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Share This! is an alleged platform that claims you can buy and sell shares. The investment firm claims to have the capability of the decentralized cryptocurrency network.

The platform claims to offer you equity in the global chain market and that it is easy-to-use. The investment firm claims through its methods; you encounter minimal risk while trading.

The company is, however, not clear on whether they are a brokerage firm, yet they claim to offer you brokerage services. The company was registered in 2018, and this is not enough time to boast of the experienced or stable venture.

The trading world is fast growing and facing numerous competition; hence promising huge returns is a major red flag that you should observe in this company. No clarity of service offered under and nothing makes sense in this investment firm.

Scammers rarely provide the founder’s information; this is a warning sign to keep you off from the platform. Spaar trading has not mentioned any information about employees, owners of the platform, and this proves the lack of transparency in the company.

The method applied and software used by this company to generate profits for you are unknown. The investment firm only tells investors how they can benefit from the trade but does not provide solutions.

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The only reason the founder’s information is not mentioned is to rob your money. Legit companies always provide data on who owns the company. Ponzi scheme uses registrars that allow them freedom of hiding their data. When one platform is closed, they immediately open another and try to scam you. claim safety of investor is guaranteed yet the methods they use to protect your information is not known. Your safety is not guaranteed, and that of your fund safety is also not guaranteed as no banking information is available. Review

Spaar Trading claims that through their investment methods, you will earn massive profits. The platform brags being one of the best investment platforms for you to venture in, yet the registration date does not support this allegation.

Ponzi schemes always brag recognition with other indicators as their trade partners. This investment firm claims being featured by the platform, such as MetaTrader 4, in their day-to-day trade.

The company runs all the trades, and your decision may not be effective when trading on the platform. No evidence of any successful trade has been provided by the platform; this proves murkiness in the platform. Review, Spaar Traders Platform

Investors with experience in the trade will realize that is a definite Ponzi scheme. The kind of figures this company claims to the return is not even attainable even in established companies within the speculated time.

Spaar Trading claims that through investment methods, both experienced and inexperienced investors get a chance to earn a massive amount. The investment methods are not mentioned, and nothing this company offers you make sense.

The company claims to be a Forex trade at the same time they claim indulging in cryptocurrency. is a dangerous scam that even does not provide corporation certificates to investors.

The crypto world is fast-growing, and the competition is rapidly increasing. Legit crypto trading platforms always provide you with a past trading background, and the Numbers help you in trusting the investment firm.

How operates

This investment firm brags that it trades Forex, ETF commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The platform claims to offer you an ROI of 300%. This figure directly rules out that the platform is a scam that will rob all your money, the time this company takes to generate this return is also not known.

The time investment firms take to generate profits for you should be well known, and failure to provide this information only raises doubt in their offer. The use of massive investment returns is a similar trait that is common in scam platforms and one that you should be aware of them.

Legit platforms always provide the estimated time it takes for a certain amount of profit to be generated, and this boosts your trust in the platform, and you can quickly deposit your money. No investor is seen to benefit from this, and no evidence has been provided for any successful pay.

Funds Safety

Spaar Trading does not guarantee fund safety to investors because they fail to provide any banking information. The company does not provide you with any bank information, and in case you lose your money, getting a refund is not guaranteed.

This investment firm has no back up of any investor who has successfully withdrawn funds from the platform. is a scam company that will swindle all of the money if you fall for their lucrative catch. Regulation and Customer Support

The platform is operating illegally as under all the regulatory bodies; they are not enlisted—the platform owner’s risk facing criminal prosecution once they are caught by the law.

No address has been provided of the company banking or location address, and this is a major red flag. Since unregulated companies are not tied to any law, they easily break all the trade laws.

Legit platforms that are regulated always provide these details on the website. Spaar Trading has not to mention legal certification, and once you fall for their tempting investment plan, you will lose money, and your account might get blocked or deleted.

The contact support or email address has not been mentioned, and in case you require assistance with your account or with the company, this is an impossible task. Legit trading companies always provide at least telephone contact or email for investors to raise a query or get assistance.

The spaar trading exposes several similar traits a scam companies. The platform failure to provide a regulatory certificate and contact support or even address of their whereabouts is a definite warning that you should not deposit your money with this company.

Final verdict

Spaar Trading it’s not a legit investment, and it is not regulated; hence you risk losing personal information to criminals. How the company plans to make a profit for you is also not known.

The platform also does not inform investors of the time it takes to generate the profits or even profit margin. No information about the company owners and their past trading background is available.

Legit trading companies will always provide reasonable return numbers. The contact information is essential for any investor looking to make a profit. Failure to provide contact support to investors or any assistance with the website only proves that the company is a Ponzi scheme set to Rob all your money.

The company only focuses on your deposit amount, and the method of withdrawal is unknown. Your funds are not safe with the platform, and once you deposit the money, the company will block your details, and because the owners are anonymous, reaching the platform is an impossible task.

The platform is operating illegally and generating money from the public without regulatory certificates. The investment firm only claims they offer massive returns to you, but after how long or how your money will generate, this returns is mysterious.

You should only trust companies mining platforms that provides evidence of every trade, and that pays you once you deposit your money with them. is a Ponzi scheme that will take all your hard-earned money if you give them a chance.

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