Zoxtel Review: Evidence Crypto is a Scam

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Zoxtel Review: Evidence Crypto is a Scam

Cryptocurrency mining is hugely profitable, mainly when you invest with a legit mining service. But, when you make the mistake of investing with scam software like Zoxtel, you will make big a loss.

The features of indicates that the platform is a Ponzi scheme. The platform claims to be a cloud mining service. It promises its users vast returns.

There is no proof to show that the website is legit. However, there is evidence that this site is not to be trusted with investors’ funds. Zoxtel will only steal people’s funds by lying to them; they are a mining service.

Zoxtel review, Zoxtel Website

Zoxtel is another cryptocurrency mining scam that will be in the market, not for long. After scamming enough people and their trick is discovered, they will exit the market.

The platform domain name is Zoxtel domain was privately registered in December 2017.

We have made it our responsibility to expose fraudsters in the cryptocurrency market. The following review is to keep you on the toe and be cautious of Zoxtel crypto scamming platform. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of cryptocurrency investments and mining services that you can trust with your funds.

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Zoxtel Review

Zoxtel claims to be the most profitable automated digital currency mining service in the globe. First of all, this mining company is not close to being in the top 100 crypto mining services in the world.

Zoxtel claims to be carrying their operations oversee by a Company known as Zoxtel Inc. The Firm claims to offer investors a 100% ROI for a period of 3 to 5 months.

The minimal withdrawals you can make from Zoxtel service are 0.00005, 1000 Doge, 0.05 LTC, or 0.05 ETH.

The company supports four currencies, namely, Bitcoin, Ethereum Dogecoin, and Litecoin. The company has tried to scam users by displaying withdrawals on the platform.

What you will realize if you pay close attention is how their unveiled blockchain address feeds into each other. Probably this is the dummy transaction the company is displaying.

The claims that is a cryptocurrency cloud mining app remain a theory. The platform has not stated the cryptocurrency they mine or how they perform their mining activities.

If the platform carries out cryptocurrency mining, it will not shy off from letting its investors know what they are mining.

Who is behind the Zoxtel Company?

There is no available information on who is the founder of Zoxtel software. Whoever runs the operations of this platform remains anonymous. Tell us why you would opt to trust a total stranger with your precious funds?

The reason most of these Ponzi schemes don’t use their identity is when the times come to exit the market; nobody will go after them or trace them.

Zoxtel LLC does not exist anywhere in the market. There is no regulatory authority that has register the investment company in the world. It means it is an illegal company, and it is not permitted to carry out its investment activities.

Any legit mining services that make people fund need to be licensed by the relevant authorities. The company is not permitted to take any funds from investors.

If Zoxtel is a legit company and not a pyramid scheme, they would not hide their identity. Every founder of a successful mining service would want the public to know they are behind the vast returns which they are making.

The company will take your money, but it won’t be for investment purposes. will scam you then exit the market.

Affiliate Program

The referral program of this site has made it clear that this site is just another Ponzi scheme. The affiliate system is a method to drive traffic on any platform. But Zoxtel is using this model to exploit its users to bring more victims in their pyramid scheme.

For every new investor you bring into the platform, you will get a commission of 10% from their total deposit. Too good to be true? We thought so. These kinds of affiliates are too high to be offered by any legit investment company.

Let’s say invited colleague makes a deposit of $1000; you are supposed to receive $100. It doesn’t add up. It is only a pyramid scheme that will promise you these kinds of bonuses.

Zoxtel is placing the burden of getting new victims to their already existing customers. The platform has created the notion that ‘the more you bring, the more you earn.’

The ridiculous thing about all this is that there have been cases that even after brings referrals, the investors have not received the indicated bonus.

It can only prove one thing that is a rip off that is after money your and not interested in making you rich. Returns

The Zoxtel site promises its users vast profits. The investment company has assured its investors that they will make a profit of 120% for over 3 month’s duration.

Even their competitors are not offering their clients anything close to this. If any company discovers a trading activity generating this kind of return, they won’t share it with a member of the public. scam review, Zoxtel Website

There are numerous risks associated with digital currency mining. The fact that Zoxtel Investment Company does not state what amount of investors’ funds will be used to incur these charges raises red flags.

There are no guarantees when it comes to cryptocurrency investment. The claims of any investment company promising investors a huge return rate should be considered vague.

The question you should ask yourself is why the company would be so generous with their returns. They want to attract you into investing with them so they can steal your funds. Scam

Zoxtel has an in-built website but does not disclose ownership or verifiable information regarding their activities.

Having a domain that is privately registered and being an unverified Company raises red flags. There is no contact method which their investors can use to reach the support when they encounter challenges. company does not put the need of its customers first. Their alleged withdrawals and deposits are fake. They have not disclosed the mining hardware they use to carry out their mining activities.

According to SimilarWeb, 26% of Zoxtel traffic comes from the affiliate program. The traffic is derived from, which as infamous unethical traffic website.

All these key indicators show that the Zoxtel cloud mining Investment Company is a scam. We would recommend you stay away from this platform.

You should not invest more than you are willing to lose. It is a common term used by vicious mining scams. What you don’t know is you will lose all your invested funds.

The Final Verdict

Zoxtel is a scam platform that is out here to scam investors their money. The founders of this mining investment company haven’t even cared to tell traders which currency they are mining.

The company’s false claim that they focus on stability, the internal spending of the economy, and the usage of a redundant supply of power. The scam company investors will spontaneously be charged cloud power after registration and get a free bonus of 100 Ghs in return.

The company is a rip off that is after your funds. Do not trust this company since their sole purpose is to steal funds. Make use of more legit mining services investments.

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