Rock the Stock Scam – Bitter Truth Exposed!

Rock the Stock Scam – Bitter Truth Exposed!

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Rock The Stock scam



Here at Valforex, we fight for the safety of your funds, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Scam Reviews both forex and binary options. Every once and a while we might miss one here or there, but we guarantee you that we’ll never tell you anything that we don’t back 100%. Our talented team of Forex and Binary detectives have been hard at work crunching the numbers and finding the statistics that we rely on to destroy schemes that rob our constituents and readers here on our site of $250 USD or more every single transaction, and we’ve truly found a stinker this time, in Rock The Stock. Our Rock the Stock Scam Review aims to cover every single red flag on this product that has recently been released with a MASSIVE following, despite the fact that it’s existed for less than a week.

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Rock the Stock, yet another phony Binary auto trading system, released June 15th of 2015- only about nine days ago, ALREADY has a wide and expansive advertising scheme driving “profit margins” ratios- meaning that they’re out there to scam you and get off the market. There are a lot of spam profit writing sites out there to phish those #1 spots on Google, folks. Don’t fall prey to these valiant attempts to steal from you. Face the facts:


COLD TRUTH: Any site out there that has ONLY EXISTED for six days COULDN’T have these kinds of results. They’ve been hard at work recently trying to build a believable scam!

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There are a wide list of scamming sites out there working the affiliate market (that’s advertising to folks like you and me):

Roy Tribble- the MOST NAMED scam marketer out there


As you can see, there are tons of Rock The Stock type search result domain names phishing good, positive reviews out there. Realistically, every sale of the product and every time one of those readers buys a product, these affiliate marketers make profits. Their overall goal is to phish the market, email lists, and Google advertising pages to pull money out of hardworking individual’s pocketbooks. The facts are thus, these sites have posted phony sites that steal your money before, like:


Forex EA

Binary Boom

Auto Profit Replicator


That means that they stand behind phony products, looking to market anything under the sun to literally pickpocket you. The only voice of truth that you can really trust in this convoluted market is our list of best signal providers and automated for trading binary options. We guarantee to bring you the most reliable information you’ll ever find in a dark and dreary market. We aren’t out there to make money on your misfortune- we only succeed. That’s why we do exposes like our Rock The Stock Scam Review- like all of our other Bad Binary Option Scam Reviews.


We live our life by a serious motto here: Every silver lining has a cloud. We understand that nothing in life is truly free, and you’ve got to work hard for what you’ve got.


When we review sites like these we see a lot of the same variety of scam tactics. Here are a few we see all the time:

  • Unreal amounts of “profits to be made”
  • The “search for how to make money- we promise you” approach/ secret behind the success promise
  • Results without the facts- massive “results” with no real backing
  • Bets placed on “reputable” stock options to gain your trust
  • Unrealistic gains on your money. Realistically, understand that most binary PROFESSIONALS make about 70% on the best days.
  • “Consistency” promises in an inconsistent market
  • No security site guarantees.
  • Undefined Customer Service on a hastily built site
  • Incredibly brief information- usually delivered in an unavoidable video

These kinds of approaches do one thing- light a fire underneath you, despite the lack of HARD facts and SERIOUS promises. The reason behind this is because they expect you to jump on the opportunity because you’re desperate or in need of funding- and willing to throw in a small amount right away. Because of this, plenty of people get sucked into these “seemingly legitimate” schemes.

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We’re going to highlight all the facts for you within this review, however. Hopefully, our in-dept analysis will save you from yet another scam to steal your money out there in the binary options world.


 First and foremost, there are seemingly unreal amounts of money to be made.


When a site promises you thousands on top of thousands of dollars within a few days or weeks, you know it’s too good to be true. We’ve told you before on our site that it just doesn’t work like that. Realistically, good Forex and binary traders make about seventy percent of all the money that they invest. While this could equate to a goodly sum, even enough to live on eventually, it’s NOT a get rich quick scheme, it’s work.

Most of the binary options out there provide you with smoke and mirrors, giving you the bare “essentials” of their plan, without actually providing you with any details, you’re just supposed to buy in and make a fortune. Do you really suspect that a brand that only has been developed for a week REALLY has that kind of potential? Don’t you think it would have been released before? And what makes the developer such a professional that he’s developed a way to make huge sums of money? And why would he be sharing these new secrets with you? We just don’t buy it folks- if it were true than we’d all be millionaires, driving fancy cars and eating caviar every night. But we’re not.


No good software comes without drawbacks. You can’t expect to always make money and never lose, it’s just not realistic.

