Absolute Global Markets Review: Forex Scam

Absolute Global Markets Review: Forex Scam

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Absolute Global Markets ( is another rotten Crypto Currency and Forex scam to hit the lucrative trading world. AbsoluteGlobalMarkets is purporting to be a leading broker who offers assets to anyone willing to sign up. Investors should be wary of this platform as it is a cloned of AGMarkets. AGMarkets is complaining of a website which is using their name. Read this detailed ABSOLUTE GLOBAL MARKETS Review for more information.

Absolute Global Markets Review

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Absolute Global Markets Review

Apart from AGMarkets who are planning to sue this fake platform, members are outraged. For most, the fact that they can’t get access to their funds makes this a painful experience. Scam artists have cloned the website to fool investors into believing this is a true platform. To get to the bottom of things, we decided to investigate and find out the whole truth. Thanks to our years of investing and trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. Continue reading to find out more about this platform.

Absolute Global Markets is a platform which is planning to steal from any investor who deposits with them. We found a lot of red flags which we plan to reveal in this detailed review. AbsoluteGlobalMarkets is planning to get your funds by pretending to offer trading assets. This wouldn’t be the first time scam artists are stealing using the same old tactic. Get to know some of the dirty tricks used so that you can avoid trading with such lunatics. Absolute Global Markets is a scam, you have been warned.

About Absolute Global Markets

Not much is known about the actual base of operation with this platform. Every review out there will confess the same. Scam artists will use fake location and virtual phone numbers to fool investors. What we do know is these scam artists are planning to shut down their website once they get exposed. In most cases, scam artists shut down their platform once they get their fill or authorities start an investigation. To add salt to injury, we are sure this is probably another offshore based platform.

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Anonymity is a sign that we are dealing with a well-thought out scam. Absolute Global Markets is totally anonymous and makes us question their real intent. Anonymous websites are a no go zone for any investor looking to trade. Think of it this way, why has the platform failed to mention the actual founding members? Why can’t we get any names of people running the platform? Scam artists always make sure they leave their real names out of their shoddy platforms.

Is Absolute Global Markets licensed or registered?

Another red flag to expose is the fact that Absolute Global Markets is not licensed or registered. We checked with various regulatory bodies to try and confirm their licensing status. Some of the regulatory bodies we reached out to have planned to warn members of this platform. CONSOB is asking traders to be wary of Absolute Global Markets which is cloning AGMarkets. Other regulatory bodies have never licensed or registered this shameful scam platform. Stay away from it.

Why has the platform failed to post any credible document to prove their registration status? With a valid license number, it becomes possible for users to verify the details using official channels. Without a valid trading license, funds are never secure and investors can easily be scammed.

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Advantages of Absolute Global Markets

What seems to be a genuine site at first glance is a horrible platform to engage with. How can there be an advantage of dealing with a platform which is stealing from users? The intention of Absolute Global Markets is clear, to steal from users. Stay safe and ignore all their pleas to sign up with this ridiculous platform.

Disadvantages of Absolute Global Markets

Accounts offered

Absolute Global Markets Standard Account Types

Absolute Global Markets is furnishing users with six different account types to choose from. Accounts are listed as Easy, Trader, Pro Trader, Premium, Lux, and Royal. What we noticed weird with these account types is having the same features. Why would an investor deposit $100,000 and get the same features as one who deposits $5,000? It doesn’t make sense at all and we question the intent of this platform. Account managers are never available which another flaw with their accounts type.

Absolute Global Markets premium Account Types


Scam artists are posting huge bonuses percentages to lure investors to deposit more. For instance, if you deposit $100,000 with this platform, you are promised a 100% deposit bonus. Remember, once you deposit funds with this platform, it is the last you will see of it. Make sure to be careful with bonuses as authorities warn brokers from issuing any bonuses to investors.

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Trading platform

Although the website claims they are using MT4 trading platform, we have a few concerns. Absolute Global Markets is not fully secure as they fail to have ample security features. Lack of DDoS protection and SSL Encryption is a sign we are dealing with an unstable platform. Stability is important as it helps users stay safe and trade fast. Hackers can easily take over an unsecured platform and steal vital information. Your credit card and personal information is at risk with this platform.

