Profit-Forex Signals Review: 100% SCAM or 400+ Pips/Month?


Profit-Forex Signals Review: 100% SCAM or 400+ Pips/Month?

It seems that selling Forex signals is big business out there. It’s a lucrative cash cow that targets new traders or even those who have been around for some time and are not able to generate consistent profits.

This has led to the rise of signal firms and vendors mushrooming all over the internet in search of people who can buy their signals for a specific price.

And one of them is Profit Forex Signals  which can be found on this domain –

This signal provider is of particular interest to us because of the many declarations which they’ve made on their website.

And if you are planning to buy any of the packages offered by Profit Forex Signals, you better stop on your tracks and read this review.

You will ultimately be thankful of the fact that our insights about this firm were useful as far as your investment is concerned.

Profit Forex Signals: Who Are They And How Do They Intend to Benefit You?

It’s good that you asked this question.

Now, the best, and most comprehensive answer to this question is that Profit Forex Signals is an auto-trading service that delivers signals which they claim their users can trade with 90% accuracy.

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This trading service uses MYFXBook platform to conduct aggressive marketing operations. Amidst all that, Profit Forex Signals also claims that their results are fully audited, and that their trading signals are 100% verified.

If these claims are anything to go by, then it could mean that Profit Forex Signals service can be used on different Forex brokerages, and that clients should still make a profit regardless of which broker they use.

What is more, Profit-Forex Signals offers signals in the price range of $200 all the way to $1,000 per month.

If a client intends to use their service, all they have to do is buy any of the signal packages and then authorize it so that those signals can be traded automatically on their accounts.

Those are marketing declarations that were made by the Profit Forex Signals website. And it’s difficult to ascertain the truth here.

Thankfully, our investigations have got you covered. We’re going to reveal nothing but the truth.

The People Behind Profit Forex Signals

We did an investigation on the said employees of this company. However, what we discovered is more than shocking.

First of all, this website is owned and run by a one-person army (which explains why their customer service is very poor.

They’d actually get a rating of half a star if this options existed. The guy who runs this service is a 34-year old man named Ninoslov Golubovic.

These findings are contrary to what the website of Profit Forex Signals proclaims. They say that this firm is comprised of many employees, including professional traders with so many years of experience.

However, what we were able to confirm is the involvement of Ninoslov Golubovic and his wife on this website’s operation.

The wife is called Anna, and although she is portrayed on the website as an expert Forex trader with over 8 years of experience, the fact remains that she is not a trader but the wife of the man in charge of Profit Forex Signals website.

Check out this Facebook page to confirm whether or not what we are stating here is true. You can be the judge.

Profit Forex Signals Website: Initial Impression

We must confess that the website of Profit Forex Signals is very well presented. It features key sales presentations that any buyer would easily fall for.

The ”company” puts strong emphasis on ”honesty” and ”transparency”. It is as if someone accused them of lacking these qualities. So they have to drive their point home by emphasizing on these elements.

Other declarations that this website makes is that it has never lost trades since its inception in 2010.

Their ”profit” curves on myFxBook have been rising higher and this gives the illusion that Profit Forex Signals is indeed a good signal provider.

The website has also gone ahead to make proclamations that they’ve won multiple awards of the best Forex signals since 2010.

fraudulent website misrepresenting Profit Forex Signals with false awards that were never won

These awards also involve Emporium Trading, a platform that has since gone dormant or probably waiting to be sold.

This discovery was weird by the way. It prompted us to do further investigations on this company’s affiliations with Emporium Trading.

This information can be found when you do a quick Archive.Org search or background check on DNS data of the site.

We discovered that this site was an extension of Profit Forex Signals, and Ninoslov Golubovic used to own that site before it went under.

The website also claims that they’ve been averaging 10k pips every month in addition to stating that their signals are 90% accurate.

Obviously, we can’t help but think that this is pure exaggeration. Only scams use stories that are too good to be true.

User Complaints

There are plenty of those. These complaints trickle in our inbox quite frequently, and we are not surprised, seeing that incriminating evidence keep following this firm no matter how hard they try covering their tracks.

We singled out one complaint that could easily summarize what this signal provider is offering.

This person said that he was lured by their splendid performance record on myfxbook, and this prompted him to go for their ultimate professional auto-trader package which costs an arm and a leg.

