Desert Millionaire Review – Silly Scam Promises 70K a Month!

Desert Millionaire Review – Silly Scam Promises 70K a Month!

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The official website of the Desert Millionaire system would want you to believe that it’s possible to earn $70,000 every month with this program. That is exactly the message they are pushing to the gullible masses who desperately want money.

Do you realize that this system abuses binary options? You see, we have had good trading systems for some time now. None of these systems promise such abnormal returns. But they pay well.

However, with the Desert Millionaire, we cannot say the same simply because it has all the markings of a scam project.

The supposed owner of the Desert Millionaire system, Mr. Chris is just a fake guy who doesn’t mind earning a quick buck while peddling lies of what he is promoting online.

According to the so-called official website of this scam binary options system, Chris is the head and the system which they are promoting on this website is his lifetime commitment into discovering how traders can make lots of money easily and quickly.

He claims to have partnered with ”top-rated Home Trading Training specialists” to gain access to real-time financial data so as to enable his ”revolutionary” software work with an edge in the market.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top right hand side of their page to select your language.

Therefore, anyone who is gullible enough will definitely believe this hogwash. Sadly enough, this is the ugly truth. It is a scam. Get it straight from us.

Desert Millionaire system Review

This is a total joke, here’s evidence

The first thing we realized with this scam program is that it is working hard to make traders believe that it’s possible to make more than you have deposited in the blink of an eye.

As a matter of fact, Desert Millionaire promises instant wealth when you push a button. It’s one of those push-button wealth systems that sound too good to be true but deliver zero results.

This scam thrives on false assurance. For instance, the website says that this software is so accurate, thanks to its ability to work with real-time currency data in the market. It is allegedly possible to trade efficiently and profitably with this system because of the so-called partnership with insiders.

Of course this stuff sounds too good to be true. You have to be gullible to believe it.

The idea is that when you deposit $250, this software will start trading it on auto-pilot to make you the promised 70k at the end of the month.

We observed the video clip on the landing page and realized that the presenter was only reading a script as opposed to telling us what he knows concerning the Desert Millionaire.

This proves that he is not the owner, but an actor who has been hired to do this short video for the price of a loaf of bread. How pathetic?

And you see, if you want to try out this system, go on. But rest assured that you will get scammed. However, if you are looking for a genuine robot that can trade binary options and deliver reasonable profits, this list of trading systems will serve you well.

As always, we are not advising anyone to waste their time watching the sales video in the Desert Millionaire website. It contains a lot of rubbish so to speak. It’s a time waster because the kind of information that you need is very scarce here. They tend to concentrate on glam and wealth without telling their viewers how this software is able to achieve such massive wealth in a short time.

A recycled scam

We felt that there was need to bring this to your attention. This system has been recycled as it first appeared on the web sometimes in 2014, then it went quiet until now.

That means that they are ready to start scamming individuals once more. If this system was a scam in 2014, then most definitely it will still con unsuspecting victims in 2017.

Let’s get to see the fake results which they are touting on the Desert Millionaire website.

Fake trading results

For any system to prove its efficacy, it must produce real trading results which can be verified. These scammers know this. But because their software is nothing but a scam, they opted to fake results and pass them as legitimate.

Thankfully, it is always easy to spot fake results. We checked the website and found some alleged results which they claim were produced as a result of trading with Desert Millionaire program.

They have done neat work by cobbling things together, However, lack of attention to details pushed them to do a silly thing.

Desert Millionaire fake results

If you enlarge this image, you will see that prices don’t make sense. For instance, even if you take a look at a pair like EURUSD or GBPUSD, the price is always about 0.84. Why is that so?

They know very well that Desert Millionaire is a bogus system. Real price feed is very different from what they are presenting as results. Shame on them!

Why do they use scam actors?

There is strong evidence which suggests that Desert Millionaire website simply hired a bunch of lunatics to misrepresent this system.

scam actor Desert Millionaire

These guys are simply giving a false testimonial in support of a scam. We know that they were paid to do so. But their approach is quite manipulative.

If they claim that Desert Millionaire is a legitimate product, why can’t we have real traders endorsing it?

The author or vendor of this shoddy system keeps using the faces of these individuals as ”proof” that his software works.

While still pondering whether or not these individuals truly use Desert Millionaire system, the site serves you with a warning in form of a countdown timer. They are supposedly counting the number of slots still available before the window of opportunity closes.

If you want to catch the scammers in their own game, just refresh the Desert Millionaire website. The number will reset according to the default setting that the owner has chosen.

This kind of approach is usually used when they want you to make quick decisions even without thinking twice. Desert Millionaire scam wants to steal money from you, so a fake count down timer would help them tell you that time is limited and that you should hurry.

Unreasonable profit potential

Honestly, is there any trader out there who makes 70k per month?

This is pure illusion. It’s the language of scams. Making such amounts of money is very unlikely particularly if you’re getting a system for free and doing nothing other than sitting and waiting for money to come. You will be disappointed.

Desert Millionaire is a misleading product. What is more, the pitch video tells us that this crook does not know what they are talking about.

For instance, they claim that they have tried blogging, pay per click and internet marketing and that none of this worked.

But in reality, this guy is promoting a product, and that’s what internet marketing is all about. The idea is that he wants to make it look like this software is the real deal to those who are lazy.

Our best advice for you

Desert Millionaire should be avoided at all cost. We have already given you a link back to products that we recommend. If you must trade binary options, please use those products.

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