Miner Sale Review: It’s Scam, And You’re Risking!

Miner Sale Review: It’s Scam, And You’re Risking!

Share This! is one of those deceptive cloud mining sites you have to stay away from. Although they’ve done everything within their means to present to us a convincing website, we still believe that no one will ever make money through this site.

In fact, Miner sale is just a classic Crypto mining scam like Bitroad, Sun Mining and Bitcoin Citadel Investment.

A quick background check on Alexa reveals that Miner Sale is a very popular site. It has a global rank of 201,022 as of 21/12/2017.

A big chunk of the traffic that comes to this website originates from referral and social websites like YouTube and This site is basically a traffic exchange platform. It has really been beneficial to Miner Sale website since it played a major part in bringing this site to the limelight.

With that information, you can try and imagine the number of people who get unlucky in the hands of this scammers. With so many losses happening through Miner Sale, we are sure that it’s only a matter of time before this site gets exposed. We have already set the trend. But that is just the beginning.

Note: You can mine Bitcoins and other altcoins here.

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miner sale review

Miner Sale Review

What exactly is their intention? To steal your Bitcoins? Definitely. They are working hard to solicit Bitcoins from members of the public.

Their marketing approach is cleverly crafted. But it feels too good to be true especially when you play around with the alleged Bitcoin profitability calculator on their site.

We took some time to think about their promised return on investment. Each time we analyzed the outcome (based on the provided calculator), we felt that the returns were just too high and not convincing at all.

Minersale calculator

Miner Sale promises a return on investment that is up to 10 times the amount of deposit. These numbers are ludicrous for any website to promise. Minersale cannot be an exception. In fact, this is all you needed to know whether or not Miner Sale is a worthy operation.

The idea is that when you invest a small deposit (minimum is $25), you will join their mining pool. This will give you the option of simultaneously mining popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Litecoin and Zcash.

Mining digital coins in the cloud is allegedly one branch of their operations. The website claims that they develop Crypto currency technology such as ICOs, digital wallets and mining hardware.

The site is currently showing Crypto mining hardware on the homepage. But we are not able to verify whether these items are real or just pictures. It does not completely rule out the fact that one can copy-paste pictures and show them on their site as a means of fooling visitors.

Is Miner Sale a company? Who owns it?

The site is owned and operated by a company known as Miner Sale Limited. The registration number for this company is 10792400.

We checked out their details on a Company House report to confirm their physical address which is listed as Penhurst House, 352-356 Bettersea Park Road, London, England.

The company was allegedly incorporated in May 2017, and Raitis Kaucis is the business manager. On the other hand, the site is registered under the name of someone called Dai Ming.

We do not know the relationship between Dai Ming and Raitis Kaucis. But we already have crucial information about Raitis Kaucis such as his date of birth and country. He was born in 1982, and lives in the UK.

So does this mean that Miner Sale is genuine? Well, there is no guarantee. As we have mentioned in our previous reviews, we still emphasis on that point again. The fact that a website is backed by a UK corporation does not mean that it is a safe site to transact business in, and especially if that site deals with Cryptocurrency mining. What matters is whether or not they have a reputation. Good reputation says it all.

In the short term, Miner Sale may look legitimate. But in the long term, that may not be the case as we have seen with many Ponzi schemes before. They come and disappear. Others even list physical addresses that are shared across multiple websites.

Miner Sale has listed down a physical address on their site. The address listed on MinerSale Limited website is the same address that is listed in 37 other websites belonging to various corporations on the internet.

So, how does this project work?

They follow the usual concept of make a deposit and forget it until you reap profits later on. For you to make profits through Miner Sale, you only need to make a deposit in form of Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin or any other supported Cryptocurrency.

What is the annual return on investment? Well, the website is providing anything in the realm of 400% to 850%. On the other hand, legit mining sites on the internet will provide an annual accrual of between 25-30%.

You can see that what Miner Sale is promising is quite huge. We are even wondering how they intend to make this a reality. Of course it takes the hand of a magician to multiply Cryptocurrencies at this rate. But as far as we are concerned, this website is not run by some magician. It is run by regular people who claim to be experienced Crypto miners. These people claim that when you sign up and make a deposit, they will do the hard work for you while you sit down, relax and wait for your profits.

The message is carefully crafted, and it’s communicated through a deceptive calculator which has been provided on the homepage for you to visualize your profit potential.

We spent some time with that calculator and realized that the values we were getting were nonsensical.

More red flags

In as much as the site is popular, there are not so much investor feedback around. But there are mixed opinions on what this site does, although the people who appear to have utilized their cloud-mining operations are very few.

When that happens, we still do a successful analysis because for one, the red flags offer enough clues as to what we should expect from anyone who sends his coins to Minersale website.

We also look at the facts and use some common sense to deduce that this is a deceptive scam. Unbelievable figures have no place in legitimate Cryptomining websites.

Our best advice for you

Its is quite obvious that this site can never sustain its operations in the long term. The fact is that Miner Sale is a ponzi scheme. The best thing they could do is to accept as many deposits as possible while using part of that money to honor withdrawal requests.

The rest of the profit is used for personal gain, and this has to be a lot of money indeed.

But this can only continue up to a pre-determined length of time. When the volume of those who make deposits reduces, the scam will just resort to outright thievery of new depositor money.

Although this site hasn’t resorted to such extreme measures, it does not mean that your money will be safe in their hands in the long run. It could just be a matter of time before all hell break loose. Therefore, we advice you to stick to our usual recommendations here.

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2 Replies to “Miner Sale Review: It’s Scam, And You’re Risking!”

  1. I have heard a few bad reviews about Miner Sale before, People always tend to have bad experiences with them.

  2. Yes, they also did, gagapay, dexopay, mundusfinance, scams where you have to pay $100 and they are never returned to you and you dont get any account.. The guy behind this all is a long hunted by police international criminal Mr. Raitis Kaucis with his sister Ieva Kauce. Just google more about them – between ponzi pictures a lots of i formation about scams and cheetong they did to thousands of people and still does.

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