At the time, this package was guaranteeing 5,000 pips per month. But as you can see, the site updated that package and now users are being promised 9,000 pips per month with this package.

This client’s MT4 account was set up with their EA the same day. NINOSLAV advised this client to use .1 lot for every position opened.

Now, the saddest part is that all trades were handled by Profit Forex Signals and within 9 days, this account had gone from $2,000 to $0.

Any trader who comes across this complaint recons that it’s very distressing for traders to undergo this kind of experience.

In fact, this user felt so betrayed after he lost all that money. Keep in mind that he lost money on the cost of the package and also the capital which he was using to trade.

However, this is just one of the many complaints which users have since filed against Profit Forex Signals.

More heart-breaking complaints against Profit Forex Signals

We get astonishing complaints every once in a while that challenge the realm of what we can believe.

This trader came across the website in 2015. After studying it for a while, he decided to invest his savings into the $1,000 signal package since he was convinced by the ”100% verifiable myfxbook results”.

The man, Ninoslov Golubovic, produced what looked like actual account statements and even guaranteed a minimum performance for the said signals.

This is the alleged system performance overview which was used to convince the customer.

Consistent equity curve gain over the last 5 months

You see, a nice steady upward flow is the dream equity curve that every trader wants to have.

So this is a perfect scenario for fooling traders. You can imagine how many traders have fallen victim to this kind of thing.

Our Best Advice for You

We have a collection of our top-rated Forex signals and mentoring products that anyone can use to make money. Believe you me.

Also, we’ve already exposed Profit Forex signals for what they are, and we believe that this is the worst signal service ever sold on the internet. Just keep off this service. Or else, this signal provider will mess you up in no time.


We’d love to keep you updated with our latest news and offers 😎

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5 Replies to “Profit-Forex Signals Review: 100% SCAM or 400+ Pips/Month?”

  1. I would strongly advise everyone not to trade with Profit Forex Signals ( PFXS )

    Please read the seriously abridged version of events below:

    It has now been over 14 weeks since $1000 was wrongly taken from my Paypal account.
    Within 5 days I cancelled my Pearl Package subscription with the company on 14th January 2018. It was hard work but I was refunded.
    8th February $1000 was taken by Paypal for the cancelled subscription. I had a warning from Paypal on the 6th February and tried to cancel the subscription but I was too late. This was done on the advice of Payal.
    According to PFXS I shouldn’t have done this and it meant they could now no longer refund me through Paypal for 45 days. They said it would be quicker to do a bank transfer which would take 3 – 5 days. Later this was changed to up to 10 days.
    28th February my bank details were given to PFXS
    20th March I forwarded at their request my bank details again by forwarding the original email.
    10th April PFXS said they would, “check immediately with accounts and update me.”
    23rd April I emaiiled saying that unless I heard back by 27th April I could only a**ume they had no intention of refunding the $1000
    What is missing from the above is dozens and dozens of emails, phone calls, skype messages/chats and messages through their website “chat” facility and many many many ignored emails.
    I will update as to whether they have changed their mind and decided to refund the money, otherwise I shall start ramping up my experiences in dealing with this company on a wide range of forums and social media platforms. Hopefully I will be able to update everyone shortly.
    Russell Burton UK

    1. is fraud site. They finished my account and did not refund my money. 100% Scam. They replied in the same way to me also from last 4 months.

  2. I have signed up for their vip program and I want to say STAY AWAY they have fix time when they send signal and they send signal in bulk, I mean they send 5 to 7 signal at a same time, can anyone tell me at a same time how can all currency pair show buy or sell opportunity? I loss my account 10% already and ask for refund but they are not ready to refund my money , than I ask to charge me 1 month fee and refund other amount as I paid 3 months fee but they are not ready for that , which shows they are not transparent and genuine so guys stay away. they also remove losing trade from their history.

  3. is fraud site. They finished my account and did not refund my money. 100% Scam

  4. Bad as h***! They cheat all people around the world in same way. Lose money, say they will recover losses and stop answering mails and calls. If you catch them over the phone or chat, they say they will check it and that is all. Profit is funny, with 100k+ acc they make 3k profit monthly. With my account 5k they made 150$ and then lost all.

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