Ultra Miner Review: A Pyramid Scheme

Ultra Miner Review: A Pyramid Scheme

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Ultra Miner is a Ponzi scheme that portrays itself as a cloud mining platform. The platform claims to offer its clients a top-notch support service.

They allegedly are experienced in bitcoin mining and their team is comprised of crypto experts. The support is eager to help and trustworthy. You can read criticism of this site here as well.

The platform claims to have gained a lot of popularity in the market all thanks to their employees.

Digital currency is revolutionizing the world Ultra Miner impulses investors to join their platform and work together. The investment company is targeting both the expert and newbies investors.

The platform has stated on their website that right now is the perfect time for people to join the digital currency market.

Ultra Miner is a pyramid scheme that will steal investors’ money at any chance they get. The data they have provided is insufficient and doesn’t add up.

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They claim their platform is secure. Despite being new in the market, they claim to have met great returns for their investors, yet there is no evidence of testimonials.

The platform has hidden charges and investors have complained they are always asking for more maintenance costs, despite the investment company claiming that they charge low fees and transactions charges.

They promise users that they will provide them with adequate equipment and knowledge to enable them, to have a confident and ease time while mining BTC. Review

The platform claims to be a leading bitcoin cloud mining operators in the USA. The platform is new in the market, and there is no enough data to back up these allegations.

Furthermore, Ultra Miner company is not featured anywhere in the top mining companies in the world. The platform accepts investors from all over the world.

The mining platform claims they are located in A201 London, UK. Given their fraudulent nature, we strongly believe the company is not located in this area.

Ultra Miner Scam Review, Ultra Miner website

The investment company displays false information on the website. Cryptocurrencies are revolution the finance sector and many people are shifting from using fiat currency to digital currencies.

There are high charges and strict measures imposed by the traditional banking method. Ultra Mining comes in the picture by offering its clients a cloud mining platform that builds a decentralized space.

Investment Plan and Returns

The platform has been accused of asking more deposits from their clients, but when it comes to withdrawing funds, they do not allow them to.

Ultra Miner is another shady mining platform that offers clients unreasonable returns. The company has four that assure clients to increase their mining speed.

The starter is the first plan of this pyramid scheme. You can deposit 0.0005 BTC and get returns of 0.000017 BTC/day and 0.00051 in a month. Scam Review, Plan

However, the sad thing is this remain just number, and you will never receive these returns. They are unrealistic and too vast to be realized.

The Elementary plan promise users a return of 0.001785 Bitcoin in a day and 0.05355 satoshis in a month. The number is absurd, and the amount of funds you can deposit is 0.05 BTC.

The third plan is Intermediate. The amount of BTC you can deposit is 0.2. You are promised to earn rate of 0.00748 Bitcoin per day and 0.2244 in a month.

Superior is the Ultra Miner final plan. It offers a daily return of 0.0204 BTC and 0.612 BTC in a month. The amount of funds accepted by Ultra Miner is 0.5 Bitcoins.

Investors have gone up to 5 days without receiving their funds. They will block your account if you do not adhere to their demands.

If you are keen enough, you will discover that the returns are too high. The tactic is used by many pyramid scheme. It is only meant to entice investors and scam them their hard-earned money.

Affiliate Program

Just like every other Pyramid scheme, Ultra Miner has an affiliate program. The platform welcomes clients to invest with them.

They offer an enticing commission to those who bring in new members to trade in the platform. Do not be fooled by their claims as they are experienced fraudsters.

Ultra Miner has four lever affiliate system. The company depend on their customers to fish in more referrals and grow their targeted audience.

Ultra Miner pyramid scheme does not regulate investors on the methods to use when referring. You can write a blog, make a video, promote your referral rink in crypto forums or other relevant social media platforms.

Ultra Miner Scam Review, Ultra Miner Affiliate

You can also create an advert or share your referral link with friends, colleagues, or relatives. Keep in mind that Ultra Miner only cares about traffic. You will not receive the bonus they have displayed on their site.


The first Premium version promise users a 30% commission from the invited person mining deposits. The second Premium version you have to upgrade your free mining to get the 40% commission.

The third Premium version grants a 50% bonus from the direct referral mining payments. Nonetheless, this is a lot of money, and no legit platform would promise you this kind of bonuses.

The fourth and final Premium version promises a 100% bonus from the direct affiliate mining fees. Do not proceed with this malicious platform.

It won’t be possible to withdraw the bonus, and they will block you from accessing your account. You will only help them to reach more victims.

Is Regulated?

Any platform that takes money from the public ought to be regulated. Ultra Miner is an investment company that has not featured any information on whether they are licensed.

They claim to accept funds from across the globe, but there is no regulatory body that permits them to pursue their venture.

Ultra miner risks being prosecuted. However, the platform seems not to care about this as they are operating anonymously. We do not know who is running the operations of this mining company.

If they decide to exit the market today, nobody would know their whereabouts. The only thing the founder cares about is how they will scam as many victims as possible.

The platform will shut down sooner or later, and investors funds will be stuck. Above all, Ultra Miner is not a sustainable company. With all the red flags they have shown it is only wise if you avoid any involvement.

Customer Support

Professional scammers are running the platform. The support of Ultra Miner does not respond to customer queries. The address that the investment company has displayed is fake.

The support can only be contacted via email; [email protected] You should be very sceptical about this platform. They are operating anonymously, and they haven’t provided a phone number that you can contact them with.

Some clients have accused the platform of charging them a lot of money. They send invoice asking for server maintenance fees which is equivalent to price contract.

When clients withdraw their funds, the platform restricts them from accessing their account for two months. Ultra Miner is a shady platform that you should avoid at all cost.

They will keep asking for more money from clients and block your account without a valid reason, despite the investment company claiming to have a 24/7 support team. The support will only communicate with you when they need more cash.

The scam platform is an abusive, fake mining company. In addition, all their claims are null and will only amount to huge losses. will leave you high and dry.

Final Verdict

Cryptocurrency is spreading widely across the globe at an erratic pace. The platform falsely claims to be a Bitcoin Mining company that wants every crypto enthusiast to access and contribute to the growing decentralized technology.

Any authority in the world does not license Ultra Miner; hence they are operating illegally.

The investment company is also not transparent and have not disclosed the team behind their alleged mining activities. You should only invest with legit mining services in the cryptocurrency market.

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