ZeonMine Review: Subtle Mining Scam

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ZeonMine Review: Subtle Mining Scam

ZeonMine is another crypto scam that hasn’t even bothered to provide sufficient information regarding their mining operations.

The platform only has information asking clients to register with them to receive two BTC after you complete the process.

The Zeon mine company claims to be a registered company, but given the nature of this platform, it is highly likely they are operating illegally.

The only mode they accept funds is through BTC. There is no way you can reverse your payment. After depositing money, there is no mode of reversing.

The least amount of funds that they claim you can withdraw is 0.0029 BTC. Zeon Mine accepts funds from 0.002 BTC. They have no clear description of their alleged mining activities.

Zeon Mine is allegedly a mining firm that promises users a daily return of up to 19%. It is very difficult to attain this kind of profit in the current market, considering the volatility nature of the digital currency. Review

Zeon Mine portrays itself as a cloud mining site. Unfortunately, there is no mining taking place on this platform.

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They have gone a further mile, by stating that their mining farm is in Asia. Mining activities require a lot of capital to kick off.

Many miners have a challenge raising such amount by themselves; hence they end up searching for credible affordable mining investment companies that will help them in achieving their goals.

The platform provides minimal information regarding their mining venture. The company has not disclosed the business model that they use.

Zeon Mine Review, Zeon Mine Platform


The hardware they incorporate or the amount of money they use from their investors’ shares to cater to electricity bills, and other incurred expenses.

Zeon Mine leaves a lot of loopholes, and we can bet that there is no mining taking place in this company.

They only display enticing returns to lure clients into depositing funds with them so they can steal it all away. You won’t find any experienced investor wasting their time with this shady company.

ZeonMine Registration, Owner, and Customer Support

The investment company claims their office location is in Guangzhou, and they are a registered entity that is permitted by the government of China.

The company also states that its mining farm is based in Asia. There is no actual data to ascertain this info.

Usually, what happens is pyramid schemes will display such kind of data to create credibility with innocent investors.

The owner of this company is operating under the shadows. Nobody knows who they are or the management qualification they possess to handle public funds.

In reality, their location remains a mystery, and they can’t be tracked by any government in case they choose to exit the market.

Moreover, ZeonMine only states that they are based in China while they do not provide any documents that prove they are licensed.

Zeon Mine Scam Review, Contact

We recommend you stay away from all unregulated platform, as they can collapse, or choose to disappear with your money, and there is nothing that you can do.

You can reach the support of this company via email; [email protected]. The suspicious company does not have telephone support. Hence, it is impossible to receive an instant response.

The determination of to stay anonymous is on another level. They have no personal data which is attached to this company. Besides, they may take forever before they answer your requests.

Investment plan, and Returns

ZeonMine has three investment plans ready for its victims. They have the starter, advances, and ASIC; you can choose a plan of your choice.

The starter plan offers a daily return of 12%, and promise 0.55 satoshi for two years. The advanced plan offers a daily return of 15%, and 2.05 bitcoin after 5 years of mining.

The final contract is Asia, and it offers a daily return of 19%, which is equivalent to 2.1 bitcoin. The plan promise users 100 satoshis a lifetime mining.

The amount they promise is attractive, but do not let it fool you. If you perform vivid research, you will not find even the top mining platform offering anything close to this.

Mining is one of the risk sectors in the cryptocurrency. There are many costs involved, and it has become harder for small scale investors to make a reasonable profit.

Do not let any red flag shown by this platform slide. We advise you to stay away from any company that offers any return that seems too good to be true.

Affiliate Program has an affiliate program that they encourage their already existing customers to utilize to make even greater returns.

All pyramid schemes ensure that they have a sound referral program to assist them in generating more traffic on the website.

ZeonMine has three levels of commission. Investors who manage to convince their friends, colleague, and relative to deposit they will receive a 9% bonus.

You will also receive an additional bonus of 4% and 1% from for any other client from your second and third lines.

ZeonMine Review, Referral Program

Sadly, the only people who benefit from such schemes are the pioneer investors, marketers, and the platform itself.

You might receive the bonus at first, but then again, keep in mind that a fraudulent company uses new investors’ money to pay their initial clients.

The cycle goes on until the crook platform cannot sustain the market anymore. ZeonMine is not very different from other Ponzi schemes. You should keep off, and do not even consider venturing with this company.

Domain Name

The company domain name is The registration of this company took place in January 2019 and will expire in January 2020.

Zeon Mine targets its audience from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. The mining platform has an Alexa Global Rank of around 239 thousand.

Zeon Mine Investors Experience

We checked on various crypto enthusiasts’ sites, and we were not surprised to find out that the platform has already conned several investors their money.

There are numerous complaints of clients who could not be able to process their withdrawals. This is what happens with pyramid schemes. They will promise you vast profits but never payout.

A company that you cannot log in upon buying hash power is unsafe to invest with. Your money security should be your top priority.

The pyramid scheme will only pay for your first investment to appear as a transparent site. Nonetheless, upon increasing your deposit in the hope of earning more, they will steal your money.

However, you might also come across positive reviews like we did when doing your research. The promoters of Zeon Mine are working tirelessly to ensure they get victims to scam.

These are all fake testimonials since they haven’t even attached any proof of their earning. Moreover, they only want you to join using their referral links. Final Verdict

Mining is a very risky venture, and for small scale investors, it might be very hard to reach the breakeven point.

 For any investment company to thrive, they need to have sound techniques that will enable them to gain a considerable amount of profit.

Zeon Mine is one company that claims to be involved in cloud mining, yet they do not feature any financial performance in their site.

The company is operating discreetly, and they are unregulated. There are many legit mining platforms in the market; unfortunately, is not among them on the list.

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