Zylo Trade Limited Review: A Blunt Scam

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Zylo Trade Limited Review: A Blunt Scam

Zylo Trade Limited is flagged in the United Kingdom and British Columbia for illegally collecting funds from the public. The firm offers gold, forex, and cryptocurrency assets. There is generic text on the website explaining the trading history of these assets. They are using AI to generate more returns. 


Zylo Trade Limited Review, Zylo Trade Limited Company

The broker is targeting novice traders. You won’t find an expert trader wasting their time in a losing venture. The firm state it presents an opportunity for customers to earn daily returns without tiring themselves with the learning process. 

However, you should be careful when trading online. In every single genuine broker, there are ten Ponzi schemes. Understand that making money does not happen over time. It is a learning process that requires patience. Any platform promising quick cash is only going to rip you off. 

Zylo Trade Limited lacks transparency, integrity, and accountability. When the entity exits the market, you won’t be able to recover cash.  Invest in legitimate cryptocurrency companies that are reputable in the market. You can read customers’ testimonials to have a clear insight into what to expect. Review

Zylo Trade Limited claims it is a trustworthy and reputable enterprise for cryptos and forex trading, NFT, DeFi Protocols, Staking, and Gold trading. Their main goal is to help investors to achieve financial freedom by making money. 

The entity claims it has helped many people reach their goals. They work with an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled team. They aim to be the best in the financial market. However, the entity fails to credit the team. 

It does not disclose the qualification or names of these individuals. How else will you know your money is in safe hands? Transparency is key, especially with companies offering financial services. Zylo Trade Limited claims it has been in the industry since 2018. Sadly, this is another vague statement. 

The venture is lying about its history. The domain name registration shows this is a new company. They do not mention existing using a different name. If they lie about such minor details, what else can’t they hide? 

Trading Conditions and Accounts

Zylo Trade Limited brags about offering superior services. Using their experts, “they strategically allocate assets to earn profits by leveraging several initiatives for interactive profits.”The statement does not make sense since no available trading software or any solid trading technique is used. 

The company emphasizes how trading crypto and forex is profitable. They do not take the time to explain the volatile nature of the market. We are also unaware of the risk mitigation measures available. 

Additionally, the returns which Zylo Trade Limited advertises are unrealistic. The platform guarantees daily ROI of 1% to 4%. The more money you deposit, the greater your reward. Those with fixed deposit accounts can earn 8% daily profits. 

The shady firm is also targeting Muslim investors. It promises to adhere to Sharia law investment rules on its Sharia package. Therefore, clients can generate 0.9% to 4% profits. There are five trading accounts, but we don’t recommend a single of them. 

Zylo Trade Limited fails to discuss the trading conditions. It is hard to know the leverage, spread, and commission available. The entity will only violate your rights. Seek a better legitimate alternative that lets you know what you are signing up for. 

Zylo Trade Limited Withdrawal and Deposits 

The basic account accepts a minimum deposit of $20 to $4999. You will be receiving 1% ROI for 200 days. There is also a referral bonus of 7%. You will have received 300% ROI at the end of your investment. Newbies will see this as a lucrative opportunity. Unfortunately, this is a big red flag. 

Even the best-regulated investment companies do not promise fixed returns. The market is unpredictable. You either make profits or losses. Zylo Trade Limited is also trading binary. These assets have been blacklisted due to their highly risky nature. 

Investors usually determine if the price of a particular asset will decrease or increase. It becomes worst when dealing with offshore schemes. Even if you make the right prediction, the scheme will find a way to make you lose. 

Zylo Trade Limited fails to discuss the withdrawal requirement. Traders are currently unable to access their accounts. The website is down, and we doubt the scheme will return. Traders’ funds are trapped in the pockets of the fraudsters. 

Zylo Trade Limited Contact Details and Customer Support

Zylo Trade Limited claims to have offices in London, UK. They have a registration form from the house company. However, this does not prove this is where the venture is based. The registration form is cheap and easily accessible. 

There is a WhatsApp number and email address. The broker can call investors. However, your number is forwarded if you try to call them back. From the look of the website, this entity cannot afford to hire professional customer support. 

You will be dealing with their sales rep. Currently, it is impossible to reach Zylo Trade Limited. They are not responding to emails or WhatsApp messages. Venturing with legit companies grants you great customer support experience. Your issue is handled in a timely manner. 

Regulation status of Zylo Trade Limited

Zylo Trade Limited should have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to operate legally in the United Kingdom. We checked on the financial watchdog’s website, but there is no match. FCA requires brokers to deposit 730K EUR capital to acquire a license.

Additionally, the parent name company should be availed. Another requirement is for the firm to submit the financial officers’ and account managers’ names and qualifications. Regulated companies are transparent. In case there is any dispute between traders and the broker, the authority can intervene. 

Unfortunately, Zylo Trade Limited is an offshore platform. It operates anonymously. Venturing with them exposes you to severe risks. No authority oversees the daily transaction history of the broker. Therefore, the scheme can manipulate the market price by exploiting traders. 

The broker does not mention working with a top-tier 1 bank. Hence, account segregation is not available. Investors could lose more cash than what they deposited due to a lack of negative account balance protection. 

Furthermore, Zylo Trade Limited accepts British Columbia citizens without seeking a license from the local watchdog. The British Columbia Security Commission has warned residents against venturing with the scheme. This is the last nail in the coffin. Dealing with blacklisted firms is unwise and dangerous. 

Zylo Trade Limited False Testimonials 

There are alluring testimonials on Zylo Trade Limited website. These statements praise the company for being the best in the market. Investors allege they have earned huge profits. The broker has helped them grow and prosper in their life. Review, Fake Testimonials

Moreover, the firm does not require much from customers. All they need is for you to deposit cash, relax, and enjoy watching profits come your way. It is a sweet fantasy. There is also no single complaint. 

We decided to check out these individuals online only to realize Zylo Trade Limited uses stock images. These are not real customers. The Ponzi scheme has written these false testimonials to attract more audiences. It is a common trick. 

Legit brokers do not pull up such desperate moves. You can read their unbiased customer feedback on third-party websites. Additionally, you can request their audited trading results to make a sober call. 

Final Verdict

Zylo Trade Limited’s website is down. There are complaints from customers that lost money to the fraudsters. We have exhausted the many reasons to stay away from the company. 

Avoid being a victim of fraudsters by registering with regulated, reputable crypto companies. The safety of your money is their top-priority. 

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