Unresponsive Customer Support

With today’s level of technology, you would expect the platform to have a live chat support team. AbsoluteGlobalMarkets simply fails to offer users a quick way of communicating. Phone numbers listed are always busy and can keep users on hold for long. Email communication is one way and makes it possible for these scam artists to decide which one to respond to. A good example is when users ask how to deposit funds, email response is in minutes. Ask about withdrawal, and you will never get an answer.

Are funds safe with Absolute Global Markets?

Imagine deposing over $50,000 and never getting a response from this platform? Davis had deposited this amount hoping to make a killing with this platform. Absolute Global Markets is merging asserts in one account which is extremely risky.

Is Absolute Global Markets a scam?

Absolute Global Markets Trading Platform

Steer clear from signing up or end up becoming one of their victims. Mark their emails as spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Ignore all calls by their call agents to join any of their affiliate programs. Scams such as these pose a risk to investors especially when it comes to identity theft. .

Bottom line

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist to protect our readers.

Another proven alternative is having proven Forex trading robots. Make sure to sign up with Forex trading robots which are genuine and transparent.

Wishing you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

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8 Replies to “Absolute Global Markets Review: Forex Scam”

  1. Habe € 250 angelegt um zu testen. Konto wurde doppelt belastet. Nachdem ich abgelehnt hatte weitere € 10000.– zu investieren wurde ich übelst bechimpft. ( werde Dich f*ck*n ) Habe daraufhin aufgelegt.
    ACHTUNG : HÄNDE weg riecht nach Betrug

  2. AGmarkets bitte la**t die Finger davon , wurde Übels abgezockt.
    Werde seit Wochen belästigt. Zum Glück nur250€ angelegt. Habe angeblich Tausende verdient , jedoch schaffen sie nicht 250 €auszuzahlen. WARNUNG

  3. Hallo ich habe bei AGmarkets ein Konto eröffnet und es gibt keine Möglichkeit es zu löschen ich bekomme pro Tag 3-6 Anrufe das ich was einzahlen soll oder das Konto löschen was aber nicht geht. Ich bin dankbar für jeden tipp wie ich das Konto löschen kann das die Anrufe aufhören

  4. Habe bei AGM nur € 500,- investiert, wurde aufgefordert, € 17000,- für 24 Std. zu überweisen, um meine Bonität nachzuweisen. AGM weigert sich, den Betrag auszuzahlen. BETRUG!!!

  5. Hab 230 investiert. Zusammen mit über5000€ gewinnt. Zum auszahlen wurde mehre Gründe nicht ging. Broker verzögert und lenkt immer ab da** Auszahlungen nur 50€ .mein Meinung BETRUG. Bitte anzeigen.

  6. Habe 250 investiert konto lief anfangs normal dann kam eine abrupte Erhöhung auf über 4000 euro diese wurden dann in Bitcoins angelegt uns siehe da hattw ich über 8480 euro dann wurde ich gebeten 848 zu überweisen zwecks Liquiditaetsnachweis dies tat ich von meinem Girokonto dann sollten mir gewünschte 6500 ausgezahlt werden ich wartete 3 Wochen nix pa**ierte dann wurde ich kontaktiert und man teilte mir mit da** ich haette 2x 848 überweisen müsste in der Hoffnung da** das stimme überwies ich abermals dann kam es da** ich ein Bitstampkonto eröffnen sollte dies wurde gemacht und meine Einzahlung plus 10 % Gesamtguthaben landeten auf diesem Konto somi dachte ich ok jetzt wird dein Geld ausgezahlt nix pa**ierte dann versuchte ich meine Traderin anzuschreiben gensu wie die anderen Kontaktpersonen aber niemand ist mehr zu erreichen eigenartigerweise die mailadresse über die ich alles eingegeben hatte ist nicht mehr vorhanden meine Konraktpersonen waren Mandy Bork, Claudia Perez ,Kati Gruber ,Sarah Miller

    Auch von mir bitte anzeigen BETRUG

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