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On the homepage of Bxen website, they declare that All arbitrages are safe with special algorithms. The site does not reveal ownership information. In addition to this, Bxen claims to generate investment returns from the use of artificial intelligence trading. They claim that they have developed an arbitrage trading app which is used to trade on multiple exchanges. The site tells us that there are over 24k members using their platform. In addition to this, Bxen wants investors to believe that their users are currently utilizing some 170 bots which have been created by their team.

Prior to changing the contents of this site, the original site that utilized this domain was running a free faucet scam where they claimed users could ask for Bitcoin payouts every hour. They were also claiming to offer Bitcoin trading bots that lets users invest to gain profit by 5%, 20% or 25%. The minimum payout was 50000 Satoshi which was to be paid directly to your wallet. So today it’s definitely using another method to scam internet users.

In this Bxen review we explain how this crypto program has nothing to do with real trading. The Bxen’s website says that this service is about special arbitrage algorithms that will trade on exchanges and make you money. The basic investment plan promises 5% daily returns. All investments are done in bitcoins. Is it real? Definitely this is a scam and you should just stick to reputable trading systems which have been proved to trade Crypto currencies with a high accuracy rate. If you want to make money as a Crypto currency trader, you need to rely on professional apps that have the intelligence of analyzing the market accurately to open trades that make money. Having said this, we will go ahead and analyze the platform and its features. But you should keep at the back of your mind that this is a scam.

Bxen review

We refer to this program as the Bxen scam. It is one of those scams that you can understand just by looking at the numbers. 5% daily means 150% monthly, which is absolutely ridiculous and impossible to achieve.

Don’t get us wrong, it is possible to make money in crypto trading. Arbitrage trading is about buying a certain crypto on an exchange with a lower price and reselling it on another exchange with a higher price. It is never without risks, though, because you can get into problems with liquidity, transfer times, withdrawals or exchange malfunction for example. So, saying that arbitrages are easy and a sure way of making money is a lie. There are many professional arbitrage robots competing out there.

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But let’s get back to bxen, there is no way for an anonymous crypto service to make you 150% monthly. This is just a fact that you have to accept.

Features which Bxen uses to entice victims to join

They make investors believe that the safety of their funds is important to them. They claim to keep accounts extremely secure but the truth is that the owners of the platform are the ones who plan to steal from you and not some external element like hackers.

SSL certificates, which they claim is reinforcing security is actually a useless thing because the owner of this site is the thief.

They claim to be as transparent as possible. This is what they tell their investors: Full-time analysis with log records for all buy and sell transactions. Again, this is pretty useless if the operator of this site is the scammer in question. Having access to logs does not mean any transparency.

4 years of investment experience

To convince naive investors, the site operator claims that they are happy to serve you with their development process for approximately 4 years and they trust their system very much. You need to know that the site was registered just the other day and that means they have not been around for the amount of time they claim. This is another big lie which simply means the site cannot be trusted.

Anonymous owner

This is a big red flag. You should never invest your money in an operation that is run anonymously. If the owner of this site does not feel comfortable disclosing his identity, it simply means they are up to no good. It is one of the red flags that we are concerned with. You need to understand that this is not by coincidence but by design.

How Bxen is designed to make you lose money

Bxen was obviously designed as a Ponzi scheme, which means that it runs a pyramidal game with money. It will use money from new deposits to pay out older profits.

But with such a system there is always a problem with liquidity, since no real profits are generated. This is why these scams always have an inevitable end, namely a collapse that exposes empty wallets.

Even if you manage to squeeze some money out of it before it collapse, it will be somebody else’s loss. This is why you should always stay away from this bxen fraud. Actually, we are suggesting that this is a ponzi scheme if not a total scam. A ponzi scheme is designed to operate in this manner. Investor A joins today and deposits some money. When that happens, the owner may decide to pocket 90% of the funds and only give out 10% hoping to build trust among members so they can deposit more money. So actually the days of Bxen are numbered as it will most likely collapse.

Our best advice for you

Bxen is a typical scam, it has nothing to with real crypto trading, it is just an illegal financial game. We have studied it for some time and realized that there is no arbitrage trading going on in this platform. Users simply deposit their hard earned money and once that happens, they can expect to forget their deposit altogether. The site has no mechanisms for real trading. There is no evidence that they are connecting to any Crypto exchange where arbitrage trading will take place. Stick to these apps.

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