Zilton Capital Review: Forex Scam

Zilton Capital Review: Forex Scam

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Zilton Capital ( is another brutal Forex broker scam whose intent is now known. ZiltonCapital is professing to be a Crypto Currency and Binary Options signal provider with no proven reputation. They claim to create a winning blend and continue to strive for excellence. These are fake claims as most members are already reporting heavy losses. What is happening? Read this full ZILTON CAPITAL review to find out the truth.

Zilton Capital Review

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Zilton Capital Review

Looking at their about us page; we can see a company which knows how to sell and market propaganda. They claim to provide the best Crypto Currency and binary options trading results. Where are these results? Why have they failed to post any meaningful results as proof of their success? Scam artists are known to use charming language to entice investors to sign up. Zilton Capital is no different as they are full of empty claims and promises. Want to find out some of the fake claims?

An investigation was underway after we received numerous email complaints from members. These are scathing emails which reveal how troubled clients are in regards to safety of funds. Members are not sure whether they will ever get their investment back after depositing a hefty sum. These scam artists made them believe the platform was legit and proved to be contrary. Anyone who wants to open an account should read this honest review and know more about ZiltonCapital.

About Zilton Capital

They claim to have a team of binary options and Crypto Currency traders as part of their staff. Why have they failed to mention names of these professionals? A real broker will post at least one name to show legitimacy. All Zilton Capital is doing is claiming to have a leading team of expert. There is no proof they have a single expert on them. A name would have made us search and verify. They don’t want investors to know the truth regarding this platform. Zilton Capital is another rotten online investment platform.

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They claim to have a team of experts and yet, they were established in 2017. Those are barely enough years to claim legitimacy. Anonymity is one dangerous partner which we don’t condone. These scam artists have used fake details to lure unsuspecting investors. Who is the CEO or CFO of this company? Why can’t we get the names of founding members? What about the team running this website, don’t they have actual names? They are hiding their true identity for a reason.

Is Zilton Capital licensed or regulated?

Looking at their legal page, they just throw in some contractual language to investors. Terms of services are what they have posted with no clear indication of their licensing. What we found to be questionable is lack of any information on their website. Why have they failed to post any details regarding license credentials? A true broker will post their licensing details for all to see. It ensures investors can take a look at the number and verify it with proper regulatory authorities.

What we uncovered in regards to their licensing is shocking to say the least. After we searched with known regulatory bodies, it seems Zilton Capital is BLACKLISTED. Yes, they have been blacklisted by the SEC. They claim to be located in New York which means they have to be a member of the National Futures Association. Sadly, they are not members and so, SEC decided to blacklist them. Dealing with blacklisted entities is throwing away funds to the wind.

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Features of Zilton Capital/ Advantages

How can there be an advantage of dealing with a broker who is clearly stealing from investors? We found no advantage associated with ZiltonCapital. Stay away from scam artists who are cloning websites to try and steal funds from unsuspecting investors. Zilton Capital is a scam platform which is pocketing from the misery of investors. Stay away from this broker as they will close their website after filling their pockets. They are simply a fake entity with no reputation.

Disadvantages of Zilton Capital

Accounts Options

Zilton Capital Account Types

Zilton Capital is furnishing users with five different account types to choose from. These account types are named Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and NFP. Have you noticed the insane minimum required deposit to start trading? For the most basic of account, traders have to deposit $1,000 to start trading. These are scam artists who are targeting a certain class of investors. Acceptable minimum requirement set by the industry is $250. These scam artists are defrauding investors.

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Depositing and withdrawal

What these scam artists have done is create an easy and fast way of depositing funds. Funding can be done using American Express, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Discover, Money Gram, Skrill, and others. A huge problem with account funding is when it comes to withdrawals. No member has been able to make withdrawals since depositing. And this makes trading with this platform an outright financial suicide mission. All funds deposited go into the pockets of these scam artists.

Fake Testimonials

Another perturbing issue we discovered while investigating this broker is the fake testimonials. As it turns out, these scam artists are using a fake testimony to try and rope in unsuspecting investors. Some of these testimonials are fake as they are simply words with no proof. These testimonials come from names such as John Cole, who claims the platform is life changing. Li Wun Zing claims to bless the day she found this platform.

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No Demo Account

Another problem with this platform is having no demo account. You would expect a broker to offer a demo account to newbie traders. A demo account gives users a chance to experience the trading platform first hand. Demo accounts are vital because they show users how a platform really works. Lack of a demo account means the broker is hiding something. For all we know, these scam artists don’t have a known trading platform. Yes, their trading platform is unknown.

Safety of funds NOT guaranteed by Zilton Capital

How can funds be safe from a broker who fails to have any meaningful proof of success? Did you know they don’t protect their website? How can funds be safe from with a broker who does not secure their website? Lack of proper security features is proof we are dealing with a scam outfit. Stay away from these scam artists or become their next victim.

Is Zilton Capital a scam?

After checking all facts presented, we are sure Zilton Capital is a scam. Stay away from this platform and warn your family and friends.


About Zilton Capital Crypto

Adding this broker to our scam blacklist will ensure our readers are safe. Make sure to mark all their emails as spam and ignore all promotional materials.

You can also opt to trade Forex with top rated Forex trading robots. Dealing with comfortable and user friendly trading robots gives you an edge in trading. What are you waiting for?

Wishing you a lucrative trading experience.

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One Reply to “Zilton Capital Review: Forex Scam”

  1. My painful experience with zilton capital.
    In January 2018 I was “friended” on Facebook by a tout posing as a cryptocurrency investor who put me in touch with his great trader “a good Christian lady on a mission to help others” who had made him lots of profits. I did not find this unusual as I was open about my interests in Christianity on my Facebook account. My new friend was eager to share her success as an investor broker in cryptocurrency and asked for a minimum $5000 investment with a promise of 50% monthly interest through Zilton Capital ( Zilton Capital deals in cryptocurrency and claims to have offices in New York and Singapore and is an affiliate of InterCapital SM Limited in Belize. In reality, Zilton Capital are simply criminals using the cover of imaginary companies and a website to lure deposits from the unwary. Zilton Capital also used a forged or fanciful certificate allegedly issued by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to establish credibility. The true ownership of the website is cloaked by a company called Privacy Protect, LLC of Burlington, Ma**achusetts, United States. By use of a false accounting showing profits, Zilton Capital defrauded all my life savings and borrowed money. Zilton Capital also stole funds from my brother and friends. When my account showed €300,000, I tried to withdraw funds. Zilton capital attempted to extort an $80,000 advance from me. When I refused to pay, my funds on deposit were blocked. I reported Zilton Capital to authorities in the United States and United Kingdom but neither jurisdiction opened a case.
    My lawyer, who is acting on behalf of larger group of crypto victims took my case and I strongly believe that works of devil will be destroyed soon and we will get a recompensation for all terrible harm caused by these heartless monsters.

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