Elite Fin FX Review: Filthy Forex Broker Scam Exhibited

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Elite Fin FX Review: Filthy Forex Broker Scam Exhibited

Elite Fin FX ( is a brutal Forex scam broker that’s stealing millions from users. What these scammers are doing is unlawful and shameful. This needs to stop now and if you wanted to sign up with EliteFinFX, read this review. Complaints have been sent to us by members who’ve lost with EliteFin FX. Hence, we needed to conduct a thorough investigation. Read this unbiased review and get the truth.

Elite Fin FX Review

Elite Fin FX Review:

This industry is filled with Scammers who are everywhere, the Forex industry has not been spared by these fraudsters. What seems to be a legit broker turns out to be scam of the year. These scammers have perfected the art of taking advantage of people’s needs. Everyone wants to make quick and easy money, that’s what scammers take advantage of. Scammers know you need to make money fast hence, create an impression they can do it for you.

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One of the visible tricks they use is create an eye-catching website such as Once they create a user-friendly website, all you have to do is sign up. Let’s give it to Elite Fin FX scammers for a well created website. Aside from that, you will also be treated with over the moon promises. These promises include a welcome bonus and having a proper business partner for success.

Who Owns Elite Fin FX?

This is the first red flag we noticed with Elite Fin FX. When it comes to the ownership of this Forex scam, there are sketchy details. Disclaimer at the bottom of the page says that this platform is owned by Elite Finance Forex Limited. Sadly, our investigations could not reveal or validate this claim. What we do know is that there’s no company that is registered under that name. Read this entire review to find out why.

Anonymity is key to any scammer’s success. That’s why the real owners of this platform hide behind the fake company name. Reason why they don’t want to be recognized is simple, they don’t want attention from relevant authorities. A backlash from victims and finance fraud authorities is what these scammers are afraid of. That’s why its best to stay clear from Elite Fin Fx.

Is Elite Fin FX Registered?

Elite Fin FX Scam

Disclaimer at the bottom of the page claims that this website is endorsed by the SEC. What we did was contact the SEC to find out the truth. The SEC do not have a record of ever registering Elite Fin Fx. This clearly shows that we are dealing with a scam broker who is lying about registration. What else could Elite Fin FX be lying about? Find out all the dirty tricks that we uncovered.

Our investigation led us to contact the FCA to find out whether this broker was registered with them. FCA denied any claims of ever registering Elite Fin FX. This means that EliteFinFX is not licensed and not therefore authorized to conduct any Forex transactions. Worse is still to come, Elite Fin FX is probably an offshore brokerage firm. Offshore brokerage firm are notorious for flaunting rules and regulations.

Fake Welcome Bonus.

$20 is the welcome bonus fee that can be easily seen advertised. Note that all regulatory bodies are against issuance of bonuses. Note that bonuses are illegal in Forex trading since they are used against investors. Brokers such as Elite Fin FX will never allow you to make withdrawals.

That begs the question, why issue bonuses in the first place? It seems that these scammers are using bonus claims to get as many people to sign up. Don’t fall for this trap as it will later cost you a whole lot more. Note that as of today, no member has been able to withdraw money with Elite Fin FX. This is why we are totally against any investor signing up with this brokerage firm, it’s a sham.

Fake Client Testimonials.

Another red flag we noticed with Elite Fin FX is their client testimonials section. One can easily see that these are pictures of random people. Difference is that they have inserted the YouTube logo to make it look like a link video. Sadly, when you click to these testimonials, link page does not open. This tells us that we are dealing with a professional scam outfit. Only professional scammers can come up with such a lie.

What these testimonials are for is to make the platform appear legit and in mint condition. These testimonials are nothing but photo shopped images. There’s no way we can determine what these people claim. None of the links work and this is where we catch this scam broker. These scammers thought that we could ignore looking at the testimonials and believe them with our eyes closed.

Fake Platform.

