Foreverefx Review: is this Broker Worth it?

Foreverefx Review: is this Broker Worth it?

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Foreverefx states that it will grant their clients financial freedom. The entity is nothing but a get rich quick scheme. They brag about having the best professional team in the market. The platform is only after clients’ money and nothing more.

You will never become rich by just joining a company that markets itself as the best. You must have a background in trading and be patient. Otherwise, you will only end up becoming another victim of these Ponzi schemes.

Foreverefx is an offshore company; therefore, they do not offer fund safety. The other problem with this broker is that it does not have a trading history. The entity brags of having advanced trading tools. However, so does all other scammers in the industry.

When it comes to investment, we are more interested in statics rather than narratives. Therefore, it would be best if this broker availed the necessary proof. The qualification of their alleged team should be published.

Moreover, the financial results showcasing how the firm has been doing in the market is missing. The company was launched in July 2020. The information of the registrar is hidden from the public. Therefore, it is hard to pin down the person behind this entity. Review

Foreverefx the website of this company does not look impressive. We do not see anything extraordinary with this entity. The platform lack transparency, and the only thing that they provide is contradicting.

Furthermore, the broker does not have clients’ feedback. Therefore, there is no evidence of any investor who has earned using their system. They avail the MT4 trading platform to traders and view themselves as a first-class trading broker.

Foreverefx Review, Company

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Foreverefx minimum amount which you can deposit in this venture is $10,500.      This platform is not meant for the poor. You must have much money to participate in their trading scheme.

The company has four investment accounts that are unaffordable. The money which they are asking for is beyond the market standard. They should try winning over clients by showing why their company is the best.

The entity is also offering education to their clients, daily news, account managers, and training webinars. The trading method which this shady broker uses remains a mystery. Additionally, the platform is only bragging about utilizing their invisible excellent team.

Invest with a reputable forex trading broker in the market that is legit. You will sleep better, knowing that your money is in safe hands. The safety of your money should be your main objective. Any entity that does not prove safety is a waste of your time.

Foreverefx is fully anonymous, which proves they are conducting business illegally. If the entity does not have anything to hide, then they ought to avail all the necessary requirements. Transparency is key in al forms of investment.

Foreverefx Trading conditions

However, it seems the claims of Foreverefx of providing MT4 is false. The only available platform is a web-based one. The entity does not have a demo account. Therefore, investors cannot familiarize themselves with this company.

The features of this entity are necessary and not unique. Based on the account information, we realized that the firm is offering a leverage cap between 1:200 up to 1:300. Since this is beyond what the European Union’s regulatory body approves, this venture is not legit.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Foreverefx is accepting funds via bank transfers, visa, MasterCard, and BTC. The amount which this platform is asking for is beyond what a licensed venture requires. Moreover, the broker only seems to accept credit cards.

The company’s terms and conditions indicate that the entity is accepting $250 as its minimum deposit. However, the information contradicts what is featured in the account. Therefore, it seems that whoever designed this website is a careless person who does not double-check data.

Foreverefx limits the amount that their clients can cash out. You can only withdrawal $100 and above. Legit companies will allow you to cash out as low as $10. Additionally, the shady firm also has a withdrawal fee of 0.5%.

Withdrawal requests will be handled within seven business days. Inactivity of accounts starts from 3 months. Investors will be charged 1% of their total deposit of $30. The withdrawal and deposit requirements of this company are not in favor of the clients.

Foreverefx is also offering bonuses to their clients. You won’t find a licensed broker offering such lucrative offers. The reason is there are strange requirements which you must meet for you to be able to cash out.

Regulation and Registration

Foreverefx is not having registration or a regulation document. The broker is not in Switzerland’s database despite claiming to be based in this location. Hence, this is an outlaw that does not care about the law or safety of funds.

Despite the advantages of dealing with unregulated brokers in the market, we advise traders to stick to licensed firms. In the long run, the risks and uncertainty that comes with shady brokers are enormous.

You can lose your money in a matter of seconds. Foreverefx does not have a compensation scheme. Additionally, they do not provide information on banking institutions with which the firm is working with. Therefore, there is no segregation of funds with this entity.

Foreverefx Contact Details

Foreverefx is office address is somewhere in Switzerland. However, we highly suspect that this is not the actual base of this company. The country has strict measures which ensure their citizens are protected from losing money.

The entity can be contacted via email or phone. The suspicious broker is most likely based in a discrete location. Therefore, you will never be able to trace them down once they exit the industry. The company will contact you when they need more funds.

Is Foreverefx Profitable?

Foreverefx is not a profitable company, and we are yet to see any investors who have earned a fortune using this company. The broker fails to provide information about the people behind this venture. The platform is being run fully anonymous.

There is much that meets the eye. Forget about the sales pitch which this shady firm presents. You can earn real-time money by trusting the best companies in the market. Sadly, this firm is not one of the reputable brokers.

The moment you share your personal information with Foreverefx, you become their victim. They have a call center filled with a professional con artist. These people will give you irresistible deals. You will end up giving them your money.

The withdrawal process will be challenging than they previously promised. The company will cut you off and ignore all your calls till you give up. It will be too late, and your funds will be lost. Avoid this broker and any other company which makes unrealistic promises.

Final Verdict

Foreverefx is an excellent example of a scam. The entity is only after clients’ funds, and this is shown by their outrageous withdrawal and deposit requirements. The main red flag is that the relevant authority does not license the platform.

Investing in this company will leave a dent in your pocket. Moreover, there is nobody to run to as the company is operating anonymously. The fantasy of getting rich quick is outdated and false.

Venture with the best forex trading brokers that are genuine and legit. The companies are licensed by the reputable regulatory body in the market. Moreover, they have clients’ feedback and trading results.


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