Bitcoin Secret Loophole Review: Scam Recycles Itself

Bitcoin Secret Loophole Review: Scam Recycles Itself

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Did you come across Bitcoin Secret Loophole by Steve McKay and are wondering whether it’s legit? Your search has probably ended because we are going to prove once and for all that Bitcoin Secret Loophole is a copycat scam which fully resembles scam software like Bitcoin Loophole.

This software has been designed with the intention of randomly trading, thus losing dinheiro in the process. The whole presentation was done by a character called Steve McKay. We have all the reasons to believe that this guy is also fake. He has never used the Bitcoin Secret Loophole software and neither has he tested the alleged results.

This app can allegedly make you a lot of money even if you don’t have experience trading the Cryptocurrency market. It employs arbitrage trading strategies in order to make $13000 a day.

This is too good to be true. We definitely have to question their true intentions because no trading application has ever made 13K in a day.

And the most ridiculous thing is that this software can be used for free. This is the number one reason why we suspect that this software is not a sound investimento.

Let’s take a look inside the shady trading app that is set to lose money anyway.

Bitcoin Secret Loophole review

If you had considered using this software earlier, perhaps it’s time to retreat because clearly nothing good can come out of a shady app like this one.

Bitcoin Secret Loophole review

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First of all, it is designed not to make money. And secondly, whatever little you will use to test it will go down the drain because the truth is that Bitcoin Secret Loophole is a white label.

Developers of white label software just include a bunch of trading indicadores inside the robot and sell it out to multiple vendors who will then customize it accordingly.

The reason why you are bound to lose all your money with such a robot is because it was not designed to be an intelligent trading robot.

Just adding a bunch of indicators on a trading robot and buying or selling according to the pre-determined metrics doesn’t make a robot any good.

Unfortunately, this is what happens under the hood of this filthy scam robot.

Don’t be fooled because it was customized with the logo of this website to make it look authentic. This is the wrong way of adding credibility especially when evidence suggests that Bitcoin Secret Loophole is a white label.

For that reason, you can rest assured that this software will only guess your trades because the developers didn’t put in the extra effort to make it efficient in trading.

By the way, who is the person presenting this software to traders? His name is Steve McKay, and we have all the reasons to doubt this.

Steve McKay of Bitcoin Secret Loophole

Before we can tackle his issue, we’d like to mention that the site where this app is hosted at is operated by anonymous people.

As usual, these people will make use of premium plan to hide their identities. This normally happen because crooks don’t want to take responsibilities of their evil actions on the internet. And the best way to avoid problems in such a business is to ensure that details of ownership are completely hidden from the public eye.

So now they have decided to use an impostor by the name Steve McKay. This guy is quite popular in the trading scam scenes. He is the same guy who was hired to present the Bitcoin Loophole scam. Now he is at it again, hawking an illegal software while claiming that it can make 13k a day.

Do you believe this fictitious character? Of course no one can believe him.

We have tried to investigate his details on the internet. Unfortunately, every time we try to search his background, we find nothing at all.

This suggests that he is using a fake name. The real name of the owner is not Steve McKay. There is no evidence whatsoever that his real name is Steve McKay. Because this is the case, you have no reason whatsoever to believe his utter BS. Everything he says is a big lie. The entire presentation was meant to mislead traders into making rush decisions which would see them funding a broker’s account and engaging this software only to lose everything.

Depoimentos falsos

Let’s continue with the drama in this Bitcoin Secret Loophole review. The site has a few video clips showing people who have allegedly made some money with this app.

Are these people real, such that their stories can be trusted? That’s what you must be asking yourself.

Well, these scammers are displaying a high level of ignorance. Definitely someone stole these pictures from a Motortrend review. As you can see, this has nothing to do with Cryptocurrency trading.

It’s such a shame that we have basted these guys using ol school methods of luring victims into this fake trading program.

These tactics no longer work as it is easy to discover that stock photos were used. This only shows how lazy a scam Bitcoin Secret Loophole system is.

It also proves that the site is run by scammers and crooks who can only steal from you. No money is to be made here.

Inside the software

When you look inside this software, you will discover that it is the same software as Bitcoin Loophole. This white label is known to lose money on a massive scale.

This app has been recycled so many times. There is nothing unique about it. We certainly don’t believe that there will be.

Traders who have used this software before have reported massive losses. We are not so sure how this scam plans to deal with such a bad reputation. Cleaning a bad reputation is a very difficult thing to do especially if you’re doing nothing other than purchasing copies of white label and then pushing them as original.

Therefore, this is yet another proof that Bitcoin Secret Loophole was meant to take people for a ride. There is nothing to marvel about in its trading algorithm.

You are better off trading without a software if this is the case. But just in case you’re looking for an alternative solution, this list can help you pick the best Cryptocurrency trading robot.

What else should you know?

One thing you should understand is that this software isn’t literally free to use. In fact, you won’t be able to activate it on an empty account.

The reason why it is touted as free though is because once you have funded your account, you can use it for ”free”.

The aim is to actually force you to use Kayafx. This broker has never bothered to be regulated, and has all sorts of complaints being directed at them every day.

Do you want to trade with a scam broker? That’s probably something you don’t want because it will contribute to your losses.

Nosso melhor conselho para você

You must stay away from unconvincing web pages that lack facts. Bitcoin Secret Loophole website is one of them. It is risky using such a software because it is known to lose money. Don’t repeat the same mistake, use esses robôs ao invés.

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