Cryptoinbox Review: Why This Is A Deadly Scam

Cryptoinbox Review: Why This Is A Deadly Scam

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Cryptoinbox is an illegal Bitcoin cloud mining and referral marketing website. We have no doubts about it. The website focuses more on ATC Coin and claims that members can earn even more when they refer their friends. Also, there is no way to join this illegal scheme without first referring someone. That made the entire project quite suspicious indeed.

Another thing that clearly points to the fact that Cryptoinbox is a scam is because there is no clear definition of what products and services they are offering.

Instead, Cryptoinbox focuses on new memberships to make money. Although there is constant reference to crypto-currency investments, this is no different from scams like Crypto Index and Telco Miner.

Could it be a website run by scammers and using Crypto-currency to disguise the main agenda? Certainly this is the case. So before you lose your money to this filthy, illegitimate scheme, we ask you to read this review careful to learn why we are saying that Cryptoinbox is a scam.

But if you don’t have the patience to, here are some legitimate options for Bitcoin cloud investments. You can sign up from there.

Having said that, let’s move on to discuss the burning issues concerning this website.

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cryptoinbox review

Cryptoinbox Review

When we look at the homepage of this website, we get the impression that the idea was to build a community of like-minded individuals.

The pictures and the overall blue colors fit the theme, giving the impression that this is a serious business. When you scroll a little further, you will see a section entitled ”how it works”.

Basically, the steps are self-explanatory as you are required to sign up and make a deposit of $80 only. But this figure is quoted in Indian Rupees, which could possibly mean that this business is operated from India, and is one of those popular Indian Crypto-currency scams.

Once you place a deposit, the next step will prompt you to purchase ATC. But to make money, you need to invite friends. Without inviting people below you, it’s literally impossible to make money with this pyramid scheme.

Now, in essence, that makes it a scam. There is no way such a business model can be sustained in the long run. So, do people make money with such a business? The answer is yes and no.

It is a yes because only the owner of Cryptoinbox is actually making money. On the other side, it’s a no because all who join this system will lose their money nearly as quickly as they deposit it. It’s that simple.

About the company- according to their introduction

You see, it’s a little bit hard to trust these companies sometimes. If what they are telling you on their ”About us” page cannot be verified elsewhere, then it becomes difficult to believe what they are saying.

Since we wanted to learn about Cryptoinbox, we thought it was expedient to familiarize ourselves with their ”about us” content.

The website claims that Cryptoinbox was launched sometime in 2016, and the aim was to offer users cutting-edge ATC trading and mining experience.

It also claims that the company has mining farms in a number of undisclosed locations around the world. The grammar is terrible, which is typical of most Indian scams operating in this niche.

Their team of employees is allegedly made of programmers and engineers — a statement which is hard to confirm. But the main idea is that they are trying to make crypto currency mining accessible to everyone regardless of their location, age, and technical experience.

One wonders whether it’s possible to mine cryptos in the cloud with a small capital of only $80. That is not a very realistic thing. And even the company confirms it on their website, the moment they say that you must invite friends.

Although it is not literally stated that you won’t make money, common sense with a little bit of experience should tell you that no crypto mining is going on here and that this company is only running an illegal pyramid scheme.

So far, we know nothing about the owner of this company. We cannot confirm whether he has employees or not. The things which we read on this website are just claims that cannot be verified.

Moreover, we found that the domain name where Cryptoinbox is hosted is protected. This means that you cannot see the details of the person who owns it. It makes it even more suspicious.

FAQ section

While an FAQ section is all about addressing client concerns, the FAQ page of this site is shallow, and does absolutely nothing to answer client concerns in the most comprehensive of ways.

It’s very brief, and does not instill any confidence in anyone wanting to invest with this website. We have to confess that whoever put this page together was clearly in a hurry, and this is typical of scams in this niche.

Company statistics

Again, it’s quite impossible believing that this company has real products or services. When we look at the homepage, we see them stating that they have 410 products. The question is, which products are they selling?

cryptoinbox stats

Do they even have a track record of ever selling a product related to crypto currency investments? We cannot confirm these numbers.

Also, Cryptoinbox claims that they have operations in some 80 countries. The fact remains that this website is a total joke. It has operations in the entire world. It is accepting customer deposits from every corner of this globe.

Do not be cheated that Cryptoinbox has mining locations around the world. This is not true. We can’t confirm it. If we could not confirm the owner of this website, then it only makes sense to realize that this company is most interested in maintaining a secret profile, perhaps to keep collecting money illegally, thus swindling customers of their hard-earned money. We don’t believe this hogwash at all.

Cryptoinbox doesn’t seem to understand what crypto cloud mining and trading is

It is very apparent by just looking at their website. The website simply lacks the ability to convince the visitor of their experience in dealing with crypto currency.

The reasons why they want you to ”invest” with them is because the price of crypto currency is always moving in one direction.

They also use other generic statements like ”We guarantee you the lowest prices amongst out legitimate competitors”. Are we dealing with prices here? How exactly does this fit in the entire picture? It makes no sense.

And of course they claim that their platform is easy to use. Our concern is that if this company is mining or trading cryptos for you, ease of use shouldn’t be a concern here. So where exactly is this coming from? One wonders.

Our best advice for you

We have already given you sound advice. If you want to invest in any form of crypto currency mining, use this link instead. Don’t trust every other website you come across on the internet because 99% are mostly pyramid schemes.

As for Cryptoinbox, it’s quite obvious that we are dealing with a scam. Even the testimonials on this site were not written by actual users. This is the work of a crafty internet marketer. They don’t represent user experience with this site. So please avoid.

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