to make participating in the scam as affordable as possible. At the end of the day, he can collect whatever he has made and close down shop.

The cycle continues as the crooks are never giving up. They are always closing down one domain and opening another.

More evidence to suggest that Xflow is a ponzi scheme

It’s quite easy to determine whether a site is a ponzi scheme or not. We have looked at the abnormal returns and saw how those returns are impossible to make with mining. 7% is out of the ordinary. 1% is hard to come by in the face of increasing difficulty in Crypto currency mining.

There is also zero evidence of payouts. The site has not produced any evidence suggesting that they are paying members the supposed ROIs.

However, one of the worst evidence that we have against this site is that it has not demonstrated that they are generating the alleged ROIs through mining. The site is only claiming and not giving us evidence that ROIs are generated through mining of Cryptocurrencies.

What else? The site is not prove whether or not they own any mining kits. For a site like this one to mine from the back-end, they must have data centers from where mining of altcoins can take place. Now, this site does not mention anything to do with data centers from where they mine their Cryptocurrencies. So how are altcoins generated?

The truth is that they are not engaging in any reasonable economic activity other than accepting funds in Cryptocrrencies and laundering those funds in the back-end of the site. It is as simple as that.

What you must always remember

You must always remember that a site like Xflow is a scam simply because it does not reveal the owner nor prove that they are mining what they claim to mine. You have to remember that this site isn’t backed by any corporation. In addition to that, it is just a basic Russian scam which is why the primary language on the site is Russian.

The other thing that you should always remember is that Xflow is promising returns that have never been realized in Crypto currency mining. The site does not say whether these returns are as a result of mining and trading combined together. But definitely we feel that those returns are still too good to be true for a site like Xflow.

Our best advice for you

Xflow is a weird site and we cannot trust it for the claims which they are making. With an owner who has no identity anywhere on the internet, it is almost crystal clear that the site is a scam which is intended to collect coins on one end and feed the owner on the other. If you want to invest in Crypto currencies, why don’t you trade them with these tools?

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