Bit-Holdings Review: Aggressive Scam

Bit-Holdings Review: Aggressive Scam

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Bit-Holdings ( is an anonymous Cryptocurrency trading scam platform to avoid. Bit Holdings is an awkward website with both English and Latin languages on the website. It is unclear who the target is, but we believe the broker wants to target the South American market. Cryptocurrency has gain traction in South America and the broker wants a piece of it. And they have created an enticing website to fool most investors. Read this honest and transparent BIT-HOLDINGS Review for more details.

About Bit-Holdings

About Bit-Holdings

The company is completely anonymous and is not found in any company register. Background and trading history of the platform is yet to be known which leaves a lot of questions. According to their about us page, the broker promises a high yield of 85 percent. What the broker offers is a realistic profit margin, but not in under an hour. Bit-Holdings is promising a guaranteed 85 percent ROI every hour. And this is what led us to investigate why a broker would post a false claim.

Bit-Holdings is claiming to have its corporate headquarters in London. Scam brokers will do or say anything to try and make their platform appear legit. It appears the broker is targeting investors from Europe by using the UK as their base of operation. The problem with their claim is none of the UK Crypto investors and traders have heard of them. With no prior trading background and history, the platform remains relatively new. And it is hard to trust a new online Crypto broker with no company registration.

The safest way to trade with Crypto is by having tested recommended robots. They offer the best and fair trading services to all types of investors.

Assets Found on Bit-Holdings

The platform strictly offers Cryptocurrency trading on its website. Features found on these crypto accounts include ICO access and promise of a high payout. There are three coins on offer, Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin. Leverage and spread available for these coins is not mentioned. Traders should avoid platforms that fail to inform users about the available trading conditions. Unsuspecting investors are signing up and depositing funds without the slightest clue of features available. And this gives the broker leeway to impose harsh trading conditions.

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Business Owner

Bit-Holdings is an anonymous online company with no valid address. The address posted on their contact page is bogus. It is an indication of the broker’s intent to stay anonymous for the entire duration. Anonymous websites are a hard nut to crack for any online trading enthusiasts. They shut down shop at any given time without giving members a warning. And we believe this is what the broker is planning in the long run. Shutting down when deposits reach a required sum.

Domain Details

A domain checker gives information regarding when a website was created. Thanks to this tool, we are able to determine when the website was created. The domain is barely 170 days old as of publishing this post. Records show the website was created on 17th December 2019. It is proof the platform was recently created and in a rush. The broker wants to get a lot of members before finally shutting down. It is the norm with anonymous Crypto trading websites.

Team Members

Reading their staff member part, the broker claims to have a team of professionals behind them. These professionals are said to have a combined experience of more than 30 years. They claim the team has a solid experience in Bitcoin mining and trading. The question still remains, why don’t they post the names of these experts? Scam brokers will claim to have experience and a professional team. What they fail to do is give the names of these individuals. And this is a sign we are dealing with an anonymous team of scam artists.

License and Registration of Bit-Holdings

FCA Warning on Bit-Holdings

With the broker claiming to have residence in the UK, we checked with authorities from the region. The Financial Conduct Authority has issued an alert over this broker. An alert is an indication that the regulator has found damning features on the broker. Bit-Holdings is NOT LICENSED OR REGULATED to offer any trading services. They are misleading investors and traders with their website.

Other regulators in the EU region plan to issue a warning regarding this broker. These include BaFIN, CONSOB, FINMA, and SEC. The problem with anonymous websites is it becomes hard to track them down. With deposits not insured, victims should not expect to be compensated. The broker fails to give any license or registration details on their website. It is a good enough reason to stay away from them.

Limitations of Bit-Holdings

Account Details

Bit-Holdings Account Details

Bit-Holdings is furnishing members with four account types to choose from. These accounts include Beginner, Intermediate, Pro, and Expert. At their homepage, the broker claims the minimum trading requirement is $250. After visiting the account’s page, the deposit amount changes. Beginner account holders must deposit $10,000 to start trading. These are high and over the moon price which is an indication of the broker breaking set rules. No trader in their right mind should sign up with such a high minimum deposit requirement.

Contact and Customer Support

The broker has listed a UK phone number and an email address as part of the communication channels. Emails are posing a risk to investors as they insist on getting your address. With your email address, these scam brokers will bombard clients with sales products. Investors start getting emails from products they haven’t subscribed to. And this is as a result of the broker selling your contact information to clients.

Funding Accounts

Members get an email with instructions on where to deposit funds. The depository process takes less than five minutes and anyone can get access to these channels. Withdrawing funds with BitHoldings is the biggest problem members face. None of the members we contacted have ever received funds from the broker. They get excuses from the broker such as banks not accepting their system.

Trading Terminal

Bit-Holdings is using a web custom made trading platform when offering trading services. The problem with such platforms is the unstable due to lack of proper testing. Members have been complaining of slow execution speed by the platform. Other complaints include having compatibility issues with the trading terminal. Smart phones are not able to download the trading platform. And this makes members who prefer to trade on the go face serious problems. It is best to stay away from such a nuisance.

Safety of funds with Bit-Holdings

Safety of funds is a problem as none of the members are making any withdrawals. Bit-Holdings is pooling funds in one account by failing to segregate funds. The broker allows members to deposit funds to a single account owned by the scam broker. Stay away from such a broker who does not secure funds deposited by members.

Scam or Legit Bit-Holdings

Bit-Holdings Deposit Options

After carefully scrutinizing the website, it is clear Bit-Holdings is a scam. These are professional online scam artists who have created a cloned Crypto trading site. To ensure safety, mark any of their promotional emails as spam. Stay away from any of their affiliate programs as they too don’t pay users. These are scam brokers whose intent is to steal funds deposited by unsuspecting investors. It is a shame that anonymous websites are tarnishing the good Crypto trading name.


Adding this broker to our scam blacklist will enable our readers to stay away from the platform. Crypto trading can be a lucrative way of making extra cash. Another proven way of making money with digital currency is mining. Why don’t you sign up with authentic crypto robots? They offer a safe trading environment for investors.

Stay safe and use the right trading tools advocated by experts. We wish traders all the best.

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  1. I’ve been scammed out of a LOT of money by them. Reported to fraud police, London. They are based out of the Middle East/Africa (I suspect Israel, but another source reveals UAE and Africa

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