VPS Forex Trader Review: Is Scam?

VPS Forex Trader Review: Is Scam?

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If you are like most beginners in Forex trading, you will start your trading career by exploring all the strategies and techniques that can help improve your returns. As time goes by, you will realize that you also need safety, scalability, accessibility and stability. That means the tools you are using to trade the Forex market place is one of the most critical components in your arsenal of trading tools, and can mean the difference between success and failure.

Currently, is one of the best VPS providers targeting the Forex market place. VPS Forex Trader has refined their services in such a way that traders can get the most out of their VPS hosting, thus getting a bang for their buck. By the way, VPS Forex Trader is also offering some of the most affordable plans around since users can purchase a plan for as little as $20 per month. The benefits can be tremendous due to the many perceived advantages that come with utilizing a premium grade VPS service for trading.


Therefore, in this VPS Forex Trader review, we will be looking to discuss a few important points about VPS trading and why you should go for VPS Forex Trader as opposed to any other service that is offering the same type of service.

VPS Forex Trader review

It’s not surprising that most beginners are still wondering what a VPS server for trading is. So we will start this review by explaining what a VPS service for Forex trading is. You see, a VPS is a dedicated server hosting. But in this case, we are talking of Forex trading as opposed to website hosting. This system uses what is known as virtualization technology to split the physical server into different compartments or virtual sub units. Each sub unit acts independently of each other, and is self sufficient.

Therefore, when you purchase a plan from VPS Forex Trader, you are actually purchasing a certain amount of memory, RAM and bandwidth. When you do so, you will enjoy the benefits of trading in a much safer environment where there is exceptional latency and many other advantages.

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VPS Forex Trader plans

There are 4 plans in total which have also been divided into sub plans to make them affordable to every trader out there. These plans are labeled VPS LT, VPS NL, Dedicated server LT and Dedicated server NL respectively. Each plan is divided 3 categories with the exception of the 4 plan which only has two sub categories.

The good thing with the first plan is that pricing starts at $20 per month, and this plan seems to be sufficient for beginners. The first 3 sub plans offer access to one, two or three CPUs depending with the plan you choose and the amount you are willing to pay. Network bandwidth is 100 MBps for all the plans. These are offered on the Windows OS server. The most you can pay under the first plan is $58 per month.

The second VPS plan costs $25 and $58 respectively. There doesn’t seem to be a big difference between the first and second plans in terms of features offered. The only difference is that in the second plan, servers are hosted in Netherlands while in the first plan, customers get access to servers hosted at DC Lithuania. The difference boils down to latency.

The third and forth plans are the most expensive of all as pricing starts at $90 per month. These are dedicated servers. So the benefits of trading with a dedicated server should be obvious when you purchase any of the 3 plans under this dedicated server plan. The highest price you can pay under this plan is $245 per month. This requires traders with a deep pocket or those who are possibly managing multiple trading accounts.

With the last plan (divided into two sub plans), the price can go up to $296 per month. These plans feature so much more compared to the basic plans offered by VPS Forex trader. There is generous RAM, bandwidth and Hard disk space. Again, these servers work on the Windows OS. You basically get what you pay for.

VPS Forex Trader offers

VPS Forex trader is currently running a promotion where you can pay $99 and enjoy their VPS trading experience for 6 months without additional payments. Perhaps this can be the best thing to take advantage of if you can afford it since if you went the usual way of paying $20 per month, you would spend more at the end of those 6 months (assuming you continued trading for 6 months or more.

Our take is that this promotion is good for those who have already identified their trading strategy and have resolved to trade for a long term. Perhaps you have found a good trading software and are looking to trade for a lifetime. This plan can be good to take advantage of. However, if you are just testing the waters and are not sure whether you want to invest more on something that you are most likely to abandon in the middle of the way, then testing with the $20 per month plan should be ideal.

Other benefits promised by this VPS Forex provider

Although the VPS hosting provider states that they are offering VPS service on Windows OS, they also have VPS hosting for Linux and Mac PCs. This is a personal choice generally. Most people are not so much concerned with the technical aspects of VPS Forex trading as long as they can enjoy the benefits of trading on a VPS server.

Other than this, the VPS provider has also integrated trading tools into the service to enhance your trading experience. Free installation assistance is offered.

They also promise that their VPS is broker-independent. This can be a plus given that it is in your best interest to rely on a fast and scalable server compared to that of your broker.

Our best advice for you

The best advice we can give is that you should definitely invest in a VPS service for your trading. Sign up here.

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