ZE Forex Review: Is Scam Or Admissible?

ZE Forex Review: Is Scam Or Admissible?

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We stumbled on a strange website which promotes a software known as ZE Forex. It’s a new trading robot that promises to make trading simple, convenient and profitable even to newbies.

The question is; is this software capable of doing what they says it will do?

Well, we’ve got shocking details to expose against the highly-acclaimed ZE Forex software.

My in-depth review shows that this robot will cost you money for no reason, plus it’s not worth your time.

My opinion and sentiments are based on factual information which can never be disputed.

The truth is that ZE-Forex is a scam. It’s part of a massive fraud ring that operate on a global scale under different site titles namely My Online Trading, Trader’s Formula and Trader Formel.

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The aforementioned sites are a scam and owned by the same person who owns ZE Forex.

Please note that ZE Forex is also promoted in Russia and Germany — which makes it a dangerous scam unlike the usual English-version of scam Forex and binary robots.

The issues surrounding ZE Forex are clear-cut. It makes it easy to understand how con artists who sell fraudulent robots operate.

Thankfully, we will be addressing all these issues in this review to help you make an informed decision as far as this software is concerned.

ZE Forex overview and proof of scam

The sales page of this software looks very similar to that which is used to promote famous scams called the Trader’s Formula, Trader Formel and My Online Trading.

It’s also worth noting that apart from ZE Forex website, other schemes (which are operated by the owner of ZEForex) use promotional videos which appeared on the infamous Trading App and Amissio Formula websites.

ze forex copied site templates

The use of marketing videos is the standard procedure for large affiliate networks that want to quickly reach the masses in the shortest time possible. Nothing wrong with that. But the similarities in website graphics indicate that ZE-Forex is probably owned by someone who has operated other scams before.

The testimonials also give us a good clue on what is likely to happen when you sign up for this robot.

They’ve basically copy-pasted testimonial images and used them on their respective sales pages.

ze forex copying images online

The man called “David Jones” is just a fictional character. This is the work of unethical internet marketers who only care about making money for their pockets.

Now, one of the actor images used here is also appearing on the help page of a health care website called Balance Treatment Center (see image above).

Again, this is an indication that images were copied from the internet and pasted on the various sites owned by the same scammer.

But what does this mean? It means that ZE Forex does not have subscribers yet. If it had subscribers who are also satisfied with the results, the owner would have simply asked them to review the robot instead of using copy-pasted images to fool potential investors. This is one sign that ZE Forex is a scam.

First impression of this site

These con artists are very old school and poor in their approach.

Scams love the idea of using fake logos of news organizations to create the impression that their products were endorsed by various reputable media organizations.

This trick has always backfired on them, making them look very stupid in the eyes of their visitors.

Verifying whether or not Ze Forex was okayed by these media organizations is very simple. Just take the CNN website for instance. Type the word ”Ze Forex” on the search bar and see what comes up.

You will be surprised that none of these websites have ever published an endorsement video or article on the subject. That’s why these con artists look foolish when they use claims that are easy to verify.

The sales video

The sales pitch on the video did not give me anything of substance.

It starts off by telling viewers that the decision to invest your money is not just for financial growth. However, the truth is that we are investing to grow financially. This statement is actually out of place, plus it shows that the owner of ZE Forex is clueless on what he is talking about.

The sales pitch does not tell me how the software works, who developed it and whether or not it has a consistent win rate that will enable the average trader profit by trading Forex.

Instead, this video is just a collection of soundbites with useless sentences that promise financial security. The video is also accompanied by some copied images to reinforce lies and make you think that ZE Forex is the real deal.

More promotion with empty promises

The sales page of ZE-Forex talks of activating your account in minutes so that you can start trading Forex automatically.

They also claim that they offer ”exceptional trading environment” with great tools and tutorials for both beginners and experts.

ze froex scam promotion

However, they don’t talk about the number of pips which they have gained since this robot was tested. On the same note, these internet criminals don’t speak about their MT4 results like legitimate websites do when promoting their robots.

In short, we are paying attention to a robot developer who doesn’t have a track record of ever making a nickel from Forex trading.

The reason why we are not shown the number of pips that ZE Forex software has acquired is because that record does not exist.

It would be foolish to pay for this software because it is counter-productive, plus the developer is ignoring the most important things like past-performance to showcase what the robot is capable of doing.

Reality check

I doubt whether ZE Forex is a Forex robot. According to the picture shown below (which indicates how this robot works), there is a demonstration that points to the fact that Up and Down buttons are involved.

ze forex scam deals with binary options as opposed to forex trading

On the other hand, Forex trading involves Buy and Sell buttons among other functions.

The truth of the matter is that when you sign up with this software, you will be redirected to a Binary Options broker instead of a Forex broker website.

It is very clear — going by the demonstration that we have seen above. Again, since there are no talks of pips acquired up to now, we can presume that ZEForex is a misleading scam whose design is geared towards trading Binary options and recording one loss after the other.

Also, this software charges $250 — which is the standard investment amount that all binary options (whether legitimate or scam ask for)

Our best advice for you

Don’t be fooled with the fact that the word ”Forex” is appearing on the name of ZE Forex. We just saw evidence above that ZE Forex has nothing to do with Forex trading.. yet there’s no disclaimer to make clients aware of this beforehand.

It’s a tactic that misleads investors — and one that also amounts to fraud because this information is not revealed in time.

This means that ZE Forex is a dangerous scam. You will be agitated by this fake program for no apparent reason. Soon, you will also see people writing very nasty testimonials about this software. Avoid.

On the same note, if you are an investor looking to trade Forex, you can use these products. On the other hand, if you’re looking to trade Binary Options, use these products instead.

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