Your Passive Income Scam Review: They will Rob You

Your Passive Income Scam Review: They will Rob You

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What do you think of A scam using the domain extension .org? We hate such scams. They depict a sense of confidence and credibility when they have a hidden agenda. Expect such a scam to disappear in a few months from now. By the way, inside Your Passive Income is a product called DoublerZone. What is DoublerZone? It is supposed to be a Bitcoin Doubler system operating like a trading bot that buys and sells automatically.

They claim that Doubler Zone is a high frequency Cryptocurrency trading robot with artificial intelligence capabilities. It will identify where and when to buy and sell Bitcoins for profits. It has allegedly processed thousands of transactions before. It is supposed to help you make plenty of profits when you trust Your Passive Income website with your funds.

In fact, Your Passive Income claims that all their members make 20% per hour until they have achieved 200%. The contracts ends and if the investor likes, he can renew it.

Are these claims true? Can we substantiate them? Probably guys should think twice before losing their funds to an obvious scam like Your Passive Income.

We definitely have a lot to expose about this scam. So if you want reasons as to why you should never donate your Bitcoins to these scammers, read on to learn more.

Your Passive Income Review

The domain where this scam is hosted at claims that their company is called Doubler Zone. However, the Ltd status of the said company cannot be verified as this company does not exist anywhere in the world. If you try conducting a small research online about the said company, you will not find it. That means they do not exist or at least it has not been registered.

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Ignoring this fact, Your Passive Income website claims that Doubler Zone is a company that assures quality, reliability and compliance. Well, how can they assure these things when the company in question does not even exist? Clearly this has to be the work of a scammer.

Now, let’s move to their alleged transaction data. At the time of writing this review, Your Passive Income website was claiming that they have paid over 9,400 BTC. Do you believe this claim? You shouldn’t. It is just too good to be true. Nobody can ever believe that a phony website like this one has even paid a penny to anyone out there. Moreover, those statistics have not been verified. So they are definitely lies. You can rest assured that this website is lying about the existence of a non existent entity and also misleading visitors with false numbers that cannot be verified.

The scam website cannot verify information on their last transactions table. As you can see, they are purporting that this table is tracking and recording last transactions in real time. Actually, you can see that numbers keep changing in that table. However, given the negative reputation and red flags that this site has, no one can believe any information coming from this site.

20% per hour is not achievable

If you want to be sure that you are dealing with a Cryptocurrency scam, just check the numbers. If they are not making sense, you should conclude that the website is a scam job.

You see, 20% per hour is an impossible goal. It is not even sustainable. This website, on the other hand, is suggesting that their robot is so profitable that it has no difficulty doubling your deposit in a matter of hours. We should not believe these fake ROIs. They are not real.

This proves that Your Passive Income is a website that shouldn’t be trusted. We expected them to present us with proof of the robot’s trading activities since this robot must be recording its trade history with various brokers. Since this information is not available, it is better to treat Your Passive Income as the biggest lie that was ever said on the internet.

Also, we think that if these people have a robot that can double deposits in a matter of hours, they are better off keeping it a secret. Why are they giving everyone access to this robot? It doesn’t make sense.

Who’s behind this website?

The owner of this website is completely anonymous. Keep in mind that they are asking for 0.002 BTC as minimum deposit. You do not want to send 0.002 BTC to an anonymous person on the internet. The promises are too good to be true. So when you send this Bitcoins, the scammer will say thank you and then spend it. You keep them happy when you get convinced that their website is a money maker. That is why we said this website will soon go offline.

Things to remember before you can send any Bitcoins

Your Passive Income does not have a Bitcoin trading robot. And if they actually have a robot here, it is performing extremely poorly. It is losing money.

The second thing is that Your Passive Income is owned by people who are 100% anonymous. They are not about to reveal their identity to you at any point. Do you honestly believe that an anonymous person can make you rich? Think twice.

The third point is that 200% in a few hours is an impossible to achieve return on investment. If you think this website can make you 200% in one day, go figure out how.

Cryptocurrency trading can be profitable when you use the right tools. The right tools have never promised us 200% in one day. So this website is clearly misleading internet users who are greedy. You are going to lose money here.

Our best advice for you

The domain of this website was suspicious. However, when we checked out the contents of the website, it was equally suspicious. We confirmed that this website is a bona fide Cryptocurrency scam. It has nothing to do with trading Bitcoins. But it certainly has something to do with ponzi scamming. You can rest assured that the anonymous owner of this website has no good intentions.

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