XTrend Review: Brill Forex Broker

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XTrend Review: Brill Forex Broker

XTrend ( is a CFDs and Forex broker who is based in Cyprus. X Trend is offering traders who love to trade on the go a platform to do so. After checking their credentials, we found this broker is registered by CySEC. This means investors who love mobile trading can choose Xtrend. This review will reveal what we found out regarding this broker. Read XTrend review and get the truth.

XTrend Review

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XTrend Review:

XTrend is offering mobile traders an easy and smooth trading experience thanks to their versatile platform. With low investments of $5, this platform promises to be a game changer for all types of investors. It comes with a user-friendly interface which offers bi-directional trading. Newbie investors will just take a few minutes of learning how to use it and start trading. With minimum deposits being low as $5, all traders can start trading with Xtrend. Users can choose from a wide array of trading choices.

Traders can choose to trade in Forex, US oils, precious metals among others. XTrend is offering users an all access to financial markets thanks to their up to date platform. Receive news as it happens and get alerts from this mobile trading platform anywhere. This is surely a chance to make you become a better trader. XTrend will give you a platform to learn more about Forex trading at a low price.

About XTrend is owned and operated by Ryant Trading Limited. Unlike other brokers who hide their personal details, this broker is openly revealing themselves. After all, they have nothing to hide. This company is based in Cyprus and all their credentials turned out to be true. This makes trading with Xtrend a safe way as we all know the users. Why not sign up with them?

With Xtrend, users get safety and assurance and access to other Forex pairs 24/5. Leverage with this broker is 1:500 on all currency pairs. Users can get excellent and valuable educational materials including videos and daily analysis markets. Advantages of trading Forex with this broker are having an innovative trading platform, 55+ currency pairs. This platform offers tight spreads with no requites. Don’t forget there are no hidden charges with this broker.

XTrend License and Registration

XTrend Broker Review

Being based in the EU, you have to be licensed by CySEC, FCA, or COSNOB. These are some of the main bodies which give valid licensing to brokers. Based in Cyprus, this broker has been properly licensed by CySEC. We confirmed this by checking with the CySEC registry as well as registrar of companies. This broker has valid credentials making it safe to trade with their platform..

When it comes to their licensing credentials, they all match. Their licensing number posted on their homepage is the same as the one on CySEC’s page. It’s imperative to always check on brokers for valid registration details. To avoid scam brokers, make sure to do a thorough search and confirm registry details. Scammers tend to use details of other legitimate platforms to try and show regulation. Thanks to their professionalism, it’s safe to trade with XTrend at any given time.

Account Funding

This broker offers safe and secure ways of funding the account. Depository channels include Maestro, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, among others. This broker has made sure depositing is easy and fast. Anyone who signs up with this broker will most likely have a smooth trading experience. Withdrawing funds with this broker is also easy and in a timely manner.

Withdrawal request will be received and processed within 24 hours or less. All this depends on the type of bank you use. Withdrawal feels are stated at 3.50% and minimum amount to withdraw is $10. This makes X Trend a safe and easy way to make money. Withdrawing is easy as users simply have to go to their account portal and request withdrawal. Verifying your account is a must for withdrawals to be processed.

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Trading Platform

What we found exciting with their platform is how secure and stable it is. A secure platform promises and guarantees a safe trading experience. A stable platform means execution speeds are high making sure investors make the right moves. Thanks to their SSL Encryption, no one can steal personal files from your computer. This is another way of ensuring users get the best trading experience with X Trend. Have you tried signing up with this mobile trading platform?

XTrend Forex Review

This mobile trading platform has a variety of trading instruments and is user friendly. It provides an on the go access which is vital for traders. Being CySEC REGULATED, this platform offers negative balance protection.  And this is a huge relief for traders as some brokers make sure to pass the loss cost to traders.

Are Funds Safe with XTrend

Yes, funds are always safe by a regulated broker who is dully licensed. This broker reveals how they handle deposits and has a legal agreement page. This means the broker cannot use any funds from this account for their own personal use. This broker checks out when it comes to safety of funds.

Another positive feature is segregation of accounts. This broker ensures they follow strict rules set by CySEC and segregate accounts. They have also insured funds made by users making it a safe trading platform. In case this broker faces bankruptcy or insolvency, users will be compensated. This makes trading with X Trend a safe haven and a good choice for all investors. Always use brokers who insure deposits to avoid any complications in the future.

Is XTrend Legit or Scam?

XTrend is a legit mobile trading platform which we give props to. This broker is dully licensed and has a solid trading reputation. Most reviews will point at this broker being totally honest which is a big plus. Sign up with this broker if you love trading with your mobile phone.

