Yota.Biz Review- Yota a viral Ponzi Scam

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Yota.Biz Review- Yota a viral Ponzi Scam

Yota.Biz is another HYIP scam that has grown popular over a short time. If you are thinking of investing in this company, you should just walk away. The company has created a great influence in the cryptocurrency community. Many people are wondering if the platform is legit or just another scam.

We have done research on this platform, and it doesn’t look legit. There are a lot of red flags associated with this site. The company deals with Bitcoin, and eventually, they will steal funds from their investors.

Investing is not an easy job. You need to research before jumping and believing every story which the investment company sells to you. Get facts and avoid trusting blindly. If your guts feel a particular platform is a scam walk away while you still can.

Before you commit to this website and deposit your funds, take your time, and read this review, which has details indicating why the platform raises suspicion.

Trusting Yota.Biz as an investor will be the beginning of all your trouble. Avoid compromising your Bitcoin wallet endurance.

Yota.Biz Review

Yota.Biz claims to be operating its services from Hong Kong. The investment company deals with Bitcoin. They are accepting Bitcoins deposits from their clients.

Yota.Biz has an affiliate program that helps to aids their scam operations. A referral model will assist in bringing more people to the platform. This means the inflow of money in the site will be more.

The company offers its clients’ unrealistic ROI, which is familiar with other fraudulent investment Companies. Yota.Biz returns indicate that the platform’s only focus is to get users to invest then steal the money sooner or later.

Yota.Biz Review, Yota.Biz Website

Yota.Biz is not a sustainable program that can help you generate income. The platform only uses them to fetch more victims to their doorstep. The promised commission will remain a myth for users who can’t withdraw any money.

The cycle goes on and does not stop unless no more investors are coming in. When this happens, the Yota.Biz will gather all the funds and disappear without being traced.

How does the platform operate?

Yota.Biz platform is well built and has an excellent user interface.. Yota.Biz offers its client a structured product, trust management, and individuals’ investment accounts. They have labeled their site as a place that utilizes numerous investment opportunities

However, the Ponzi scheme platform has not made any attempt to show where their rewarding program comes from. All they have promised their investors is a huge return of funds without any associate risks. The only information from their website is how investors can make much money by using their referral program.

No program in the universe will offer you such benefits. Yota.Biz should make its operations transparent to the public. Otherwise, the company is a pyramid scheme. It is only such schemes that use crooked means to deceive prospective investors into joining them.

What is the credibility of Yota.Biz?

There is no revelation on who are the founders of this Ponzi scheme. Creating more suspicion and affirming that the platform is another scam company. There is no proof showing the legitimacy of this platform.

No effort has been made by the firm to show they exist. Yota.Biz only claims to be situated at Central, Hong Kong, at Winway Building, 50 Wellington St. The information we have gathered shows that this building is not occupied, and it is available for leasing or sale.

What this investment corporate did is to pick a random structure and pretend to be its offices. Well, if they can fake such information, what will they do with your money? More red flags and concrete reasons to avoid the pyramid scheme. Use the following legit cryptocurrency platform and mining services to generate reasonable returns.

Customer Support

The Yota.Biz has displayed contact info that you can reach them with. The company telephone number is 852 58198984. The investment company email address is [email protected].

Chances are very high that the platform will never pick clients calls nor respond to the sent email. After receiving your funds, there is no reason for them to remain in contact with you.

There is nothing you can do about it since you don’t even know whom to contact. The authority can’t assist, especially when they had not permitted the investment operations of such platforms.

Do yourself a favor and avoid Yota.Biz at all costs. The investment company’s least of the problem is making you rich. They only care about making themselves rich using your deposited funds.

Yota.Biz Affiliate Commission

The investment company rewarding program, as you might have gathered, comes from their affiliate program. The investment plan of Yota.Biz is vague and ridiculous, all verifying the platform is a Ponzi scheme.

Yota.Biz Investment Company has five referrals program. The first category of the affiliate plan offers investors a 7% commission of the total amount that is deposited by the invited person.

The second level of the commission that the pyramid scheme promises its investors is a 5% commission. It is the total accrual of the new users’ deposits.

The third level referral plan offers a commission of 3% accumulation of total new investors’ profits or deposits. Keep in mind none of the pack is legit.

The fourth program offers 2% total amount of the invited investors’ deposits or profits. The third and final referral program commissions have a 2% return of the total accrual of investors deposits.

The deposit of new users will be used to pay the previously joined investor. The procedure will keep repeating itself over time.  The model that Yota.Biz uses can function for sometimes as long as money inflow is active. The system will collapse when it can no longer sustain the withdrawals request of the new investors.

Fake Testimonials

We have outlined all the red flags associated with Yota.Biz. Despite being an unethical company, the pyramid scheme uses fake testimonials to lure more investors in the platform. The platform has a testimonial section on their website.

The testimonials are not linked to any social media profile. None of the available reviews are authenticated. The real investors are the ones complaining of being scammed by Yota.Biz in the crypto community platform.

Yota.Biz Review Scam, Yota.Biz Testimonials

There are many reported claims of investors being scammed by this alleged investment company. Users are complaining of the inability to withdraw funds from the site.

The person who benefits the most from this entire charade is the initial investor. Like many Ponzi schemes, Yota.Biz has features of infamous scam investment Companies.

Is Yota.Biz a Scam or Legit?     

It is beyond unreasonable doubts that the Yota.Biz website is a Ponzi scheme. The company does not give investors any reason to trust them. It is using all the necessary marketing models to bring in new victims.

The platform has much traffic coming into their platform. Most of their traffic is from their affiliate program. Yota.Biz also generates conversions from, a site that is illegally used to gain investors. Most of the users are from Russia.

In short, this Ponzi scheme creates the notions that you will keep earning by inviting more people. When your invited partner asks another person to join the platform, you will also benefit. The cycle goes on and on, and that how promise you will earn huge amounts.

Yota.Biz Final Verdict

Desist from the platform that uses the narrative that you can make easy money by just inviting other people in their platform. The claims are false, and you won’t be able to withdraw any amount.

Yota.Biz targets Bitcoin investors. The platform has bogus claims that we have exposed in this review. Stay away from such sites as they will only make you inadequate and frustrated. The website is a Ponzi scheme that should be avoided by all crypto investors. If a deal is too good, always choose to reconsider or walk away. Here we have a crypto investment guide that you can use to make returns.

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