Yieldnodes Review: A Complete Node Rental Program

Yieldnodes Review: A Complete Node Rental Program

Yieldnodes is a multi-node rental program that’s better than mining. Joining this platform will not only give you profit but at a good rate too. Yield Nodes is one of the best platforms to help you maneuver your way through the online world. With profits of five to fifteen percent available, this is one sure investment option. Users are generally happy with the platform as has a user rating of 4.7 out of five.

Yieldnodes Review

Go through this entire Yieldnodes Review for more on what the platform offers.

About Yieldnodes

Through a combination of master-noding and other practices, YieldNodes has been able to break the market.  The platform has grown thanks to encompassing other areas of digital technology and trading considerably.

Yield Nodes is by far the best Multi-node program the industry has to offer. The platform was started in 2018 and has grown to be one of the trusted online investment entities. After the beta phase, which lasted over 16 months, the platform made 170 percent in profit.

It means that YieldNodes is a platform that can generate 132 percent in profit annually. As an investor, you would want a piece of it. And this is possible if you sign up with the platform. The signup process is easy and takes less than five minutes to complete.

Despite facing global challenges, the platform was able to achieve the yield. And this is what makes it a genuine contender for the investment platform of the year.

A brief look at what is master-noding

Some don’t know or understand what master-noding is. Yieldnodes is taking a new approach to investment by offering profit in terms of yields. Masternoding is an alternative way of making a profit using technology.

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It’s using technology (which is the master-node) that relies on the POS (Proof of stake) approach. A master node is just like any other full node that’s a server within a network.

These nodes process transactions and store them in a blockchain. A master-node has added advantages over full nodes. It manages more critical tasks that help bring the user higher reward. To obtain a master-node status, the user must deposit a specified amount of the relevant coin.

The coin is what you might call ‘staking.’ Users will profit from the staking and the performance of the task. You get the reward based on the corresponding coin or proof of stake.

Most might mistake this for mining, well it’s not. The market has more and more miners competing for digital coins. It has made mining less profitable than it once was, hence the need for another investment form. The halving of Bitcoin is impending, which will result in reducing mining returns by 50 percent.

Client Testimonials

Yield Nodes Customer and User Rating

You don’t have to trust our word; go to Trustpilot ratings and see it for yourself. 95 percent of the reviews show that the platform is excellent. With a rating of 4.7 percent, this is definitely a tried and tested concept.

Most of the clients are happy with the profit and quality customer service. You get a platform that’s ready to respond to your queries on all social media platforms. These are the main reasons why we believe that this is a commendable yield investment platform.

Other clients have made their voices heard on the platform. An excellent example is Jo Liu, who is an investor in Australia. She made her profit through this platform in less than six months.

You can go ahead and read their testimonials and see it for yourself. The result is a platform that is dedicated to providing ample investment services. Don’t be left out of this masterpiece as more and more users are profiting from Yield nodes.

Contacting Yieldnodes

Once you make contact via email or phone, you get a live representative. The agent will walk you through any questions or hurdles you face. Most members are happy with the customer relations office.

In the case of email, you should expect a reply within one business day. That’s how fast and effective this platform is. It holds dear to the concept of ‘the client is the most integral part of the business.’ With these principles, you are bound to have a great time with the platform.

Depositing and making withdrawals

Deposit and Withdrawals YieldNodes

Once you sign up with the platform, you need to make a deposit. The minimum deposit with this platform is $500, and a cap of $250,000 is the set maximum. If you want to invest more, you need to inform the team, and a deposit can be made.

Depositing with this platform is easy and fast. Depository options include Bank Wire, Bitcoin, MasterCard, SAPP Vouchers, and Visa. Once you make a deposit, the balance immediately reflects on your account.

To withdraw your profit, head to the member secure area and click on the withdrawal tab. You must put in your withdrawal request by the 15th of every month. It helps to give the platform time to dissolve the master nodes.