XTrend Final Verdict

About XTrend

With evidence proving this is a legit broker, we have to add them to our recommended broker list. Their platform checks out and has a solid online reputation. Make sure to sign up with this broker if you are a mobile trading enthusiast. Trading just got easier with X Trend which is a good option for Forex traders. Time to make money trading on the go can be a reality with this platform. Remember to always use industry recommended platforms for a safe trading experience.

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Lastly, we wish you all the best in your trading experience.

4 Replies to “XTrend Review: Brill Forex Broker”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. I blog quite often and I truly thank you for your content. This great article has truly peaked my interest. I will take a note of your site and keep checking for new information about once a week.

  3. Vamos a ver, XTrend tiene algún pro y algún contra. El pro es que es sencilla de utilizar, te permite empezar a operar sin necesidad de controlar tantos conceptos como otras: si el oro varía X, sé que ganaré o perderé Y.

    Respecto a los contras, pues bueno, son un montón de pequeños “fallos” que, curiosamente, han acabado en mi caso provocando pérdidas (estas cosas parece ser que nunca van en favor de uno!)

    El servicio de chat con ellos no sirve de gran cosa. Son muy amables, pero aún no me han solucionado ninguna de las 2 dudas que les he planteado.
    En primer lugar están las comisiones, en mi opinión abusivas. Es más que posible generar, según sus registros, 150$ en un día, pero si ha sido en unas cuantas transacciones es fácil que tú veas limpios menos de 100.

    Esto se compensaría con su sistema de “crédito”. Sin embargo, deja mucho que desear y hay cosas para las que hay que leer muy bien la letra pequeña:
    – Si compras su “pase vip” en teoría operas sin comisiones, pero es mentira: lo que hacen es devolvértelas en crédito. Esto a mi entender es, por lo menos, de dudosa legalidad en España por el tema de publicidad engañosa (sí, estará en la letra pequeña, pero el reclamo en grande sigue siendo mentira).
    – El crédito no tiene overnight: las transacciones se cierran al final del día. Ojo con esto.
    – El crédito no siempre es crédito como tal. Es “crédito para FOREX sólo”. O “crédito para Níquel y cobre”. O “crédito para cryptomonedas”. Ojo con esto también. Y esto incluye el crédito que te dan al hacer un depósito.

    Por otra parte, te puedes ir olvidando de que cualquier herramienta que uses para hacer análisis técnico más allá del móvil con su app sea fiable. Por qué? No envían datos a metatrader, y no te dan ninguna herramienta en su web para hacer análisis técnico con indicadores. TODO ha de ir por el móvil.
    Sí, te puedes ir a otras páginas como TradingXXX o similares, pero las cotizaciones no son las mismas (he visto el precio del XAUUSD variar hasta 30 céntimos respecto a otras plataformas que sí estan en MT4).

    En mi caso, los gráficos en la aplicación se cuelgan y dejan de refrescar. Si estás pendiente para ver si cierras una operación y te dejan un minuto sin refresco, imagínate el plan. Les comenté el problema la semana pasada, aún no me han dicho nada al respecto.
    Y ahora acabo de ver cómo teniendo operaciones en positivo se me ha cerrado una en negativo por quedarme sin margen. Dado que eran operaciones iguales en sentido contrario, pues no me cuadra porque el margen disponible entiendo que debería haber quedado igual hasta que cerrara una (que ahí me puedo equivocar yo, aún soy demasiado novato), pero la verdad que no me cuadra y no estoy viendo precisamente prisa en su chat para obtener una respuesta más allá del “pásame una captura”.

    En fin, lo dicho. Para empezar y sin arriesgar mucho no está mal. La aplicación no tiene los mismos precios que otros brokers (esto sé que es normal), pero al no poder usar más que el móvil para hacer análisis técnicos es un engorro. La app (en mi caso al menos) no funciona bien y no veo mucha prisa por responder al tema, y el tema del crédito, si bien tiene su atractivo, tiene demasiados matices como para resultar (para mi gusto) rentable.

    Finalmente, y para ser justos del todo: los reintegros por lo que sé sí se hacen bien, ahí no hay estafa. No por mí, el ser novato y los inconvenientes técnicos no me dan para sacar nada, pero sí he visto de primera mano como amigos hacían retiradas y éstas llegan puntualmente.
    Mi valoración es que en cuanto pueda me voy a otro broker. Ya hago un esfuerzo bastante grande para aprender e intentar controlar el riesgo, como para tener “problemas técnicos” añadidos.

  4. So basically they scammed me overnight, around 1am i opened 1 sell and 1 buy on the app and checked them both before going to sleep. Both stated 0.01BTC which means both are opened for 10 dollars. So i went to sleep, woke up opened the app and saw that i had lost 50 dollars somehow and it states that it was a buy order of 0.07BTC which is 40 dollars.

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