My Passive Trades Review: a Pyramid Scheme to Avoid

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My Passive Trades Review: a Pyramid Scheme to Avoid

My Passive Trades is a company that claims it earns investors a stable income for the rest of their lives. Additionally, the platform states it has a proven trading activity. They also have a referral program that the firm urges traders to utilize.

The entity is operating as a pyramid scheme. They do not have evidence of investment taking place. The money which investors deposit goes directly into their big pockets. The shady firm guarantees a daily profit of 1.25%.

My Passive Trades has a six-level referral program. The entity feature adverts on their website. It is another method by which they generate income. There are no restrictions, and investors can advertise anything.

Moreover, this company has a trading school. The entity claims it will teach you everything which you need to know. They have multiple forms of adverts on their website. The platform states that it has high transparency.

Therefore, the information of their clients will never be shared with a third party. However, this being an unregulated venture, you should not believe a word they say. The company is only after serving its selfish needs. Review

My Passive Trades states that investors do not have to refer members for them to earn. The entity has adverts packages that investors can purchase. Therefore, no hard work, and you can allegedly earn huge profits.

The returns which the entity projects are absurd and hard to attain. 1.25% is a lot of money. If you do the math, you will be surprised. Companies like My Passive Trades are only after clients’ money. Legit investment ventures do not offer anything close to these figures.

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My Passive Trades Review, My Passive Trades Platform

If what this suspicious firm project is realistic, then there would be no need for work. They would have cracked the system, and everybody would be living their dream. Sounds fantastic, but it is not a lifelike scenario.

My Passive Trades is an illegal scheme that will never earn their clients’ funds. The venture tries very hard to stay relevant. Traders who jump to every opportunity that comes their way will suffer the most.

Pyramid schemes do not survive long in the market. Moreover, they claim to be performing trading activities but fail to disclose the assets that they are dealing with. Invest with legit cryptocurrency trading companies that can earn you genuine returns.

Who is the Founder of My Passive Trades?

According to the information that we have gathered, the owner of My Passive Trades is Darren. There is inadequate data regarding this person. We believe that he is a fictional character who does even exist. Therefore, venturing with anonymous companies will only lead you to troubles.

You have the right to know the people running the platform that you invest with. It is a form of transparency, and you will sleep peacefully knowing experts are handling your funds. My Passive Trades should publish the qualification of their team.

Considering that this entity does not have investment services or products, you should not trust them. The entity is not credible, and they are only after clients’ funds. Look for a better alternative in the industry.

My Passive Trades Withdrawal and Deposits

The minim amount that you can deposit at My Passive Trades is $5. Investors can deposit any amount that they please. There is no restriction. Nonetheless, we advise clients not to deposit a huge amount of funds with a venture that isn’t reputable.

The least amount which investors can cash out is $10. The entity guarantees that it does not have hidden charges. You can make withdrawal anytime that you please. The entity is accepting funds via BTC. Depositing funds via this method ensure anonymity is upheld.

Therefore, your money goes directly to the scammers’ wallet. When investing, make sure you use credit card methods. To mitigate fraudulent activities, banks allow investors to issue a chargeback within 530 days. Avoid scam entities as the majority of them do not accept credit cards.

My Passive Trades Contact Details

Like all other scams, My Passive Trades does not have an office address. Their country of origin is not known, either is the info of people running this entity. The entity does not have any contact details on their platform.

To contact them, you can do it via email. Their level of discreet raises questions. If they do not have anything to lose, then this data should be easily accessible. The company makes vast claims of earning investors a stable income.

However, how is this possible, yet they do not have enough funds to hire professional support. The platform is a scam, and there is no information about the corporate that supervise their operation. Avoid this Ponzi scheme at all costs.

Regulation and Registration

My Passive Trades are neither registered nor regulated anywhere in the world. The entity is collecting money from investors across the globe. We checked on their platform to see if there is a single license from a reputable financial watchdog.

Sadly, they do not have a single document. Therefore, this makes them a straight Ponzi scheme. Investing with them will lead to huge losses. Additionally, those who choose to refer people in this shady business risks facing a jail term.

It is illegal to promote a company that is not licensed. Therefore, you should not take such risks. Consider that the people running My Passive Trades are doing it behind the shadows. Moreover, they use the money of new clients to pay their pioneer customers.

Hence, the cycle will go on as long as there is money coming in their platform. Avoid this scam at all costs. They do not offer funds safely. Moreover, they can choose to exit the market without giving notice.

My Passive Trades Clients Feedback

There are several negative reviews regarding My Passive Trades. Investors accuse this entity of being a scam. Funds are not safe with them, and you should watch out for this scam. The support of this platform is terrible.

They are not responding to their customers. Learn from the mistake of naïve traders who had ventured with this firm. Sadly, the entity does not care about their clients. The scam is only after the funds of innocent investors.

Make sure before you invest in any platform, you perform thorough research. Investors will always give feedback. If you invest blindly, you will only end up losing funds. There is no transparency with My Passive Trades company.

The Domain Insight

My Passive Trades is a company that has been in existence since September 2018. They do not have trading results or any evidence to show there are investment services taking place. Their domain is privately registered.

It is not possible to determine who their founder is. They have traffic from 651,774, which is not sufficient. The geographical location of their audience is not known.

Final Verdict

My Passive Trades is a pyramid scheme. The company does not have any investment services taking place. They depend on the funds of new clients to keep their business running. The venture tries very hard to stay relevant in the market.

Avoid them like the plague by investing with reputable crypto trading bots that are genuine. You will earn a reasonable amount of profits. Additionally, you can read the testimonials of their clients to make a sober decision.


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