Blue Trading Review: Could this be a Scam

Blue Trading Review: Could this be a Scam

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When you’re looking for a Forex fund management system that you can rely on to generate returns for your investment, you should consider things like proven track record, the team behind the fund, their experience, features of the platform as well as the nature of support which is being offered on their website. Blue Trading has touched on these areas very well. However, many investors are still skeptic that this Forex fund management company will end up taking lots of money from them only to return zero profit with no refund in the end. That is their biggest worry which is impeding them from getting started with the company in question.

This review will shade light and also eliminate those worries because they are unfounded. We want you to know that Blue Trading is one of the most reliable investment platforms on the internet. Both new and expert traders with no time to dedicate for trading can get started. But before that, we’d like to highlight some things. If you know what you are getting into, you will make an informed decision and it will help you avoid surprises later on.

Blue Trading Review

What exactly is Blue Trading? It’s a fund management company that was originally founded by someone called Richard Anderson back in 2012. Anderson is a developer and also creator of many different trading strategies. His Blue Trading company is just a wider and more publicised opportunity which he is offering to both individual and institutional investors alike. They are operating out of Japan, and have been registered with the Financial Commission. This fund is also a signatory with FX Global Code, and the Crypto Valley Switzerland Association. We believe that this is going to give them a leg up in terms of how they will build their reputation from now hence forth.

blue trading

What does this forex fund management company do?

The aim is to trade Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies while making sure that returns are big and risks are limited. The fund also tells us that their trading desk is not like any other because it is manned 24 hours a day by a team of professional traders who have 40 years of combined experience. They are currently making use of 10 trading strategies. However, the exact strategies have not been disclosed to investors.

On the same breath, when we go through their website, we find that this service is suggesting that the heart of their trading is in the technical analysis using price action and time of the day. The fund has also provided a couple of links back to their myfxbook account. We have been able to view statistics comprehensively and we have no doubt that Blue Trading is headed in the right direction as far as performance is concerned.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

We were able to analyze two of their trading accounts on myfxbook. These accounts are verified, and are tracking performance since 2016. One of the accounts seem to be taking a long term approach to trading as the average duration of a trade was 39 days. This suggests that Blue Trading is taking swing trades together with short term trades which last 3 hours maximum. This also suggests that there is a combination of trading strategies going on here.

In terms of long term trading, which is one strategy that Blue Trading is using, we can say that results have been impressive. We are very much excited by the fact that this account was able to secure consistent and steady gains over a long term period.

What are the fees and investments involved?

There are two types of accounts to invest in. So if you wish to invest, you will either choose a standard or a VIP account. A standard account requires a minimum investment of 3000 Euros while the VIP account package requires a minimum of 12,500 Euros. The standard account attracts a performance fee of 18% while the VIP one will attract 12%. What we mean here is that going for the VIP account is the best thing you can do because it saves you money in the long run. Moreover, VIP accounts come with a free 45 day trial where the fund will not charge any fee. Once that trial has elapsed, they will start to charge performance fees. All in all, we think this is quite fair.

All client accounts are segregated for that extra security. Blue Trading also says that they are relying on a number of liquidity providers to conduct their business. However, the exact liquidity providers have not been mention. So this area is quite unclear at the moment.


Blue Trading does not require you to trade because they managed accounts on your behalf. Once you sign up and meet the minimum deposit requirement, everything else will be handled for you. All in all, their platform is very accessible as the dashboard can be accessed using a desktop or a mobile device for that matter. You need this access when you want to see whatever their traders are doing with your money in the market. Every investor can access their dashboard as they wish.

What is more, the dashboard contains historic data showing profits and losses as well. Investors can watch all details that are related to all trades that were placed by this platform on their behalf. It is actually very easy and convenient. At the end of the day, investors make money without knowing how to pronounce the word ”Forex”.

Is this a safe place to invest in?

Based on the observations which we have made here, the answer could be a big Yes. It is a safe place to invest in. Blue Trading is a reliable and safe place to multiply your money from. They have a track record and have been operating business for a long time now. You have nothing to fear.

Our best advice for you

Our analysis tells us that this is one of the most interesting Crypto and Forex fund that is available to investors at this time. It is made up of a group of experienced and dedicated traders. Go for it.