At Valforex, we understand the brevity of your situation. We live in a tough world, we’re all struggling to make some money, and get ahead whenever we can. They’re expecting you to deposit just enough money to get started, and then, when it vanishes, provide you no where to call. We’ve found that these types of sites sprout up overnight, out of the wood-works and vanish just as quickly.

They promise you the world, but never actually provide you anything on their promises. Rock the Stock is another one of these types of sites. We’ve found that we rarely trust sites that haven’t existed for years, as well as those who haven’t got an extensive history of being trustworthy. We NEVER put money into sites that make vague promises without the history, options and background to back up our investments, because we don’t trust the wide majority of products in this market- sadly, it’s just the name of the game for most binary and Forex sites.


COLD TRUTH: No matter how many times we tell our constituents that there are no get rich quick schemes, another scam pops up that draws people in. It’s impossible to stop them all, and we’ve spent a long time trying, but ANY binary robot that promises you unbelievable returns on a small investment is probably trying to dupe you out of your money.


Secondly, Rock The Stock has supposedly uncovered all the secrets, just for you.


If we had a dollar for every time a binary robot promised to have uncovered all the secrets for us, we’d be millionaires. And that goes to show you- if they really did have all the facts, more people would be millionaires, and there would be a lot fewer complaints about all of the scams out there.

You have to understand that while there are a wide variety of automated bots out there, they’re all pretty much picking a few random stocks and running with them. With the proper application of time and some nifty computer software, you could run some data and start your own program, promising an audience the world. Absolutely nothing separates their system from any other system. They’d like to make you believe that it does, but it’s highly unrealistic that it works any differently than any other provider out there.


We’ve worked with a lot of different binary options sites, and you can even see them on our website- and we’ll only stand behind a very few- that we trust, that we’ve worked with and established credibility. No site that we’ve ever endorsed has existed for such a short time and been a legitimate option to really make money.

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THERE ARE NO FREE HANDOUTS, folks. We’ve said it time and time again, and we probably always will. When a website promises you a double return, it’s because it helps hide the money that you lose. It also helps pad your account, and make it seem like your money is growing faster than it really is. While we work hard to try to get you the best deals for your money, it’s important to understand that these brands are trying to make money too- some more than others.


COLD FACT: You’ll very rarely find a deal on these sites that doesn’t work two ways- they want your business because they understand that isn’t making as much money off of you as you’re making on them, especially if you’re new to the game. Obviously, you can’t expect to just step into a market and strike it rich.


Third, they place all of their binary options on funds like Google, Amazon, and IBM to garner your trust with “reliable names in the industry”, to dupe you out of your money.


We’ve seen this approach many, many times. These sites provide very minimal information as it is- and binary trading options have plenty to provide, how they’re spending your money, the little idiosyncrasies that make up their algorithms and more- all of the information is out there, why wouldn’t they provide it to you?


They fail to provide the information because trained professionals like ours find information like theirs and analyze it.

While legitimate approaches have nothing to worry about, sites that are only out there to scam hard working individuals realize that as soon as people realize that their bots are sub-par, they lose their competitive edge. Rock the Stock ONLY wants to draw in a customer base that is very new and inexperienced.

Most experienced and practiced traders understand the ins and outs of the binary trading world to the point where they make their own trades- and most of them would never invest in the larger companies day in and day out. Realistically, only those who haven’t got all the facts about how the system work put all their eggs in the basket with a company making so called “legitimate” companies that have existed for years- the fact is, they aren’t really investing there, it’s a bait and switch to get your attention.

We have absolutely no evidence that they’ve invested where they said they did, no numbers to provide evidence that it’s really working for them, other than their word, which has decidedly been proven false, time and time again.


COLD FACT: Don’t hedge your bets on a product because they APPEAR to be trading binary options within big brands and making a profit, especially when you can’t actually see the trades, the site is poorly built, and fails to provide any real logistical information to help you understand what’s really going on. They expect their “evidence” to stand for itself to novices- and it might if you’re not looking for the signs of a scam.


Fourth, they provide statistics for unrealistic gains on a daily on just a small amount of money.


There’s a saying out there that sixty percent of the time, statistics and numbers are completely made up. The joke, of course, is that you can never actually prove what’s true or not. Realistically, if they give you some random profit margin, like $4,395 dollars in just one day, you’re not looking at their account to actually verify it. Additionally, it’s easy to provide falsified information and make a website or picture look however you want it to look.


