HawkCode Review: Just Scam Hawking Fake Software

HawkCode Review: Just Scam Hawking Fake Software

Share This! is a pathetic scam. Just like Quantum Code, HawkCode will ask you to deposit $250 with a certain rogue broker, and then let the software trade it to waste.

HawkCode is said to be very profitable (the scammer says so). In fact, they claim that it makes $237 per hour. It website follows a common pattern which involves an invitation to test the system so that you can earn up to $237 per hour. This is the classic definition of a scam that is looking to prey on the ignorance of the visitor landing on their website.

We all know that these promised don’t make sense. And it’s for a very good reason — these people only want to steal money from you. That’s it.

At this point in time, let’s agree on one thing: there is no making $237 out of thin air. Secondly, this software lacks a verified trading foundation to even make a penny from the financial markets.

Third, the design of this website gives it away altogether. It makes it look like a classic scam. Nobody can fall for this trick.

But we are reviewing it anyway because there is a big chance that some people will still fail to take the red flags seriously, and will end up jumping in blindly.

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HawkCode Review is a very funny website. In fact, we didn’t take it seriously when we first came across it. There is a video presentation on the homepage and a sign up form besides it where you’re supposed to enter your details to start making the alleged $237 per hour.

This video presentation is nothing more than screenshots accompanied by a poorly-done voice over presentation.

This video does not communicate any important details concerning the HawkCode system. Instead, the presenter talks about very irrelevant things. He discusses world affairs and explains that HawkCode is the solution to the financial crisis that people are experiencing in the planet.

The video shows us pictures of inflated bank accounts and claims that these accounts belong to people who have been using the HawkCode for their trading.

Basically, this video presentation is full of trash. There is nothing important to take away from it.

Let’s talk about this man — Stephen Hawking. Is Stephen Hawking the real owner of this website? Absolutely not. The real owner of Hawk Code is a totally different person. He is only impersonating the real Stephen Hawking.

If you scroll down the page, you will see a supposed letter from Stephen Hawking. He introduces himself as a Physicist and smartest man in the world. Now he is taking a break from his norm and venturing into something different.

He claims that for the last 18 months, he has been working on HawkCode software.

He claims that he is very much interested in fair wealth distribution, and that’s why he is giving everyone the chance to start making money for free.

The fake Stephen Hawking of HawkCode claims reminds us of the famous story of the top 1% wealthy population and how he is determined to grow this percentage by making more people join the club. Isn’t this a classic story that most scams in this niche often tell their audience?

How is the fake Stephen Hawking supposed to close the gap between the rich and the poor?

He claims that he has developed Hawk Code, a software that gathers bits of information here and there and make accurate prediction of trades.

He claims that HawkCode is now capable of predicting the stock market by 81% accuracy rate while traders at Wall Street are doing 50%.

Now, the funny story is that Stephen Hawking of HawkCode is claiming that he doesn’t want the stock market to collapse. So he has designed this software in such a way that it will trade and only let people make 200 Euros at a time.

This way, wealth is supposed to slowly drip back to regular people without raising eyebrows.

Because of the Hawk Code algorithm, poverty in the world is supposed to be eradicated by 2025.

Now, this scammer and impostor is saying that his software will make you 1800 Euros every day if you sign up with his broker.

He proceeds to begging people to sign up with his recommended broker so they can start making wealth.

stephen hawking scam

Things you need to realize before it’s too late

You need to realize that ”Stephen Hawking” is an impersonating character. The real name of the owner of HawkCode scam is not Stephen Hawking. In fact, he cannot be found anywhere on the internet since he prefers to remain anonymous.

He supposedly wants to make you rich while keeping a low profile. You should therefore ask yourself: why does he want to make you rich in the first place? Is he gaining anything by making you rich?

That’s a question that scammers don’t want to be asked because they don’t have any answer to such questions.

The same applies to this impostor. The so-called HawkCode algorithm is a fake software. It is a generic algorithm that is designed to gamble with money once it detects that your broker’s account is funded.

You may have seen a couple of faces in this website claiming that they made money with HawkCode software.

Well, if you investigate them, you will realize that they are nothing but stock photos. No one has ever made money with the HawkCode algorithm whatsoever. Don’t be cheated. These photos can easily be proved that they don’t belong to the alleged traders in this website.


The scammer also claims that when you make a small deposit of $250, you will make $700-$1200 per day. You will become extremely wealthy even if you know nothing about the stock market.

This faceless Stephen Hawking must be a big liar because when you look at the fine print on the website’s footer, you will see ineligible writings warning people that HawkCode does not guarantee wealth.

But at the same time, this is the message that is being preached on this website. They are preaching wealth and even guaranteeing wealth yet the fine print is very clear on this matter.

Stay away from Hawk Code

We don’t know the real owner of this website. So we cannot trust him at all.

Secondly, this software does not have any verified performance. How can you proceed to deposit $250 when there is no verified performance to ascertain that the so-called HawkCode makes money?

Third, the testimonials are fake. That means this software does not work. It has never worked for anyone. That is why they don’t have any testimonials to show us.

hawkcode testimonials

Last but not least, the income projections are too high, too good to be true. You cannot afford to be convinced that making $227 per hour is a realistic goal.

Our best advice for you

HawkCode will snatch the $250 and leave you disappointed because you trusted them blindly.

One thing you have to realize is that there are so many scam markings on this website. There is no way we can be wrong when it comes to the authenticity of this website. In fact, everyone else is convinced that this is a scam.

The best thing to do now is to invest in these trading programs. You will never lose money when you follow our recommendations.

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