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49 Replies to “Blue Trading Review: Could this be a Scam”

  1. Been using them for 2 months now, so far so good. Will keep updating as time goes by. If you’d like info, you can e-mail me at mitch*** dot pietersz @ gmail dot com and we can have a conversation, even skype if you’d like

      1. Nope, I don’t work for them at all. I just use them. The reason I’m so vocal about it, is that I WISH someone was this vocal about them when I was thinking of signing up. If you want to chat, you can e-mail me. Mitch*** dot Pietersz @ gmail dot com.

        You’ll see that I’ve no affiliation to them.

        1. hi, i want to invest with them , but afraid that they are not regulated company. i cant afford to loose my money. please guide me

            1. Good morning to you. I am a totally new investor to the scene of managed Forex crypto and other types of trading accounts. I wonder if blue trading is one of the safest and best places to invest my money in. Have you done your due diligence to make sure that blue trading is not a scam and will indeed honour what they said they will do? Which is fund safety and good returns rate on investment?is it also true that they are signatories and members of the various organisations like financial commision and Swiss crypto valley and others?

              1. Hi Samson,

                Thanks for your comment. Yes, I can confirm that Blue Trading is one of the best if not the best service out there when it comes to managed forex/crypto trading as i personally use their services. You won’t regret it when you invest with them for managed trading purposes as they will handle your funds with total care and inform you always about your account proceedings and also advice you on how best to make the most of their service. You don’t need to panic as to whether they are scam or not; they are totally legit and their managed service is almost risk-free and are our #1 recommended forex/crypto managed service! Yes, they are also members of Swiss crypto valley and various other financial organisations. Rest a**ured, in case you notice any scam/fraudulent or any other suspicious activity with Blue Trading, please let us know and we will gladly report them to the appropriate authorities and give them a “Scam Status” on Valforex in order to warn others. I hope you’ve found this message useful.


            2. H***o Val:
              understand that BT head office is in Tokyo. have anyone visit BT before? or if someone in BT that i can meet up with them? please help. thank you

            3. Hi Sam I was looking at this Blue Trading and found it interesting. Am trying to invest the standard deposit of 3000 euro. I realised their banking accounts are in two different countries. One address was mentioned in Germany and another one in Hongkong. I emailed them and they say this is to do with currency exchange variations or something like that. What do you thing is it a red flag or isit quite normal. Confused.

  2. I am a complete novice to this but I am interested in finding out more. Am I right by thinking that with their average monthly profit figures, if I deposit €3000, I will earn approx 19% profit (€570 per month)?? Do you know what are there fees and are there any hidden costs? Also, can you withdraw at any time? Thanks

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      Yes, you are absolutely correct. You will get that much profit in a month; however please note that you will have to pay their performance-based fee of about 18% per month on the profits you make with them. Aside from this, there are no hidden fees or any other charges. You can withdraw your funds/profits at anytime and they are usually processed within one business day.

        1. They charge 18% (for account deposits under 12K, and 12% (for account deposits over 12K). And that is just on the Net profit the account generates.

    1. Hi Sherina,
      I have opened two accounts with BT, one in my name and one in my daughters, so I get 50% of the performance fee from that. the profit % is accurate, in 36 trading days I have a 4300 euro profit on my 12500 investment on one account and the other is 1800 euro up after six days trading with a 12500 investment, hope this helps. George

  3. I have been invested in Blue Trading for a month and a half now and so far so good with 20% returns in a month. Although I did my due diligence prior to investing, I would advise for people who are skeptic to just withdraw their deposit amount once the account has doubled which should only take approx. 5 months which is what I will be doing. The best returns I have ever seen in regards to an investment. I have also referred a friend onto them using my referral link which is another great thing about Blue Trading as you get 50% of the performance that they would take on your friends account and split it 50/50 with you.

  4. Yes, they now have a debit card for account holders. Here are the details: “Access your Account Funds 24×7 with WIREX GLOBAL at Millions of Locations Worldwide.
    Available to all client account types as a standard withdrawal processed immediately. “

  5. I have been investing with Bluetrading for over 2 months now. Their profits are accurate. Customer service is great. I withdrew funds yesterday for the first time now and it was not an issue what’s so ever. Just play safe. Are they a scam? No one knows, but the truth is were they able to send me the funds as requested, absolutely.

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