XInvest Review: Atrocious Forex Scam

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XInvest Review: Atrocious Forex Scam

XInvest ( is another cruel Crypto Currency and Forex brokerage scam to hit the online trading world. X Invest is claiming to help investors set strong trading foundations with their platform. Other claims plastered on their website include having experience and professionalism. Members who already signed up can tell you for a fact that these claims are based on lies. Read this genuine and honest XINVEST Review for more details.

XInvest Review

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XInvest Review

After receiving numerous email complaints from members, we knew something was amiss. Why would members claim to have access of their funds denied? As it turns out, XInvest is another Crypto scam which has no real bearing. Investors have been conned by this broker using the most basic of scam tricks. By creating a visually compelling website, investors are swayed into signing up easily. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away.

By having a cloned website, XInvest is enticing unsuspecting investors to sign up. Using empty claims and promises is what makes investors believe this is a true platform. Most of these claims hold no valid truth as they are based on lies. Professional scam artists will promise heaven only to later deliver hell. What these scam artists will do is create an illusion they can make easy and quick money. Read this entire review and find out the reason why opening an account with Xinvest is prohibited.

About XInvest

General Dimp Ltd is the company which claims to own this platform. They claim to be based in Sofia, Bulgaria and we know why this is the case. Since they are targeting European investors, they want users to believe they are integrated. And this is the first red flag we could not find their name on licensed entities. Another huge problem with this broker is how well they hide their information. Anonymity is a dangerous character in any online investment platform, here’s why.

No one knows the actual people behind this brokerage firm. Lack of any information regarding the founding members leads us to believe this is a hoax. Who are the people operating or running this website? Since no one knows who is running the website, it is safe to believe they are a scam. You should never sign up with an unknown entity as your funds are not safe. Dealing with such entities is uncalled for as you will not be safeguarded. X Invest is another lame brokerage site.

Is Xinvest licensed or registered?

We checked with various regulatory bodies all over the world for their licensing status. It turns out Xinvest is not licensed or registered anywhere on the face of the planet. Some of the entities we contacted include COSNOB, CySEC, ESMA, FCA, and FSA. None of these regulatory bodies has ever licensed or registered this broker. What these scam artists want is to create an illusion they follow EU trading framework. Ensure you sign up with entities which are registered by the above bodies.

What these scam artists have done is hide their true self. Why have they failed to post any details regarding their licensing status? A real and true broker posts details regarding their licensing for all to see. When investors see a trading license, they can check with authorities to confirm validity. And this is what these scam artists are afraid of, their license details to be made public. Sadly, we have to expose these scam artists for their shoddy platform and illicit trading activities.

Features of XInvest/ Advantages

As expected, no one is capable of finding any advantage of signing up with an unlicensed platform. What these scam artists want is for investors to sign up without asking any questions. Opening an account blindly will ensure bind yourself to their terms and conditions. Avoid such misplaced ideas and use recommended products. Ensure you sign up with products which are trusted by Forex experts and trading community. With X invest, there is no notable advantage.

Disadvantages of Xinvest

Accounts offered

XInvest Accounts

X Invest offer investors five types of accounts. Accounts are named Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Why would an investor deposit $ 15,000 and get same trading advantages as one who deposits $7,000? Another problem with these accounts is lack of proper information. The main issue we have is lack of information regarding spreads as well as leverage. Why do this? To throw-off unsuspecting investors.

Deposit and withdrawal

Lack of proper information is rampant with this broker which makes us question their intent. Some claim to have sent funds directly using bank accounts and others using credit and debit cards. A problem is none of them is able to reach out to these scammers when it comes to withdrawing.

Unresponsive support team

Another huge problem with XInvest is having an unresponsive support team. Website lacks any chat services which makes it a hard broker to communicate with. Members have been sending emails which is one way communication. Scam artists will decide on which emails to get response to. When it comes to calling them, they will block your call once you send a withdrawal request. And this is proof X Invest is nothing but another online platform targeting European investors.

XInvest Platform

XInvest is claiming to offer a web based platform which has no security features. Just like their website lacks basic security protection, so does their platform. No need to explain how such platforms have become easy targets for hackers. Hackers will take advantage of unstable platforms and steal credit card information. With your credit card details, these scam artists will swipe your bank account clean. Ensure you stay away from such scam platforms as they lead to more misery.

Are funds safe with XInvest?

After checking relevant information, we can safely deduct safety of funds is not guaranteed. How can funds be safe from a broker who lacks any credible documents? Why have they failed to disclose to users how they handle funds? Is it possible investors are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account? Such details are concrete proof we are dealing with an illicit trading platform. Best way to avoid this broker is ignore all and any calls to sign up with them.

Is XInvest a scam?

Details are clear; X Invest is a scam which is ripping off anyone who signs up with them. Dealing with X Invest will lead to more harm than good. Ensure you mark all their emails as spam and warn your family and friends from signing up.


XInvest Trading Platform

We strongly recommend you stay away and only use licensed and regulated brokers. By adding this broker to our scam blacklist, we will be protecting our readers.

Wishing all investors a happy and lucrative trading experience.

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