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Icomtech is marketing itself as the best blockchain investment company in the industry. They additionally state that they will support your digital currency in Optima, safe and straightforward methods.

The company has many packages, and they boast they want to transform the economic status of their customers to do trading and mining and trading of digital currency.

In addition to this Icomtech also claims that they want to transform the financial freedom of their clients by giving daily payments, fast disbursement of funds, numerous incentive bonuses and binary payments.

The company allegedly enables traders to use the popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry like Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex,Coinbase and Poloniex. Now you can trade numerous digital asset expertise company web pages these include; Cardano, Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

The company is also focused on disseminating information regarding decentralization technology that is being used in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. However, we do not have confidence in this investment entity.

The leadership team, which includes the top executives and directors is not availed to investors. The first thing they need to do before convincing us that they are involved in crypto mining or trading we need to see the people responsible for their success.

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It helps to build trust when there is credibility, especially when an investment platform showcases its customers their team of experts. The company is only accepting cryptocurrency as the only mode of payment. Hence being a transparency firm is negotiable; they need to give us something to win the favor of investors.

Crypto payment is another method that is utilized by a Ponzi scheme. Taking payment only via crypto will ensure they remain anonymous and the victim cannot reverse the funds or trace them.

At this stage, no one would judge you if you terminate this company as a scam considering they are following the pattern of numerous pyramid schemes. It is highly likely this is a dubious platform that targets to steal your digital assets.

If you want to invest in the crypto world you should do it use incredible mining firms that will not compromise your funds. Avoid losing your money in the hands of pyramid scheme who hide under various services.

Icomtech Review

Apart from the owner of the company not being known, a suspicious platform has six investment plans that you will realize they have returns that are mind-blowing. Sadly, you will never attain anything close to this. These are ridiculous promises that can only be made by Ponzi scheme.

The platform is giving you unique numbers when you invest or choose any of their investment packages. The number range from 150 to 2500 on the highest tie. Additionally all the packages have 20% bonus and a binary bonus which ranges from 16% to 21%. The daily returns that Icomtech promise uses is 2.8%. Review, Platform

The statistic that they display does not create confidence. You need to know that the nature of the market keeps changing, and mining is not as profitable as it used to be few years ago.

They are offering three different bonuses, which in addition is supposed to represent your total earning in just one day. When you do your research, you will realize the figures are out and way too far from the average market speculation.

Moreover, there’s no proof of payment or traders who have shown have provided information that shows they have received these profits. The reason as to why we are categorizing Icomtech as a Ponzi scheme is because of the bonuses that they project which are too high.

If you use logic and common sense, you will see that they don’t go into details regarding where all their profits come from. The only way they are getting income is through the deposit that you are making.

The company is only good with words, and we can give their marketing team a score considering that they only bluff but when it’s come to showing tangible evidence, I don’t give any.

How Does Icomtech Work?

This is the mother of all scam in the world. Since August 2018, they do not avail any performance report that can show their success rate. They are only bragging about being the best yet they don’t give us anything in return to prove this allegation.

The registrant of this platform seems to be from Panama but the company is located somewhere in Mexico. Considering that they cannot discuss the leadership team we should have cold feet, giving them the benefit of the doubt. Icomtech does not deserve to be trusted by any investor

The company claimed to be involved in mining activities; they do not show their mining farm location in all countries that have their data centers. Cryptocurrency involves numerous risks and how Icomtech plans to eliminate them so that they can earn these high profits remain unsolved.

Some of their pages are not being translated and you might sign up for something that you’re not familiar or aware. The legit investment company will offer you security of funds and your personal information something you are not sure you will get in Icomtech.

Unless they have a trading software which we do not see it mentioned, there’s no possible way they can make the profit they are projecting. They do not have a lot of traffic coming into their system is Alexa rank thumbs up 2229095.

Keeping in mind, they don’t have a reputation for good customer feedback to be best if you are looking for other investment opportunities. The FAQ page is vague as it does not answer any question and it is just another cyberspace wasted.

Contact Information and Regulation

Icomtech has no method of contacting them. They do not even have a contact form, email address auto telephone number that you can reach the admin of the website. It is a red flag because the owner does not want to be disturbed by the people he manages to scam.

At the website footer, there is a location that they have displayed there, Av.Guadalupe 5099, Jardines Guadalupe, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, C.P. 45030. We take that peace is the location of the platform. A major problem that we have with this entity is that they do not disclose their owner to the public. Anonymity is one of the key elements that sell out a Ponzi scheme.

