Zero Markets Review: Real Broker

Zero Markets Review: Real Broker

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Zero Markets ( is an Australian recognized trading platform offering CFDs and Cryptocurrency. ZeroMarkets is a broker with a trusted reputation and has years of trading experience. According to what we discovered, this broker is worth checking out as the sign up process takes less than five minutes. With an advanced and trading platform in play, the broker is worthy. Read this genuine and honest ZERO MARKETS Review for more.

Zero Markets Review

Features of Zero Markets

Members of this platform are able to access multiple markets from one account. Zero Markets offers a wide range of products ranging from Bitcoin, Commodities, Futures, Global equities, and more. You are able to select your preferred account type and gain access to over 10,000 products in the global markets. Traders will be able to trade in commodities, equities, and indices thanks to this award winning trading platform. You also get transparent pricing as well as better execution with low commissions.

Zero Markets Review

Zero Markets is providing competitive pricing structures as well as differentiated solutions. With many Forex providers out there, it is hard to get the right one. Thanks to their customized and unique solutions, clients of Zero Markets end up happy and satisfied. The platform thrives to ensure traders end up happy and above all, comfortable. With Zero Markets, you will be able to get high speed processing and marketing intelligence. You also get to trade with the vast experienced MT4, MT5, and IRESS trading platforms.

The platform also extends a hand to members of the public who have been restricted to institutional clients. An excellent example is banks and hedge funds. Members get the latest tools and technology for trading Forex. Through high speed hardware and sophisticated software applications, users get reliable services. Continuous innovation has led to ZeroMarkets gaining positive recognition from the world over. And these are just a few reasons why Zero Markets is considered a reputable trading platform.

About Zero Markets

Zero Financial Pty Limited is the company behind Zero Markets. According to the trusted, was registered on 5th May 2016 making it reputable. Not much is known about the founding members of the platform which leaves a dent regarding their reputation. It would have been helpful to know some of the names of the founding members of this website. Another issue we found was no one knows any names of people running the show today. Anonymity is a dangerous character and we hope the platform will soon rectify the situation.

Account Opening

You simply need to fill in the registration form with your complete name and address. Members can opt to open a demo account first before opting to commit to a live account. Once you have been verified electronically, it takes a few minutes before members can actually place trades. Zero Markets also supports the opening of multiple accounts from the same person. When doing so, you should first contact support for further assistance. You will require to send documents showing proof of identity before signing up.

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Is Zero Markets licensed or registered?

Zero Markets License Status

Zero Financial Pty Ltd is dully registered by the Australian Regulatory body. The regulator has fully licensed and registered the above mentioned company. ASIC issued a registration on 24th November 2017. What remains to be seen is whether the company has full rights to offer trading licenses under a different name. It would have been helpful if the license had details showing the domain is under Zero Financial Pty Ltd. Scam artists can use details of already registered entities as their own.

What we find odd with the platform is lack of clear details documents regarding their license. You would expect the platform to post copies of their license for all to see. As we said earlier, it is hard to verify whether the domain is under the licensed company. It would not be the first time scam artists have fooled investors by using credentials of licensed companies. With no complaints so far from members, we believe this is an ideal platform to trade with.

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Advantages of Zero Markets

Account types

Zero Markets is furnishing members with trading accounts according to trading expertise. Beginners can choose between two account types namely Standard and Super Zero Account. The minimum required deposit for trading with the basic account is $200. We have to mention that this is below the acceptable industry set standard of $250. Are they targeting newbie investors who don’t have a clue regarding trading?

Zero Markets Account Types

Deposit and withdrawal

When it comes to funding accounts, Zero Markets is well-covered with various depository channels. Depository channels include Bank Transfer, Bpay, Credit and debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. These channels are available for anyone anywhere across the globe. You should look at the charges for making withdrawals with either of the mentioned platforms. Ensure you check and understand the withdrawal time and rates for using bank transfers.

Trading Platform

ZeroMarkets is filled with numerous trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, and IRESS. The platforms are well-known for their stability and advanced tools. MT4 is one of the most recommended trading platforms thanks to its user friendly interface. And this is what makes ZeroMarkets a trustworthy broker.

Disadvantages of Zero Markets

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, this is where the platform lags behind. You would expect the platform to offer live chat support to anyone who signs up. The problem with their chat feature is that support is always offline. The numbers listed are at times busy and users who need fast queries never get timely feedback. With today’s level of technology, every platform should have a working full time support team.

No Company Information

And this is clear disregard of the rules. Traders should be able to know and have more information regarding the mother company. And this is what makes us doubt the transparency of this website. They should have clearly listed the details regarding Zero Financial Pty Ltd.  A clear and detailed history of the company and links to this website would have been ideal.

Safety of fund with Zero Markets

Zero Markets Trading Platforms

When it comes to safety of funds, no member has come out with any complaints. Such platforms tend to try and solve problems in house. A majority of members will wait for long periods before making their complaints known. It is better to try out some of the more reputable brokers who come highly recommended by experts.

Scam or legit

With the platform having association with an approved broker, we sit on the fence with this one. ZeroMarkets is not fully given the green light apart from having an association with a recognized company. And this is where we draw the line and ask investors to try out proven and tested products.

Bottom line

Sign up with dependable brokers who have been known to produce consistent results. Make the bold move and sign up with genuine and transparent brokers. 

What are you waiting for?

Wishing traders a lucrative and safe trading experience.

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  1. a very professional company. if you are a $50 client this broker is not for you! this is for professional traders only

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