The platform will immediately terminate the servers and immediately sell the stakes. Members get their funds on the 8th of the following month in Bitcoin. You can also terminate the contract at any time after six months.

Have we Tried Yieldnodes?

Our Yieldnodes account

We recently invested with Yieldnodes and found out that the process is easy. Most don’t know that the six-month period is where you begin to reap the rewards.

You should invest with a six-month mentality as this is the plan we’re using. It’s one of the most transparent programs, and their communication will update you along the way. We plan to invest with Yield nodes in the long term.

A total of 17 percent in one month is nothing short of remarkable. Even in the Corona period, the slow months saw a profit of 5 percent. And this is when the market has dropped to nearly 78 percent.

Yieldnodes is a platform that will bring back the confidence of investing.

Payout expected with Yieldnodes

Profit performance Yield nodes

Yield nodes are paying out a minimum of 85 percent of the generated revenue to members. The platform takes 15 percent or less of the monthly earnings. The platform will take less than 15 percent in less favorable months, usually five to ten percent.

It’s a way of forming a long-term relationship with the client which is working. The platform tries to make a consistent yield of five to fifteen percent per month.

Thoughts and Experience with Yieldnodes

Personally, I try to increase my deposits with them every month, and I only just started about 4 months ago and have had more than 43% ROI in the past 3 months and more than 53% since the start of the year. You can benefit much more if you compound your earnings, but once in a while, I like to withdraw some of my profits as well, so I haven’t been able to compound 100% of my earnings so far.



It’s now August 2021 and as you can see, YieldNodes have been relatively unaffected by the really bearish crypto markets, though the yields have been lower than say the one got in Feb 2021. Still, it is considered a considerable profit margin. It was a clear profit of just about 2000 Eur for August based on a yield of 9.6% for the same period. I have also increased my deposit by a few thousand and will continue to do so in the next few months. You can see updates in the screenshot below:

Yieldnodes review

Safety of Yieldnodes and the network

According to the platform’s team, the safety of servers’ network and integrity is their priority. And this means that the safety of funds and investment is in good hands.

The team must first assess the risk and rewards of each project before finalizing the deal. It’s one way of ensuring that clients are happy with the platform. The website is well secure, with all levels of security checked constantly.

Yield nodes are striving for optimal security and trustworthiness. The master-noding process is mathematical and straightforward. Hackers are always trying to find weak spots but, the platform is fully equipped to face such storms.

Signing up with Yield Nodes

All that’s left is for you to sign up with the platform. Go to their sign-up page and fill in the form. You must give accurate information and provide documents to prove your identity. It helps to avoid any issues during withdrawals. If someone else tries to log in to your account, you get a notification via email or phone.

Yieldnodes a Legit Investment platform

Master-noding with Yieldnodes
Meaning of Masternoding

Yieldnodes is a completely new way of making money with technology. Get your feet inside the room where profit is five to fifteen percent monthly. With master-noding being a new way of online investment, getting in early means ripping huge rewards. It’s a better way of investing than mining as you don’t need to buy any hardware.

Our Verdict

We completely advocate for this platform as all parties test it. From experts to the normal investor, this is a game-changer when it comes to online investment. Don’t let this opportunity pass you. Make the bold decision today and sign up with Yield Nodes.

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We wish you a profitable experience with master-noding.

What are the estimated monthly returns with Yieldnodes?

Expected monthly returns from Circa are 10 percent per month. The minimum deposit is $500, and the minimum terms are 6 months.

What's the main advantage of Masternoding?

Profits are generally fixed, and this process offers steady returns.

Is Yieldnodes Genuine?

Yes, we have tried it ourselves. The platform occasionally invites auditors to audit the platform. This shows how transparent they are.

How does Yieldnodes generate returns?

With each POS cryptocurrency, there's a reward for its masternodes. That's where experts find the best coins to masternode.

How do I invest in Yieldnodes

You don't need any crypto experience to get started. Just start by signing up and meeting the required depository amount. Here's the link


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