Bitcoin Benefit Review: Watch Out For this Losing Trading Software

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Bitcoin Benefit Review: Watch Out For this Losing Trading Software

Benefit is a bot that is trading cryptocurrency. The platform is an old scam that is not worth investors’ trust. They feature a live video that shows that investors are making profits. However, you will not make any returns when you invest in this shady firm.

The company is promising investors a passive income. The fantasy of getting rich by simply pressing a few buttons is not attainable. Every trader wants to make money, but it is not as easy as these scammers put it.

Bitcoin Benefit claims that those that test the waters by joining them will have better lives. Cryptocurrency trading is one of the methods you can use to earn profits. However, becoming rich overnight will not happen.

Investors who are greedy and want to grab every opportunity thrown at them will only regret joining this venture. The signing up process is simple as you only need to share your full name and contact.

Trade safely by investing with licensed crypto trading bots in the market. The companies are reputable and have no intention of scamming their customers. Moreover, their clients are pleased with their services as they attest to the outstanding performance of the bot.

Bitcoin Benefit Review

Bitcoin Benefit is a company that guarantees investors great rewards that they cannot deliver. Particular people claim that this company is legit. However, these are people that receiving commission for every victim they sign up.

The Ponzi scheme will not bring financial freedom to clients. The bot is being marketed as a consistent money-making machine. The company lacks transparency and should not be trusted. Moreover, they claim that they do not have any hidden fees.

Scammers will inflict high withdrawal charges with claims of taxation. Additionally, they also have other requirements that they do not disclose publicly. If you visit the Bitcoin Benefit website, you will notice that trading conditions are not available.

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Bitcoin Benefits Review, Bitcoin Benefits Platform

The bot is only marketing itself as the next big thing in the industry. However, there is nothing much about the entity. Their headline is that Bitcoin Benefit was created to make any trader a millionaire through BTC trading.

The platform is targeting those that do not know how the crypto market works. The software states that you do not need to be an expert trader; you can start earning immediately you become a member.

Who is the Founder of Bitcoin Benefit?

The founder of Bitcoin Benefit is an anonymous person. Don’t you find it suspicious that nobody is taking credit for this ‘amazing software’? The reasons why scammers stay hidden are because they do not want to blow up their cover.

They are running an illegal business hence avoiding the government from tracing them. Do not invest in an anonymous company. They do not have your best interest at heart. The person running this firm only wants to enrich himself.

Promised Returns

Bitcoin Benefit promises investors daily profits of $5000. The amount is absurd and impractical. If you do the math, you will see the red flag. Even the best legit platform in the market does not offer profits close to this Ponzi scheme.

Automatic trading bots make the trading activity simple. However, do not take it as a breakthrough to your success. Some investors have lost money. You need to trade safely with licensed robots. The software allegedly does not make losses, which is absurd.

How Does Bitcoin Benefit?

The software allegedly uses the historic market signal to make the real-time analysis. The company brags that it is using sophisticated technology to earn investors high returns. However, there is no trading activity visible in this company.

The company does not sufficient traffic coming to its website. Moreover, they are infamous for being a scam. A company that claims that it will make traders rich should not be your option. However, the methodology that they are using is not clear.

The disadvantages that surround this company are greater. There is nothing positive that comes from trading with this company. The platform states that it has a win rate of 98%. However, we cannot see successful investors that can verify they have earned from this company.

 Is Bitcoin Benefit Free?

Bitcoin Benefit software is not free. Investors need to deposit a minimum amount of $250 to become members. The amount can be recovered in a matter of seconds. However, since this is a scam, you should not believe everything they tell you.

You are subjected to paying more money when they sign you up to unregulated brokers. The company is trying to make the affiliate marketer rich. Trade with licensed brokers in the market.

Bitcoin Benefit Customer Support

Bitcoin Benefit does not have any contact details. There is no means of communication that you can use to contact the support.  However, the platform brags that they have active support that operates 24/7.

The legit crypto trading platform in the market will have competence support. Avoid this company because they do not care about traders. The red flag of not having a support team should not be taken lightly.

Moreover, the country of origin of Bitcoin Benefit remains unknown. The level of discrete with this firm is worrisome. We do not recommend this scam bot to members of the public. Walk away while you still can.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Bitcoin Benefit is a platform that claims withdrawals are processed automatically. However, they do not verify the payment methods accepted on the website. Investment companies that do not display their requirement publicly should be kept off.

You will deposit money directly into the scammers’ wallets. Therefore, you cannot recover the amount once you cash in their system. Your fund safety should be your number one priority. A platform that does not offer that is not worth your time or resources.


Bitcoin Benefit is not regulated. The platform is a shady venture that is accepting investors from all over the world. However, they have not met the requirement that the regulatory body has put in place.

The trading software is an illegal venture that does not have a corporate overseeing its investment activities. They also don’t care about the set rules. Therefore, what makes you think that they have the best interest of their clients?

Bitcoin Benefit is a Ponzi scheme without permission to run. Invest with companies with a license from reputable watchdogs like FCA, ASIC, NFA, or CySEC.

Bitcoin Benefit Clients Feedback

Bitcoin Benefit has acquired multiple negatives from investors across the world. The majority believe that the company is a scam, while a few want to test the water with this entity. Those who leave positive remarks state that the negative reviews are from ignorant clients.

However, the platform is using stock images to trap more victims. The information that they use is full of malice. The individuals state that they are living as nomads visiting any location that they please.

The company was designed for the risk-takers, those who do not ask any questions and are ready to take any opportunity coming their way. Unfortunately, joining this platform is an irreversible mistake.

Final Verdict

Bitcoin Benefit is a scam that is using old tricks to steal from innocent traders. The red flags which the company has are multiple. We advise investors to say away from this entity. There are better alternatives in the industry.

Trade with legit crypto trading companies that are licensed. It will save you from the troubles of being scammed. Moreover, it is a guarantee that in case of bankruptcy, you will be compensated.


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