We’re firm believers that if something looks to good to be true than it probably is. We’re not in the practice of spending our money without actually having some proof to back it up. It’s also important to understand that the system that these companies employ works very much the same as a Ponzi scheme. They collect small amounts of money from a large group of people, and say that they’re investing your money in specific areas, and then your money simply disappears. With little to no evidence to the contrary, your investment is gone- just like that. It happens all the time on these types of scam sites, because they aren’t regulated, bonded or backed by any legitimate security systems. In reality, they’re just like any other site scam site out there promising you a product that you can’t actually see.

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Reputable binary option trading markets guarantee your money, and typically provide money back guarantees to help you feel good about your investments. Not only does Rock the Stock NOT do this practice, they fail to provide the other pieces of the puzzle that help you in case something were to go wrong. Instead, they rely on faith to get your money, with convoluted gains that could very well be fabricated pictures, doctored up on Photoshop. Without secure, financially backed websites, you can never tell if a site is only out to get your money or not.


COLD FACT: Statistics aren’t always true. People can and will tell you what you want to hear. It’s up to you in the end to decide what you want to believe, but don’t believe what you see on the internet. Realistically, we see people lose their money all the time to deals like this and they come complain on our forums telling us exactly how it went down- they made a deposit, expected a return, but found out their money had disappeared. To make matters worse, the customer service provided is either non-existent or just runs them around in circles. Not only is it frustrating, it’s infuriating and scary. It’s extremely easy to lose hard earned money that you might need in a pinch- which is why you need professionals like ours helping you discern the best possible places to spend your money.


There is VERY little information! Not to mention the site is very young.


We practically never trust an exceptionally young site, because we’ve seen a wide variety of trends that scam artists pull with them. There have been an exceptionally large amount of websites that have been built and dismantled before the authorities have been notified with the hopes of making a quick buck.

Realistically, you should never invest a large sum of money in a company without security backing and a logical, storied past. We have a firm policy that revolves around our constituents only spending money on sites that have been around for a while, and have ratings that you can hang your hat on.

In the meantime, you have to understand the facts- no site that has existed for only a week will have exemplary reviews praising the amounts of money that a site has made a person- it simply doesn’t work like that. On the same token, there are a lot of really common approaches that these sites take to get you to spend your money- buying articles for hire on “trusted” binary websites that supposedly raise a red flag but only really encourage you to spend money to make some profit off of your misfortune.


We understand that it’s difficult to decide where to spend your money, and we understand that you’re just trying to make a profit, come out ahead, and make a little money on the side, but the reality of the situation is that you can’t trust just anyone to help you in today’s convoluted world. It’s unfortunate, but realistic- don’t spend your money on a site that hasn’t got the security that a trusted, storied and historied site will.


COLD FACT: Scam sites come up overnight and leave in the same fashion. They only exist to phish information and sell a few products, then they go underground in preparation for their next scheme. At Valforex, we recommend that people only spend their money where they can see a long history of happy customers, with realistic claims and positive reviews. The problem is that some times, good reviews are imminent and the product is STILL a scam. This is because these types of products pay affiliate marketers to “put out the good word” and hide the facts. It’s important to be realistic and do some research, like looking into how long a site has been around, what everyone says about that site, and what that site has to offer you if things inevitably go wrong.


Absolutely no contact information or reliable customer service to be found.

One of our biggest pet peeves is a lack of customer service. We’ve looked into a myriad of sites promising users the world (Royal Binary to name the biggest offender we’ve found) and we’ve discovered that flawed customer service is always the first major red flag.

Rock the Stock has ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE anywhere on the site. There are no numbers or emails to call, only marketable information for their “client base”. This is always a red flag for us, and we want absolutely no part of this product because of it. If you can’t contact the person/ people operating a site, DON’T spend any money, don’t give them any power over you. Not only is the deal too good to be true, and the marketing sketchy, they provide you very little quality control- and they do it on purpose so you’ll have no place to stand when everything floods and your money disappears.


COLD FACT: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER invest money when customer service is lax. We see it all the time with these kinds of smoke and mirrors approaches, and as soon as you send them money, you’ll never hear from them again.


Never invest money without our professionals here at Valforex. We provide the best information to help you find the best deals, and we spend a lot of sleepless nights compiling all of the information that you really need to make a wise, informed decision on how to spend your money. We don’t want you to get scammed, and we don’t want you to be unhappy with your spending decisions- so ONLY invest where we suggest for the absolute best results. If you’re looking for positive binary options trading career, try any of our best binary options signal providers.






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