Alaska Capitals Review: Forex Scam

Alaska Capitals Review: Forex Scam

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Alaska Capitals ( is a brutal CFDs and Forex brokerage firm trying to trap as many investors as possible. AlaskaCapitals is purporting to be a pro broker which is far from the truth. With fake registration claims, this broker needs to be exposed for the rot they are. After receiving a few emails from members who lost in a weird manner, we decided to investigate. Read ALASKA CAPITALS full review.

Alaska Capitals Review

Alaska Capital Review:

What kind of a broker refuses members to withdraw their own funds? Only scam brokers who are planning to steal funds form users do this kind of trading activities. And these brokers should be stopped and exposed at once. Alaska Capitals is simply filling their pockets with funds deposited by unsuspecting investors. With this type of broker, tarnishing the good Forex name is easier for them. And this is why we have to protect the Forex trading market from rogue brokers.

After landing on their homepage, it’s clear why this broker is signing so many unsuspecting investors. What professional scam artists do is create a website which looks real. Their intention is to confuse investors into signing up with their platforms. And this is what makes most newbie traders lose money. They don’t have a clue their broker is nothing but a scam platform meant to steal funds. And this makes platforms such as AlaskaCapitals thrive from stealing funds.

About Alaska Capitals

Alaska Capitals Ltd is the mother company which is behind this brokerage firm. According to the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, this company is registered in the UK. Scam artists will do or say anything to make their platforms appear legit and real. Stay clear from this broker as we are about to reveal some damning facts regarding their website. Their mother company is not registered in the UK. Anyone can prove this by visiting the registrar of companies to verify.

Who are the real owners of this platform? Why haven’t we been given the names of the founding members? It’s because the owners don’t want to bring attention to their doors. Owners of this platform know they are operating a fraudulent scam platform. Any unwanted attention is uncalled for especially from authorities and victims. Make sure to stay away from this broker and any other who share the same characteristics.

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Is Alaska Capitals Licensed or Registered?

Another disturbing fact with this broker is lack of proper registration or regulation. Footer of their homepage claims the FSA has registered this broker. They even give a licensing number to try and show legitimacy. Folks, the FSA in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have no power to register brokers. They simply register banks and other financial institutions but not Forex brokers. And this makes their licensing number a total hoax. These are truly professional scam artists.

Where are their certificates to prove licensing? A real broker will have copies of their certification and not just a licensing number. These brokers are using a license number which is random and holds no legal bearing. As we said earlier, scammers will do or say anything to trap victims.  With valid registration which coincides with regulators homepage. Make sure to verify licensing claims by any online investment platform.

Demo Account

Another factor which is shocking when it comes to Alaska Capitals is their demo account. How can they rig their own demo account and for what purpose? After signing up with their demo account, members get high and insane profit margins. Their demo account will always produce winning trades matching over 99%. And this is never going to happen in the real trading world. No Forex broker or Forex trading tool can reach such high accuracy levels. Why is this impossible?

Just like all financial markets, prices are volatile and change without issuing a warning. Making over 90% successful trades is nearly impossible, let alone over 95%. These scam artists have rigged their own demo account to entice investors. Remember, a demo account uses virtual money which is not real. Investors are led to believe they can mirror the same results with a real account. And this is when they open a real account and deposit their own funds. After making deposits, this is where investors lose their real money to these scam artists.

Alaska Capitals Broker Review

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Account Types

Alaska Capitals is offering five different account types to choose from. These account types are VIP, Elite, Standard, ECN, and ECN Plus. Minimum trading requirement starts at $50, $100, $5,000, $25,000, and $50,000 for VIP clients. What we found odd with these accounts is how similar they are to each other. There’s no notable difference which makes us question the intentions of Alaska Capitals. Why would anyone deposit over $50,000 and get the same perks as users who deposit $500?

Trading Platform

With MT4 being their preferred tool of trade, we had to test it and check its compatibility. As we expected, their platform could not be installed on our mobile devices. Set up did not complete which brought up the issue of safety. Any unstable platform is bad news for any investor. Unstable platforms leave users vulnerable to Cyber-attacks. Hackers will gain access to unstable platforms and steal personal files. In most cases, hackers go for Credit card details as well as identity documents. Stay clear of any platform which is unstable at the very least.

How secure are funds with Alaska Capitals?

Alaska Capitals is not going to safeguard any deposits made by investors. What we noticed is this broker is pooling funds in one single account. Users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account. Closing the platform when their pockets are filled with your funds is what ALASKA CAPITALS is after.

Segregation of accounts is not followed by Alaska Capitals. And this is a major problem as losing funds becomes a real problem when bankruptcy sets in. To add salt to injury, this broker does not cover funds deposited by members. Any compensation claims should be out of the picture. Stay away from this broker as they don’t follow set industry rules and regulations. For a full and secure trading experience, always go for credible and dependable Forex brokers. With proven skills and unmatched professionalism, industry top recommended brokers are the right fit.

Is Alaska Capitals a Scam?

With all the evidence we have produced, Alaska Capitals is a scam which must be exposed. Makes sure to stay clear of this broker and resists all calls to sign up. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by them. Ignore all and any promotional materials sent by their marketing team. Warn your acquaintances from signing up with this and any other rogue broker who shares similar characteristics.


Alaska Capitals Forex Review

No investor should sign up with this broker. We don’t recommend any investor to sign up with an offshore broker. Stay away from this broker and ignore all pleas to sign up.

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your future trading experience.

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