GDM Finance SARL Review: Investment Scam at

GDM Finance SARL Review: Investment Scam at

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Welcome to the GDM Finance SARL review. In this post, we will be highlight some problems that we found on this website. If ignored, these problems will create consequences which can see you losing your investment because GDM Finance is a shady investment operation.

GDM Finance SARL is a company that is allegedly focused on asset management, investment consultations and taxation issues. That means GDM Finance is providing investment advice and services as well. That also means that this website and its activities need to be regulated by a financial regulatory body. This is the only way it can operate within the confines of the law.

So we will look at their regulatory information just to see whether they meet theses requirements as well. The company claims to be based out of Geneva, Switzerland. The company also claims that they can achieve an average return of more than 20% a year. However, somehow this company looks shady, and our instincts tell us that no serious investor should do business with this company. We will tell you why in the subsequent paragraphs. But if you want to get started with trading right away, don’t be afraid to explore what we have for you here

GDM Finance review

Believe it or not, we have thoroughly researched this investment entity and discovered that it is a scam. There are many problems indeed. If they claim to be based out of Switzerland, they need an investment license from the financial regulators in Switzerland. The national financial regulator of this country is called FINMA. At the very least, we expected to see GDM Finance telling us that they are holding a FINMA license which authorizes them to continue providing financial services to members of the public. The problem is that this entity does not have one and yet they insist on providing investment advice and services.

This leads us to asking what their motive really is. You see, any entity that claims to prove investment advice and services must adhere to the financial regulator’s requirements which basically fight for the rights of the consumer. If a company or entity is clearly defying these rules and operating without a license, rest assured that the company is not having good intentions.

The people behind GDM Finance SARL

When we investigated the details of ownership of this site, we found out that the site is owned and operated by  Antonius Kristanto from Indonesia and another person by the name Jonathan Curci. The reason why GDM Finance SARL is quite shady is because it does not mention these names anywhere on their site. We find it even weird that the site is citing Joe Almond as chief investment officer with the executive officer being someone by the name David Kane.

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This information can readily be found on the Swiss register. So it is not hard to confirm the lies that this site is telling us. The question is why they would want to lie to us if they are sure that they are providing legit investment services and advice. It simply means that GDM Finance SARL is a shady investment entity and chances are that anyone who sends their funds to this company will lose it. There is no doubt about this.

The other issue that we have against GDM Finance SARL is that the people they claim to be heading their operations are anonymous. That is, their details cannot be found anywhere on the internet and yet they claim to have worked with big financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lychn, Barclays and Credit Suisse. Surely anyone who has worked for these organizations and is now owning a company should show up on Google when you type their name. It is not making any sense to think that these people can be anonymous when they have such a professional profile.

GDM Finance SARL

It therefore appears that Joe Almond and David Kane are fictitious characters which were used to hide the real owners of the site. It is quite sad that this is the case. And the motive should be very obvious. They want to steal from us.

Even if you want to contact these crooks, it can be very hard to do so since they do not even have a phone number. Which investment company does not have a phone number on their sales page? It is rather weird. What they are providing us with is nothing more than an address and of course not revealing or discussing regulatory information which is very essential to this service.

Is GDM Finance SARL a scam?

There is a lot of deception going on in this website, and we already feel that we cannot trust these people at all. If they can lie about ownership details and fail to provide us with regulatory info, then it only means that we are dealing with a scam.

An investment scam is not difficult to detect since they all have the same characteristics. You will have a sense of insecurity the moment you come across one of these.

Secondly, if you want to be certain that GDM Finance SARL is a scam, just consider the style of their presentation. The content is vague and does not clearly explain what this company has achieved and intends to achieve. The use of such generic statements mean that a site clearly lacks a concrete sense of direction and goal. They are here today for a short time, and that’s to scam as many people as possible before they can go under.

So yes, GDM Finance SARL is a scam based on our observations.

Our best advice for you

You must avoid investment scams at all cost. GDM Finance SARL is a typical fraud because they are not even upfront with the most crucial details that an investor would need before opting to use their service. Besides, not so much is known about the people who are purported to be the owners. Instead of wasting your time, invest in these real Forex trading resources. 

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  1. Every business has their own strategy. I am more on the real income. Not on the membership of a company to an organization or red tape governing bodies. In the first place, GDM Finance is there operating for 8 years now. Your review just came up this October 2018. Let’s just enjoy doing business.

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