Once you trust them with your funds, the fraudsters will be done with you. They do not need you anymore. The platform is unprofessional and does not have ethical means to protect its users.

When you check their regulation status, he realizes that this is offshore company that is not regulated or being monitored by any corporate. They may go against the law whenever they please without minding their customers. A company like this will impose hefty charges and have hidden fees that will never understand where they are coming from.

Final verdict

Icomtech is operating in an unknown method and there’s no evidence of them participating in crypto mining or crypto trading activities. The company is targeting novice customers who do not know how the market operates.

The returns they paint their web-page with is ridiculous and no legit company will make such promises. to avoid all this and sure you stick to reputable crypto trading bots that will help you yield reasonable benefits.

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29 Replies to “ Review: Is icomtech a Scam?”

  1. I read your whole summary about Icomtech. I don’t know where you heard that this is a so called Ponzi scheme, I’ve invested and made money from it started in February aside from my job I’ve made about 5K with Icomtech. But we are all in power of our own point of you which I completely understand yours. Just wanted to give you a second view of Icomtech..

      1. Hi, another icomtech member here.
        Similarly to Josh here, I’ve made money with the company. Their address is in fact a registered business in Mexico. They have a new CEO and they’re expanding their reach and services. What kind of “evidence to our claim” are you looking for? I am reluctant to give you my wallet address or a transaction ID as I would like to keep my privacy but if you decide to invest you will see that you can deposit bitcoin into your account and if you wish, you could investigate the company. sign up with this link:

    1. The fact that there is no bank account and people are getting cash from new members and use the “bitcoin” they have in their back office to pay for them says a lot.

  2. They have recruited people here in the Philippines. Looking up the supposed CEO ‘Juan Reynoso’ will lead to a suspect LinkedIn profile. This is the person that they show in their powerpoint presentations but afaik he no longer is connected to the company, if he ever was. A person named ‘Juan Torres’ goes in Zoom meetings instead.

    1. I’ve heard Juan Torres in the Zoom.. Well our CEO is David Carmona, office is based in Tlaquepaque Jalisco (Guadalajara). I belong to the branch in California. They are full of l*** and only use you. Do not invest, right now we are having serious issues because of a migration they did to a better and advance website. The only problem is that under the new website all of our earnings from the previous did not get transferred and the old one is no longer available. So you pretty much lost your money. I had read that they is the way David Carmona and his group work but didn’t believe it. They make you believe they are migrating into a new System and during the process and after the process if you earnings didn’t get transferred they give you the run around until the websites are completely gone and then they use the excuse of we lost everything because it was invested in the new program. So be ware read more into whom they really are.

      1. This happened to me, the worse thing is the people who got me into the business knew all of these and they now I have no way to get in contact with them because I moved to another city and they simply won’t respond or return my calls or text messages, I lost 2000 to this bs scam. Don’t invest on this company it’s all a fraud and they get train to still your money, they come to you like if they know so much about finances.

    1. Hi jean can you tell me how contact this people because I did invest 1000 and lost it because they change the web, i can’t access to my account

    2. Jean, consegue me ajudar a retirar apenas 1 dolar do que investi ? se conseguir eu te pago 1.000 dolares me liga 11 98010 1108

  3. Was invited to one of their meetings and Icomtech is offering a raffle to win a mercedes benz or,moserati for new investors and 3 bitcoin for sponsors.
    They sound very unprofessional. Seems like a pyramid or ponzi. Yet people and so called restaurant owners were promising they double your money investment in 120 days. If they are scammers and working ilegally why have authorities not been alerted? How can you verify if they are legit?

      1. I have also asked that same question to my recruiter and he ignores all my messages on Whatsapp and the event speaker as well Moises but chooses to also ignore my messages.

  4. Big-time scam, folks. My wife just came to me saying she lost 2,500 to these guys. They put up false data on their site showing how much you’ve supposedly earned, but emails go unanswered and requests to withdraw money are not honored. Better off throwing money out the window.

  5. Icomtech has stolen 40 thousand dollars from me and my dad. Do NOT trust this company. They are only taking advantage of our Latino community that works so hard to earn their money.

    Icomtech le ha robado 40 mil dólares a mi y a mi papa. No confíen en esta compania, se quieren aprovechar de la comunidad Latina que trabaja tan duro para ganar su dinero.

  6. To be honest,I think some people just want to get money for not doing nothing.They try to convince you so much,but they are just ling it is very sad.I just need to know how we are getting money back from this id**ts.

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