Asset Associates Review: Scam Investment Firm

Asset Associates Review: Scam Investment Firm

Share This! is a scam investment firm with little to no ownership data, and it seems like most of the data pertaining to this online investment firm is scattered and concrete: with no form of coherence to create an impression of a legitimate online investment firm. It claims to offer online, financial, and investment services prospective customers, but, ironically, does not have a BBB accreditation.

This investment from Claims to have an ASIC accreditation, and it also claims to be located in Australia and boasts of the provision of transparent and honest service delivery. Let’s take a look at some of the proficient data found on the website.

Asset Associates Review, Platform

It seems like the website developer put in much effort to ensure that the website is full of savvy, empty claims that the investment firm is putting much effort into ensuring sustainable corporate governance that is unleashed and evenly spread to all dimensions.

Despite such claims, it is quite clear that this investment firm is not registered for GSI despite it claiming that its regulator is the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Before giving in into such claims, one should have in hand nitty-gritty operations details of any online investment firm. Moreover, there should be total transparency and communication instead of posting long strings of lingual mazes.

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Therefore, before subscribing to any investment plan, ensure that you are investing with best Forex trading which are legit and have legislative requirements. You don’t want a trail of infinite irregularities and illegalities inconveniencing you later on in the future.

Identification  Regulatory difficulties

Due too little to no provision of any background company data is therefore difficult to give a satisfactory word on this online investment firm’s legitimacy. There is no history depicting the accumulation of prerequisite experience in the fiscal realm in order to fully convince us that investments made won’t just go down the drain but bear fruits in return.

This investment farm is unregulated, despite claims being regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The lack of a regulator and anonymity: are very serious traits that clearly pinpoint the fact that all investments can disappear into the blues.

There is no provision of names of top officials, Such as CEO names and board of directors. See, giving us a glimpse into the management gives us a rough idea of the leadership we are trusting with our money with. See, such conditions create obscurity on whether funds are safe. Moreover, the firm does not provide any banking data or financial breakdown. If there is the provision of none, how do we expect them to keep flamboyant claims and lucrative promises made on their website?


This investment firm only accepts payment in the form of bitcoins. Doesn’t this sound a little bit intentional? Yeah, it is actually a maneuver that’s intended to disable the use of credit cards, which means that bitcoins paid are not retrievable.

The use of non-refundable forms of payment is clear indicators of loopholes. In any successful investment, fund security counts a lot, therefore for Asset, restrain.

The minimum allowable investment is $120.This value of money is only transferred in bitcoin form.

Claims are made on the website that the experts are dedicated to ensuring implementation, settlement, and handing over remedies to potential investors. The ironic element about it all is the expectations of the owner to think prospective customers will make vague investments based on such shallow claims, with no elaborations on risk management and parameters of interest generation.

Affiliations to scam sites

After thorough research, we noted the fact that this investment firm was related to other scam sites such as Dun and broad street, who claimed to collect financial data from various companies and use these data to enable their customers to conduct successful trading operations.

There is a common element to this form of operation, in the sense that there is no provision of that activity which are obliged to enable good risk management and generation of ROI. Only vague claims are made. We also noted that when we tried to locate the location of this investment firm at first, we came across a United Kingdom-based company that was dissolved in 2015.

Suspiciously several sites had the same identical name but different data, which leaves us with a thought that this cartel group operates on scam and clone works. The prevalent traits amongst all these sites were services claimed to be provided were not classified anywhere. I think it is safe to conclude that this investment farm is more of a ghost firm.

Suspicious agent operations

The first thing that popped up when the search was initiated under the name on the internet was a peculiar agent by the name Deena Dayalu G. This agent seems to have averse information from what we saw on the official site.

The interesting thing is that the agent spontaneously operates under some very questionable circumstances; in spite sharing a common site and logo with the leading site, he claims that he aids selling by easing up the tiresome and time-consuming experience by showcasing and fetching prospective customers who are willing to meet the price requirements.

The agent also boasts that streamlines pricing and advertisement by linking a willing seller to a willing buyer. The agent also claims that also helps in renting and hiring. He boasts of making the process hassle-free by finding prospective tenants.

Similar to the main site, there was no mentioning of the types of services or investments being made.

 Domain and Alexa rank

We tried our level best to locate the domain. However, we came across astonishing results. Asset associates claim to be listed under the domain, which seems to have apparently been operational since 2007. It is contrary to the claims that we matched on the official website, whereby registration is set to be done in September 2019.

The interesting thing was that The IP address seemed to have some sort of random generation since we came across several locations which were purported to be actual locations of this investment firm. Some of these locations included Houston USA, Chennai  Nagar, and other European addresses.

This is a clear red flag that should deter prospective investors from entering any contract with this investment firm. Why should the site custodian heavily apply VPN if the services are genuine?

VPNs are software that hides the global positioning of a party from external location tracking. Too much secrecy leads to eventual obscurity and lament.

Customer feedback and online review

After numerous efforts to try and validate the legitimacy of this investment firm, we came to no pros and this, in turn, led us to seek available online reviews from customers who have reportedly benefited from this firm.

It really baffled us, as there was no provision of customer feedback. We only came across relentless complaints of how people lost their funds to some anonymous fraudulent personalities feigns as an investment from.

Final verdict

In this new millennium-age, financial stability is a crucial pillar in a person’s life. However, it is on this account that sneaky, online scammers take advantage of to unfairly acquire money from naive and uninformed financial investors. Before giving in to claims provided by any online investment agency.

It is advisable and recommended for one to have all records set straight, thus inhibiting unnecessary losses from occurring and reoccurring. Therefore, on this account, we prescribe seeking services from credible and renowned online investment companies.

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