AiProFX Review: A Forex-Based Ponzi Scheme

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AiProFX Review: A Forex-Based Ponzi Scheme

AiProFX is a Forex company that claims to have a reliable trading system and the “most powerful software and systematic monitoring system” to help users earn maximum profits. With such tall claims, it becomes important to analyze the working model of in detail to determine whether it can actually provide you with any significant profits.

So, let’s review the different features, claims, and promises in AiProFX. Keep reading to determine whether AiProFX is a genuine earning opportunity or if it’s a scam like many other platforms in the Forex trading industry.

AiProFX Logo

Overview of AiProFX

AiProFX describes itself as a combination of multiple Forex and stock market experts from all over the world. Moreover, states that the company has combined the power of experts as well as modern algorithms to help people avoid the volatility of the trading industry.

However, it is important to mention here that even the most sophisticated trading bots cannot predict volatility with 100% accuracy. Hence, AiProFX’s claims are highly exaggerated.

Another key thing to notice about the ‘About Us’ section of is that it claims to be full of experts at many places. Yet, the company does not disclose the names of these ‘experts’ or any other team members of the platform. It shows that the company is only making claims of having an experienced and professional team of experts without being transparent about it.

Domain Insights was registered in 2020 and thoroughly updated in 2023. In one place, the website claims to have the most powerful monitoring system. Yet, the kind of traffic it is getting shows that the company has not been getting as much attention as it is claiming.

Nevertheless, the traffic to the website has been slowly increasing over the past few months. An insignificant amount of traffic is coming from the USA, while Malaysia is contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. Hence, it is possible that the company is running from Malaysia.

Owner of AiProFX

AiProFX does not provide any details about when the company was established or who formed it. Despite the platform’s claims of being full of trading experts, it does not mention the name of the owner or any other executive of the company.

Nevertheless, an interesting thing about AiProFX is that it has some sort of agreement with the Ponzi scheme, YuniKonFX. The website states that the company is able to provide 8% monthly returns through YuniKonFX. Such kind of agreement highly suggests that both of these companies are being run by the same person from Malaysia.

Registration Free of AiProFX

AiProFX makes very tall claims of being a “free” trading platform to help everyone make huge profits from the Forex trading industry. However, only the initial affiliate membership of the company is free, for which you cannot make any profits.

If you want to participate in any kind of earning opportunities of, you will have to make an investment of an amount of anywhere between $20 to $700 on an annual basis.

The company is currently accepting these payments in BTC, LTC, and USDT. Ultimately, these registration fees show that the company’s business model is similar to any other Ponzi scheme.

The more you pay, the higher income you can generate with AiProFX. Yet, there is no proof that you will be able to get this money, even after making an investment.

Therefore, after careful consideration of AiProFX’s business model, it can be deduced that the company is not a reliable source of income. You can lose a significant amount of investment in this platform. Hence, you should not invest in it. Instead, you should be using well-established Forex trading bots and brokers to make money through legitimate and reliable methods.

Income Structure of AiProFX

AiProFX has an odd business model. It requires users to submit a certain amount of fee before even making an investment. These fees are different from your investment. Hence, users are expected to spend a significant amount of money. Moreover, these annual fees are charged on an annual basis. is promising users access to their passive income opportunity on the basis of the following fee breakdown:

  • Basic Level, at which you have to pay a $20 fee so you can invest up to $100.
  • Advanced Level, at which you have to pay a $70 fee so you can invest up to $100 to $1000.
  • Pro Level, at which you have to pay a $120 fee so you can invest up to $100 to $2000.
  • Diamond Level, at which you have to pay a $400 fee so you can invest up to $100 to $5000.
  • Emerald Level, at which you have to pay a $700 fee so you can invest up to $100 to $10,000.

Once you make these investments, the company is saying that you can get a profit of about 8% to 15% or even more per month. However, the company does not dive into the details about how much profits will be earned. Instead, it only tells the users to make an investment and let the experts do their work.

Features of AiProFX

There are several features and claims of AiProFX that need to be analyzed and discussed in detail.

Quality Services

AiProFX is claiming that it is offering reliable and quality services. The website also states that the quality of the services is ensured by a team of experts and professionals.

However, the very basis of such a claim is suspicious. The company is not providing any information about the ‘experts’ or any person running the company. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the company is falsely promoting its quality services.

Innovative Ideas

Another key feature of AiProFX is that its team has come up with intelligent and innovative ideas to help users make money via trading. However, the business model of the company shows that there is nothing on this platform.

In fact, the business model of seems similar to any other Ponzi scheme. Such companies tend to collapse due to lack of investment. Hence, AiProFX’s claims of being an innovative company are also highly exaggerated.

Budget-Friendly has contradicting statements when it comes to the amount of money you have to spend on the website. In one place, it is promoting free registration. However, there are significant annual charges you have to pay to qualify for the investment opportunity. Therefore, AiProFX is not a budget-friendly platform, especially for new traders.

Most Powerful Monitoring System

AiProFX’s claims of having the most powerful monitoring system are clearly only to entice users and get their investment. There is no evidence to back up such claims.

In fact, AiProFX is a relatively new platform. It seems unfeasible that the company has been able to outsmart the large-scale trading platforms to build the most powerful trade monitoring system. It is evident that the company is desperately making such claims to attract users and get their investment.


Now that you are familiar with all the features and claims of AiProFX, it is evident that is not a reliable company to invest in. There is a high chance that the company will collapse, and you will lose your money without even getting any profits.

Instead of investing in a Ponzi scheme like AiProFX, you should consider investing in reliable Forex trading brokers. Such platforms have been around for many years and are known for their reputation, efficiency, and reliability in providing significant profits.

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