Renegade Crypto Club Review: Recycled Scam

Renegade Crypto Club Review: Recycled Scam

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We are reviewing a Cryptocurrency investing program called Renegade Crypto Club. This program can allegedly make you rich. It is owned by someone called “Adam Neil”. The reason his name is in italics is because we don’t believe this is the real name of the person behind Renegade Crypto Club. What we know is that is an old scam. So why are they back this time? Are they going to be real or do they want to keep scamming individuals using different products under their ownership?

Note: only trade with reliable trading bots.

Renegade Crypto Club Review

What exactly is Renegade Crypto Club? According to the sales page, Renegade Crypto Club is using a simple formula to help investors earn several thousands of dollars in a short duration. The sales pitch tells us that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will let you use BTC and other Cryptocurrencies as a way for generating even more money.

Renegade Crypto Club

They are claiming that for you to know how money is generating through these trading instruments, you have to join other members so that you can together discover the secret of investing that is making a lot of money, even thousands of dollars per day. The sales page also tells us that it is not our fault to be poor because the institutional traders and investors are the ones who know the secret to making lots of money in the Crypto market.

The sales page goes ahead to tell us that we do not need any trading knowledge, experience or effort to make money. We don’t even need investing capital to make this money. All we need is $5 and nothing else. This software will allegedly make us all the money if we can only pay $5.

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How does Renegade Crypto Club work?

Now, if you want to make a lot of money according to Adam Neil, the owner of this website, the secret lies in trading the right altcoin since there are so many of them floating on the internet right now. He claims that the price of Bitcoins and other mainstream Cryptos have stagnated and that the only way to take advantage of the situation is to identify upcoming altcoins since they tend to start at a very low price.

But that is also where Renegade Crypto Club is supposed to come in. It is a software that tells you which coins to buy and sell in profits later on. The sales page even reassures visitors that with this software, you don’t need to work whole day. You can work for half an hour every day and you will still make a fortune.

Renegade Crypto Club is a scam

Let’s hit the nail on the spot by saying that this software is a scam. There’s no question about it. You see, there is no trading robot out there that will do all the work for you and still make you a fortune. While making money with altcoin is a valid way of doing business on the internet to make profits, there is no single trading software out there that can really make you a lot of money while you are seated and doing nothing. This is definitely too good to be true.

The only secret that is there is to learn the market through dedication and commitment in terms of time. That means you can’t work for just half an hour a day to make a lot of money. That is definitely not going to be possible.

When we look at this website, we see that it is using a message that everyone wants to hear – that people don’t need any efforts to make a lot of money. There is no easy way to make riches. So beware of this website and any other site that will tell you that becoming rich is quite easy as you don’t need any effort. These sites are quite misleading and Renegade Crypto Club is just one of them.

Have you ever heard of this software elsewhere?

You should be wary of websites that claim to offer overnight riches and yet they are not popular. This robot has no success track record, and the people who are researching it are doing so just because they are curious. They are wondering whether this robot can make them the alleged riches.

With no track record of performance to show as proof, one can’t believe that this robot is making money as alleged on the sales page. We are also not going to recommend any of the robots that fail to produce a verifiable track record.

Adam Neil

You probably know that Adam Neil is not a real person. He is a fictitious character who is meant to sink you into the fantasy world of wealth. The real owner of this website cannot be revealed because even the domain was registered privately. That is a red flag that you should be aware of. Other than this, you should know that the real owner of the site is going to take your money and disappear. There is nothing like them helping you make a lot of money.

Renegade Crypto Club – the bottom line

The reason we published this post is because we wanted to warn you against the scam that wanted to steal your money, Renegade Crypto Club. You cannot trust this software because even the owner is anonymous and their track record is none existence. The landing page where the robot is being sold at is not persuading at all. If you have some trading knowledge on these matters, you will immediately know that this is yet another scam.

Our best advice for you

Renegade Crypto Club will take your money and ignore you afterwards. There is nothing good in this landing page. It is meant to rip off as many internet users as possible. At the end of the day, the anonymous owner will have collected so much. Only trade Crypto currencies with verified Crypto robots.

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