Elite Fin FX Fake Review

Another big scandal with Elite Fin FX is their fake platform that doesn’t work. According to their homepage, they claim to have the most powerful platforms. Elite Fin FX is using a MT5 trading platform. Being Forex investors, we had to check and test whether this platform is as powerful as they claim. Sadly, these scammers are promising users heaven but delivering hell on members.

What we did was try whether this platform would work on various devices. Devices such as desktop, mobile and tablet. Download would not complete as it stalled at 88%. This is clear evidence that we are dealing with an unstable platform. Unstable platforms are gateways to online card theft. Hackers will easily take over such a platform and take credit card information with ease. Stay away from EliteFinFX.

Is Elite Fin FX a Scam?

Elite Fin FX is definitely a scam that has robbed thousands of users. If you’re thinking of signing up with this platform stop immediately. Make sure you ignore all promotional materials from EliteFinFX especially from their email marketing team. Mark all their emails as Spam and ensure you don’t click to any link.

Elite Fin FX Final Verdict.

Elite Fin FX Scam Review

Evidence produced is enough to blacklist EliteFinFX as a Ruthless and Shameful scam. From the level of anonymity to lack of proper regulation, there’s no way EliteFinFX is not a scam. Make sure you always sign up with recommended and industry backed Forex brokers. Stay safe while trading Forex.

5 Replies to “Elite Fin FX Review: Filthy Forex Broker Scam Exhibited”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. Saya hampir tertipu dengan Elitefinfx. Setelah mengamati akun yang digunakan, ternyata setiap transaksi yang terbuka tidak transparan, ada penundaan, tiba-tiba muncul seserahan transaksi yang sudah untung. Contoh, sebuah transaksi yang sudah untung baru kelihatan saat ini, pada dari history transaksi sudah terbuka beberapa menit sebelum nya.artinya tidak transparan. Saya juga bisa menipu dengan cara seperti ini. Bagaimana caranya? Mudah, silakan buka sell dan buy bersamaan dalam waktu yang sama juga dengan menggunakan logo yang sama. Biarkan beberapa menit, lalu hapus transaksi yang los, dan biarkan transaksi yang untung, lalu aktifkan video rekam layar, lalu tutup satu persatu transaksi yang untung, terakhir publikasikan video tersebut. Ini sangat menarik bagi pemula yang belum mengerti forex. Tetapi semua itu bisa dilakukan menggunakan Broker pribadi. Sekian

  3. I invested with EliteFinFX about 9 months ago.
    In that time frame, I had cause to contact support on a couple of occasions. Most recently, it will be two weeks this Wednesday with this being Monday that I contacted them with a simple request. No response!
    They tout they pay out 15% per month. That is a total bogus claim! If they are paying 1% per month, you’re lucky!
    They are transitioning over to a new way of doing business. Instead of paying out via bitcoin as before, they have invoked their own cryptocurrency. RED FLAG! This will help delay paying out cash because all of their payouts will be in their cryptocurrency. And you can’t trade it anywhere!
    I requested to withdraw my money and close my account. Surprise! No response.
    Please, please, please…..DO NOT INVEST in this scam. They are not licensed as a financial institution. BIG RED FLAG!
    They are desperate for new investors to keep their ponzi scheme going.
    Just beware of this scam! Find something more creditable to invest in.

  4. ACTIVE INVESTMENT IS EXPIRED AND WHEN ACTIVE INVESTMENT IS RELEASED IN E5919350 AND my 70 usd investment already 220 days HAS GONE and my daily earning also has been stop in E5919350 and [Link removed]
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  5. Invertí 80$ y adiós dinero. Luego sacaron EliteFin2.0 y la creacion de una criptomoneda. La misma estafa con otra url y otros metodos.

  6. J’avais investi $1300 dans EliteFinFx et pas de retrait, pas de réponse aux mails et donc pas d’Admin= argent perdu

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