Ember Fund Review: is Ember Fund a Scam?

Ember Fund Review: is Ember Fund a Scam?

Ember Fund is a platform that aims to make profits for investors in crypto investment. The primary mission that they have is to transform the investment products people have access to and is why they resulted in cryptocurrencies investment.

The company claims to be a team of hackers, and product people, and also technologists want to help people earn wealth. In the about us part, they claim to love what they do and are deeply dedicated to helping the world in creating a fantastic company.

However, the company seems to be a new investment firm and urges investors who are interested in working with them are allowed to join. The company is looking for entrepreneurs, and rule-breakers want to change the world can reach the company via email [email protected].

However, investing in such an investment firm may not turn out well since you’re breaking the law, and you may end up facing criminal charges. Investors are introduced to the platform by Alex Wang, who is the co-founder and sees you off the Investment firm.

The CEO claims to have previously worked as a product manager at an AI company. He boasts of having extensive experience in building scale in consumer technology companies and graduated in the University of California.

However, do not be so quick to fall for this information because scammers use stock images, and similar traits are visible in this platform. You’re only provided with the name and allegations of graduation and working for well-known platforms, but without visual evidence, the statement is not valid.

Furthermore, any investor with experience in the trading world will realize the market is this company exposes and avoid the platform at all costs. The company uses several stock images of the alleged founders and co-founders but do not fall for this information yet.

Ember Fund Review, Platform

This is because as you read this review further, we exposed some of the red flags exposed and why you should not trust this platform with your funds and expect returns.

However, if you’re looking to make a profit, you should invest with legit tried-and-tested cryptocurrency trading software to earn reasonable investment returns. Review fails to provide the relevant information regarding the operations in the sales pitch is poorly presented, showcasing multiple red flags. The company provides cryptocurrency fund management technology the algorithm used by this software is unknown.

Investors can access the software via telephone application, and they claim to be the first to allow investors to buy into the manage cryptocurrency without even holding user assets.

Ember Fund uses a cutting-edge wallet technology which is powered by Airbitz/Edge, which is a paradigm security platform. The Edge SDK was formed in 2014, and they boast of being the most advanced non-custom-record that keeps the Crypto assets safe and secure.

The company allows you to deposit just a few taps. The company is also able to connect with your preferred bank account, or you can choose to deposit from an external wall outlet or Coinbase.

Customers can take full control of the asset at any given time you choose to, and you do not have to trust any third parties involved. The company also does not have any frozen accounts and is impossible to hack.

The company guarantees incorruptible blockchain and that every transaction is done in a chain and you can be able to monitor every trade. You are also entitled to investments that do not cost much, and you can liquidate a portfolio within just a single tap.

The company analyses up to eight different exchanges, and they guarantee the best rates on every trade. The company beats all the competition in the market, and you’re guaranteed a 1% save on all the trades.

Funds Safety

This investment firm does not guarantee the safety of your funds despite their security claims, and you risk making losses. There is no positive feedback regarding the Investment firm, and you are not sure that any customers are making a profit through these strategies.

No banking data s available hence your funds may end up in the wrong hands. You’re not provided with a trial period to test the credibility of the software. Furthermore, you should be able to see past activities for a couple of months before investing in a single coin in any investment firm.

Scam or Legit

Ember Fund does not provide any evidence of experience the founders hold, and the kind of strategies they use in generating the said profits is unknown. The customers can also be able to create custom portfolios, and leverage is guaranteed on a smart order routing system to reach up to eight exchanges.

The company also boasts of providing the best rates and relevance for your whole portfolio within just one tap of a button. The company may seem tempting; however, do not fall for this allegation simply because Ember Fund has portrayed no transparency.

Transparency is vital in every legit investment company. You should be able to verify the details provided before investing your money. The company seems to be mainly focused on your funds, and such-like Investment may even end up blocking your details from accessing their services.

Ember Fund has joined hands with cryptocurrency veterans who help in constructing the companies funds. However, no names have been mentioned of the veterans, and this is a significant red flag that is easily visible.

The platform accepts different coins such as; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Lite Coin, among others. However, the company showcases very many red flags, and you risk dealing with scammers; hence you should invest with legit crypto trading platforms.

Regulation and Customer Support

Ember Fund does not provide any regulatory information, and you risk trusting anonymous people to make profits for you. Different countries of a set of various laws to protect the citizens from scammers’ names. Some made it mandatory to provide regulated services.

Unregulated companies do not last for long in the market, and the safety of your funds is not guaranteed. The platform owners also risk facing criminal prosecution, and if at all, they hold any regulatory data, it will be wise to provide.

The company claims to be situated in  Playa, Vista, CA, that it’s right at the heart of silicon beach and address provided East Los Angeles, CA, 90045 6060 Center Drive Floor 10. However, during our research in writing this unbiased review, this address is made up to seem legit.

Investors have to fill out the section with the email and the message and hope for a reply. Moreover, legit investment firms always provide operational contract support, and you can easily reach out to them.

Final Verdict

The company uses stock images; this is because none of the users exists anywhere on the internet, and the information is made up to seem legit. The company also exposes several scam characteristics, and they fail to provide enough info operations of the software.

Furthermore, you should invest with transparent cryptocurrency investment firms that will indeed generate profits and lower the risks you encounter while trading. The sales page is poorly presented, on much relevant information is missing.

5 Replies to “Ember Fund Review: is Ember Fund a Scam?”

  1. I made a mistake to invest in Ember funds and now I deeply regret it I try to withdraw but I cannot I told them I accept the loss at 10% and I don’t want to waste any more time and money with them. Surprise when I press the button sell portfolio it says that I don’t satisfy the minimum withdrawal conditions and ask to add more funds. Doesn’t have no sense if you want to get your money back still need to deposit more money? At this stage I realise what big mistake I did so as the other one Btcbankhub who stole my money too by crushing the app after 3 days I deposited these guy probably would do the same they will wait to accumulate enough and they’ll dissappear I won’t ever see my money back I was mining hard these money now I have to start again. Is full of sharks here who are after your crypto that you achieved with so much efforts and they just simply stealing from you. We need an antifraud regulation against crypto fraudsters including these ones among Btcbankhub and Ember funds.

    1. You are wrong.
      Emberfund have no fault.
      They aim to meet the minimum requirements for initial investments.
      All transactions go through exchanges and are recorded in blockchains. Emberfund have contracts with large exchanges and are automatically looking for the best prices.
      Exchanges have requirements for minimum quantities.
      The funds are yours.
      Once the price of the assets you have selected increases and the minimum requirements of the exchanges are met, you will receive your money.
      If you are in a hurry – put more money – and you will be able to download them …
      The funds are for long-term purposes and not for daily trading.

  2. Ember fund customer here. Ember Fund is a legit company, did my own diligence. For those who don’t have the time to daily monitor they crypto holdings, Ember is a great choice. (P.s. I have a graduate degree in Finance)

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